MetaSystem CortiSystem Positives and Neagtives

MetaSystem CortiSystem UKThe CortiSystem is a two part weight loss system that consists of a calorie reducing product called CortiSystem Trim and a detox pill called CortiSystem Detox.

Both products rely heavily on proprietary blends, so there is no way of knowing if they contain effective quantities of ingredients. The CortiSystem is one of several weight management products available from Judy Singer’s MetaSystem website.

If you’ve never heard of Judy Singer you are not alone. We hadn’t either, but she’s apparently a lady who used to have a severe weight problem. Nothing worked for her until a friend suggested she try MetaSytem.

According to her story on the official website, the system worked like a charm so she became a distributor and eventually worked her way to become the company spokesperson and exclusive marketer.

It’s a nice story but there’s still no escaping the fact that there is no evidence to show either product is capable of working in the intended way.

Nor are there any customer reviews and this is an expensive weight loss system that’s sold without a money back guarantee.

Claims : It is designed to provide consistent weight loss without the risk of reaching a plateau that might slow the process or bring it to a stop.

Pros: Respected company. Weight loss support

Cons : No money back guarantee. Expensive

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How MetaSystem CortiSystem Works

MetaSytem products appear to be designed to provide consistent weight loss without the risk of reaching a plateau that might slow the process or bring it to a stop.

This is apparently because the products approach weight loss from the “inside out” by using unique, proven, all-natural herbal formulas. Diet and exercise is an important part of the system as is the fact that customers are given telephone access to trained weight loss counsellors.

In a nutshell, CortiSystem Trim capsules are are intended to boost energy levels, suppress hunger and help the body to burn extra calories.

The detox capsules prevent the accumulation of intestinal waste and toxins that may slow the metabolism and have a negative effect on the health. It all sounds good in theory, but most things do. It’s getting theories to work that’s the hard part.

Key Ingredients 

Brown Herbal CortiSystem Trim capsule (60ct):

  • Chromium (100mcg)
  • Caffeine (200mg)
  • Proprietary Blend: Guarana (33% extract providing 17mg naturally-occurring caffeine), Hoodia Gordonii Cactus Powder, Green Tea (50% extract), Magnolia Bark (1.5% extract), Glucomannan, Theobromine (99%), Cha de Bugre (herb powder), Maca Extract (0.6% macamides), L-Theanine, Banaba (1% extract), and Gugglesterone.

Brown Herbal Detox capsule (90ct):

  • Proprietary Blend: Psyllium Husks, Aloe Vera Powder, Black Walnut Hull Powder, Bentonite Clay, Oat Bran Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Prune Powder, L. Acidophilus, Apple Pectin Powder and Gluccomannan Powder.

MetaSystem CortiSystem Blend Potential

The Trim capsules Contain 200mg of caffeine. That’s the equivalent of two cups of coffee and there’s a further 17mg provided by guarana. Green tea is also a source of caffeine and most of the other ingredients are stimulants as well, so there is no doubt about this formulation’s ability to boost energy levels. The problem is a lot of people may not be able to handle so many stimulants delivered together, so there is a good chance the formulation will cause side effects including jitters and, of course, a caffeine crash.

The good thing about caffeine is it’s a proven fat burner, as is green tea, which is certainly one of the better ingredients. Hoodia is alleged to be an appetite suppressant, but it’s value is highly disputed and further study is needed. Chromium is a good addition though. It helps prevent the fluctuations in blood glucose levels that can trigger a desire for sweet food.

The detox capsules that form the second part of the CortiSystem contain a lot of fibre that should be good for exercising the intestinal muscles and will almost certainly have a laxative effect. If the inclusion rates are sufficient, the blend may very well do what it’s designed to do, but the wisdom of long term laxative use is highly questionable.

Usage Instructions – One (60ct) Brown Herbal CortiSystem Trim capsule is required two times per day. If two capsules are taken, the first one of the day should be consumed in the early morning, followed by a second capsule during the early afternoon.

