XYZ Smart Collagen Cream – tattoo cream great for firming

XYZ Tattoo creamXYZ Smart Collagen Cream is a tattoo cream made in Europe by Wolfson Berg.

Tattooed skin can take one to two weeks to fully heal. The tattooed area may continue to offer varying levels of pain for most of that time and correct tattoo after care is important because it lessens the discomfort and helps prevent infection.

There are many commercially available tattoo creams to choose from and, as with anything else in life, quality counts. Anyone who has invested in a tattoo will naturally want to ensure their latest piece of body art looks its best.

Choosing a quality tattoo cream is a good way of ensuring this is the case, and XYZ Smart Collagen differs from alternative products because it speeds up the healing process by boosting skin collagen levels. The link between collagen and skin healing has been well documented.

Boosting collagen levels is also a popular way to rid the face of fine lines and wrinkles, so Wolfson Berg’s cream also doubles as an anti-ageing home beauty treatment.

Claims: Heals tattooed skin, improves stretch marks, lifts and contours face

ProsVery effective product, clinical trials, reputable company 

Cons : Not that many it has to be said 

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According to the product information, people who use XYZ Smart Collagen can benefit in number of ways and evidence shows anyone who uses it on their face could look 7.5 years younger in as little as 12 weeks. If this is true, this tattoo cream is a good for taking the sting out of ageing as it is for treating freshly inked skin.

XYZ Smart Collagen Cream Promised Benefits

  • Helps heal tattooed skin
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks
  • Lifts and contours the face
  • Tightens and firms the skin
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides 100% more facial collagen

Media Attention

XYZ cream before and afterAlthough Wolfson Berg’s original intention was to create a good tattoo cream, their marketing campaign is more focused on the cream’s ability to make people look younger.

The fact that tests show the cream is outstandingly good at this has attracted a lot of attention and the product has been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and a number of other high ranking magazines.

The unfortunate thing is the cream has gone unnoticed by the editors of magazines such as Total Tattoo and Skin Deep, so many tattoo enthusiasts are unlikely to know it exists.

XYZ Smart Collagen Cream Supportive Evidence

XYZ Smart Collagen Cream Supportive Evidence

Wolfson Berg has done a good job when it comes to providing proof their collagen cream can make people look younger, but the fact that they have not conducted any studies involving freshly tattooed skin suggests they may have lost their primary focus and are now more interested in marketing XYZ Smart Collagen as an anti-ageing cream.

This is a pity because it is designed to work in a way that would be of huge benefit to anyone who wants to care for their freshly inked skin in the best way possible.

The dermatologist in charge of a 12-week study confirmed XYZ Smart Collagen had made the skin of the 21 female volunteers look noticeably younger.

Before and after pictures of one 52-year-old study participant were later shown to two groups of people. The first group was saw a picture of the woman, taken before the treatment.

XYZ Cream

The second group were shown a picture that was snapped 12 weeks later. Both groups were told to guess the woman’s age and there was a 7.5 year difference between the two responses. This is the reason why Wolfson Berg are saying their tattoo cream can make people look 7.5 years younger. It may also be the cause of the marketing shift.

How to Use – The cream needs to be gently applied to the tattooed skin two times per day—once in a morning and once each night.

People using the cream as a beauty treatment need to apply it to the face and neck two times per day, being careful to avoid the tear ducts and lower eyelids.

Key Ingredients

XYZ Smart Collagen cream contains bulbine frutescens. It’s the only active ingredient, but scientific study shows it is very effective for boosting collagen levels and healing the skin.

Many other collagen boosting creams rely on ingredients that cause the skin to become overloaded with low quality collagen. This is why they fail to provide good results.

Bulbine frutescens provides higher quality collagen and delivers superior results. Wolfson Berg are not the only manufacturer using the ingredient, but they are using a cold pressed version rather than one that has been obtained in more conventional ways that can cause oxidation and lessen ingredient potency.

Cold pressing is a popular extraction method in the juicing industry, but Wolfson Berg appear to be the only collagen cream manufacturer that is aware using this method provides a superior extract.


Although XYZ Smart Collagen cream contains an ingredient that will allow it to offer better results than other tattoo creams, most people who are looking for such a product will be unlikely to discover it exists.

This is a great pity because it has a lot to offer. When XYZ Smart Collagen is compared to other anti-ageing formulations it’s also an uncontested winner and Wolfson Berg’s present marketing focus, and the level of media attention the product has received, should ensure plenty of people have the opportunity to start looking younger.

Where To Buy XYZ Smart Collagen Cream

A 50ml pot of XYZ Smart Collagen costs just under £40 and it is only available via the product website. This is a little more costly than a lot of tattoo creams, but significantly cheaper than most other anti-ageing formulations

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What Are The Best Appetite Suppressing Diet Pills – Top 5 Reviewed

how to control hungerWhat are the best appetite suppressing diet pills? Hunger pangs can make it very difficult to stick to a low calorie diet and eat less food.

That’s why appetite suppressants were created and anyone who chooses the right product to control their hunger urges can find losing weight suddenly becomes a lot easier.

There are a lot of substandard appetite suppressing diet pills on the market though, and even prescription medication is often more trouble than its worth because the chances of side effects is always quite high.

However, there are a few extremely good supplement options available to buy online, so we’ve put together a list that contains five of the best and all of them are distributed by manufacturers that offer a money back guarantee.

The 5 Best Appetite Suppressing Diet Pills

PhenQ – Customer Favourite 

PhenQ by Bauer NutritionPhenQ is an excellent appetite suppressing diet pill that offers dieters support in multiple ways. It’s a kind of one pill does all supplement that’s so versatile it’s often said to be the equivalent of several products rolled into one.

An ever growing number of people have lost weight with PhenQ and countless customer reviews show they have managed to do so without feeling hungry.

The PhenQ formulation contains a number of impressive ingredients, one of which (A-Laceys Reset) is a powerful fat burner that also has the ability to improve muscle mass.

The product’s reputation as an appetite suppressant is probably due to the presence of nopal. It’s an ingredient sourced from a cactus called prickly pear and its use as a hunger controller predates diet pills and supplements.

What is PhenQIndian hunting parties used to chew on small pieces of cactus flesh to prevent the onset of hunger and help them to concentrate on the search for food.

Nopal is nothing if not versatile though. Researchers have discovered it’s also a fat blocker, so if you are looking for a product that will control your hunger and give you the maximum amount of support across the board, you seriously need to consider buying some PhenQ.

Full PhenQ review with customer comments and feedback here

Phen375 – Dual Action

Phen375 review picturePhen375 are appetite suppressing diet pills that were created to replace the prescription drug Phentermine. The name sounds similar and the pills look the part too because they are white with specks of blue.

However, customer reviews written by people who stopped using Phentermine because they could no longer stand the side effects, and then switched to Phen375, show the two products do not work the same.

Phen375 appears to be the more powerful option because it kills the appetite and also accelerates the speed at which users lose weight. This is probably only to be expected because Phen375 is designed to offer more than just hunger control. It also boosts the metabolism and helps the body to burn extra fat.

Phen375 before and afterThe Phen375 formulation contains several good appetite suppressants, including citrus aurantium and cayenne pepper, both of which are also respected fat burners.

The active component in citrus aurantium is a chemical called synephrine. Cayenne owes its abilities to the presence of capsaicin, which can also be obtained from chili peppers. Research shows capsaicin works well as an appetite suppressant, and several of the other ingredients have equally good credentials, so there is little wonder the product works so well.

Read more on Phen375 with customer feedback

Phentaslim – Great Workout Supplement

PhentaslimPhentaslim was also developed to be a Phentermine substitute, but it mimics the product in name only and does not have the distinctive blue specks. However, the lack of color is more than made up for in power.

This is a Phentermine alternative that gives a little bit more by providing dieters with the kind of strong appetite suppression they need to keep them on the straight and narrow and combining it with accelerated fat burning abilities.

Phentaslim is also an energy giver that boosts mental clarity, burns off excess calories, and contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to improve the health.

The Phentaslim formulation works so well, the product has already succeeded in impressing more than 101,000 customers and, as with most successful products, it’s the quality of the ingredients that counts.

The pills provide a healthy dose of cayenne. There are also several forms of Vitamin B (for the metabolism), some guarana (for energy), and the presence of green tea will ensure better fat burning and provide antioxidants to help protect the body from disease.

Phentaslim in more detail here

Proactol XS – Appetite Suppressing Diet Pills With Chitosan

Proactol XSProactol XS is a fat blocker that provides appetite suppression as an additional feature.

Although the pills are primarily designed to limit the amount of dietary fat the body is able to absorb, customer reviews show the product is still a force to be reckoned with when it comes to controlling the urge to eat, so this is a fat blocking product that offers a little bit more.

Like the majority of fat blockers, Proactol XS traps dietary fat by binding with them. This is achieved because the pills contain chitosan.

The body is incapable of absorbing chitosan, so it passes through the digestive system untouched and exits the body with the stool. When it comes into contact with fat, chitosan absorbs it, causing it to become indigestible too.

This stops the fat from releasing any calories and resulting chitosan-fat compound provides a feeling of satiety that quells the desire for food.

Chitosan is probably the most commonly used fat blocking ingredient in the world, but most fat blockers that contain chitosan use the form that is taken from the shells of crabs, lobsters, and other sea-sourced crustaceans.

The chitosan in Proactol XS comes from a species of fungus and chitosan of this type is known to be the most potent. This could explain why the product exerts such a strong appetite suppressing effect.

More on Proactol XS can be found here

Gravitate Supersculpt – Appetite Suppressing Diet Pills With Glucomannan

GravitateSupersculpt is an appetite suppressing diet pills that contains glucomannan and is taken with water.