One to two (90ct) Brown Herbal Detox capsules are also required per day and should be taken at the same time as the CortiSytem capsules.

MetaSystem CortiSystem Customer Feedback

The Judy Springer MetaSystem website does not provide customers with a feedback facility and we were unable to find any customer reviews published elsewhere.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Judy Singer’s MetaSystem website does not state if side effects have been reported, but the CortiSystem will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing an infant. The Trim capsules contain a lot of stimulants, so we suggest all potential users ask their GP for advice prior to using the CortiSystem.

Where to Buy MetaSystem CortiSystem

CortiSystem appears to be exclusive to the manufacturer’s website. The regular price is $119 (£89) but at the time of this review it had been discounted down to $89.95 (£67.50). Shipping is extra and customers in the UK are looking at a cost of around $15 (£11) on top.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

CortiSystem is an expensive product sold without a money back guarantee. It will undoubtedly has some value as a weight loss aid because each dose provides 200mg of caffeine and the ingredient is known to have value as a weight loss provider.

The other ingredients used in the two formulation may also help the product do some of the things its designed to do, but it contains too many stimulants and there is no escaping the fact that the laxative effect provided by the detox pills may purge the intestines sufficiently to give a false indication of weight loss.

The fact that customers are given access to weight loss counselling is excellent, it’s just a pity the CortiSystem is not a better product.

If you are serious about reaching your weight loss goals in a safe and natural way (without paying through the nose) we suggest you give this one a miss and try one of our approved weight loss products instead.

What Do We Recommend

What is PhenQIn our opinion PhenQ is the diet pill of choice – it is multi faceted and has been subject to numerous positive reviews from both customers and industry experts.

PhenQ can burn excess body fat – it can also stop fat from being absorbed as well as suppress appetite.

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CoffeeTrim – Green Coffee Extract Diet Pills

Coffeetrim review UKCoffeeTrim is a diet pill manufactured in the USA by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. It’s produced in capsule format and unitizes a standardized green coffee bean extract that’s been “independently tested for purity and strength to deliver the highest quality”. It’s also supposedly “almost caffeine free”.

Green coffee bean extract is a popular ingredient that can be found in many diet pill formulations and is often used as a standalone weight loss provider.

Most of the major diet pill manufacturers have a diet pill that’s powered exclusively by green coffee bean extract, so CoffeeTrim has a lot of competition and is not in any way a unique product.

Apart from the name on the label, the only difference between most of these products is likely to be the price.

CoffeeTrim is at the lower end of the scale as far as price goes but, at the time of this review, there were no customer reviews and no money back guarantee.

Claims : To inhibit the release of glucose, boost the metabolism and manage weight naturally without stimulants

Pros: Respected company with a long history (but it has a history of run-ins with the FDA)

Cons : Other diet pills preferred

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Manufacturer Credibility

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1979, so the company has been around for a number of decades, but it has a history of run-ins with the FDA, and two of their products, Fastine and Lipodrene contained an ingredient that was not approved as a food additive or sanctioned for use in dietary supplements. The FDA issued a warning letter about this in April 2015.

CoffeeTrim Alleged Benefits

  • Inhibits the release of glucose
  • Boosts the metabolism
  • Manages weight naturally without stimulants

Active Ingredients

The only active ingredient is green coffee bean extract each capsule provides 400mg, so each (2 capsule) dose will deliver 800mg. The extract Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has opted to use provides 50% chlorogenic acid. This is in keeping with the majority of products of this nature.

CoffeeTrim Green Coffee pillsChlorogenic acid is a fat burning chemical that can be found in all coffee beans when they are in their natural state (green).

The roasting process coffee manufacturers use to darken the bean and enrich the flavour causes most of the chlorogenic acid in coffee to be lost. This is the reason why green coffee bean extract is considered a big gun in the dieting world and ordinary (roasted) beans are not.