Glucomannan is a fibrous compound that’s refined from the roots of an Asian plant called Konjac. The fibers are extremely absorbent. When they come into contact with water or other fluids they suck it up just like a sponge.

The resulting hydration causes the fibers to expand and form a gel. When this expansion happens inside the stomach it makes it feel full and the urge to eat is reduced.

The hunger supressing power of glucomannan has been proven by a number of clinical trials and its use is endorsed by officials at the European Food Safety Authority.

Although Gravitate Supersculpt is a pretty simple product it’s sold with a companion product called DietVits that’s intended to offer additional support by providing dieters with extra vitamins and minerals.

This is not a bad idea because people who are eating less may not get all the vitamins and minerals they need and the overall cost of the product is still considerably cheaper than the majority of non-prescription diet pills.

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XLS Xanthigen – Quemar Calorías Avanzado

XLS XanthigenXLS Xanthigen is a weight loss product produced by Omega Pharma.

The company is a market leader in over-the-counter medicines and health and wellness products and is the name behind many respected products, including Solpadeine, Relec mosquito repellent, and Predicta.

The Xanthigen formulation contains a proprietary blend of punica granatum extract (taken from Pomegranate seeds) and brown seaweed extract. According to the marketing material, the “synergy” between the two ingredients provides the following benefits:

  • Suppresses adipocyte differentiation
  • Suppresses lipid accumulation
  • Increases energy expenditure
  • Helps prevent weight gain
  • May reduce body fat and liver fat
  • Maintains cognitive function
  • Improves cardiovascular & metabolic health
  • Helps maintain a healthy liver
  • Supports insulin signaling
  • Maintains blood glucose homeostasis

Claims: To suppress appetite, prevent weight gain and provide many health benefits

ProsIt is made by a reputable company 

Cons : Not as effective as other multi benefit diet products – PhenQ for example

What is Xanthigen and How Does it Work?

Looking at the claims made for the product, Xanthigen appears to be a super, health-enhancing diet pill, but the official product website does not provide much information about how any of the key benefits are likely to be achieved and third-party sites that are marketing the product are equally lacking in information.

Key Ingredients

The inclusion rates are not known, but the only two active ingredients in Xanthigen are:

  • Punica Granatum Extract: An ingredient derived from pomegranate seed oil. It’s rich in antioxidants, many claims are made for its therapeutic abilities, and it appears to have potential as an appetite supressant, but further study is required all around.
  • Undaria Pinnatifida: Also known as wakame, Undaria pinnatifida is a species of edible seaweed that is often added to soups and salads. A scientific evaluation of the ingredient’s abilities suggests it has potential value in many areas, including the treatment of obesity, regulating physiological disorders, preventing tumors, and boosting the immune system.

Usage Instructions – One (200mg) capsule is required three times per day. Capsules should always be swallowed with a large glass of water and the doses should be taken 30 minutes before a main meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Best results require a usage period of at least 8 weeks.

Scientific Studies

The abilities of Xanthigen have been put to the test by researchers at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, in Moscow, and it appears to have value as a weight loss aid. After a 16-week, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, the researchers concluded: “Xanthigen promoted weight loss, reduced liver and body fat content, and improved liver function tests in obese non-diabetic women. Xanthigen and Fucoxanthin also increased resting energy expenditure. This product may be considered a promising food supplement for the management of obesity.”

XLS Xanthigen Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed. Some people say Xanthigen works, others say it failed them.

A few typical Xanthigen customer reviews read:

“I’ve been using Xanthigen for 8 weeks and am happy to say it’s helped me to lose 3kg. No side effects either, so I am going to recommend this product.” 

“I wasted 2 months of my life on this product. I never saw any results at all. Total garbage if you want my opinion.” 

“This is the only weight loss product that worked for me.”

“No weight loss or any other benefit that I can see. Not fit for purpose.”

XLS Xanthigen Side Effects & Health Issues

No side effects have been reported, but Xanthigen will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. People who have existing health issues should get a doctor’s approval before using any brand of weight loss supplement. The same is true for people who are using medication.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Xanthigen is available via many online stores, including PromoFarma and FarmaConfianza. There are 90 capsules per box and the price is generally around 35 € to 45 €, depending on the supplier.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Presuming the two main ingredients are included in sufficient quantities, Xanthigen may have the potential to accelerate the weight loss process and it’s one of the few products on the market that has actually been scientifically tested and appraised. However, despite the fact that research suggests the formulation works, many customers claim it failed to help them to lose weight.

This is bad news for a product that is sold without a money back guarantee. Xanthigen is not a particularly expensive diet pill, but customers who don’t lose weight can wave their money goodbye.

Some of the best diet pill options do have a money back guarantee and 60 days appears to be the norm these days. Such products also have a better level of positive customer feedback, so that is where the smart money is more likely to go.

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