Although the potential of the ingredient was largely ignored for a great many years, it’s popularity grew almost overnight after it received a favorable mention on a TV show hosted by the American weight loss expert, Dr Oz.

Thanks to his intervention, Green coffee bean extract has become one of the most popular diet pill ingredients in the world, but it does not offer a good enough range of benefits to be used as a standalone ingredient.

Chlorogenic acid, is primarily a fat burner, and it also helps keep blood sugar levels under control, but it does not offer appetite suppression, so anyone taking CoffeeTrim may still overeat and/or have to fight the hunger pangs that are arguably one of the worst things about dieting.

How to Use – Two capsules are required before meals and no more than three doses should be taken per day.

Customer Testimonials

No customer testimonials were available at the time of this review.

CoffeeTrim Potential Side Effects

Green coffee bean extract is usually well tolerated by the majority of users, but it does contain a small amount of caffeine and this may make CoffeeTrim a poor option for people who do not tolerate stimulants well.

As with any other dietary supplement, CoffeeTrim will not be a suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

Anyone who has existing health issues, or is planning to use the supplement alongside medication, is advised to seek their doctor’s approval prior to commencing supplementation.

The Cost Per Bottle

Dieters who hope to lose weight faster by using CoffeeTrim have two options. They can either buy directly from the Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals website or choose to purchase via a third-party supplier, such as and Best Price Nutrition. There is a big difference in the price though.

Customers who buy directly from the manufacturer can expect to pay $29.99 for a 30-day supply of pills. A lot of third-party suppliers charge around $15.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.


Like all diet pills, CoffeeTrim will only work if it’s used in conjunction with a low calorie diet, so people using the product will need to cut down on their food.

This will no doubt cause hunger pangs, but the pills do not contain any strong appetite suppressing ingredients to keep food cravings under control, so people using the product will either have to grin and bear it every time hunger strikes, or use a separate appetite suppressing product.

top 5 diet pillsMost good diet pills boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning, while also controlling hunger.

Unless they are blessed with incredible will power and mental fortitude, the majority of dieters will need this extra help and CoffeeTrim cannot provide it, so it’s never going to be one of the best pills on the market.


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K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme Review

K ThermoK Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme is a pill-type supplement that’s marketed in a way that’s intended to attract the attention of people who need to lose weight, while also being equally attractive to individuals who are looking for a good pre-workout supplement.

When companies market products that appear to serve a dual role, it can be good for increasing sales, but the truth of the matter is, products of this nature are seldom the best because trying to be a Jack of all trades causes them to become a master of none.

Claims : Helps fat burning, enhances your workout and helps maintain normal blood glucose levels

Pros: Respected company. Cheap

Cons : Other diet, fitness and weight loss products are preferred

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Manufacturer Credibility

K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme is manufactured for eBeauty Ltd and distributed under the Trim-Right brand name. The eBeauty listing at Companies House shows the company was incorporated in 2008 and states the nature of their business is “retail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles in specialised stores”.

Developing and manufacturing supplements is a very specialist area and requires an expertise that is very different than that needed to produce cosmetic products; so K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme is unlikely to compare well to products produced by leading diet pill manufacturers, like Bauer Nutrition and Wolfson Berg.

Promised Benefits

  • Super thermogenesis
  • Aids fat burning
  • Enhances your workout
  • Helps maintain normal blood glucose levels
  • Contains ingredients to combat tiredness and fatigue

Usage Guidelines

K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme For Weight Loss

One capsule is required (with water) each morning. A second capsule is permissible during the afternoon. The second capsule should not be taken after 4pm because doing so may interfere with sleep.

K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme as a Pre-Workout Supplement

One to two capsules should be taken 30 minutes before training is due to commence.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each capsule provides:

  • Capsicum (800mg): Capsicum provides a compound called capsaicin. It has proven fat burning capabilities and research shows capsaicin can further support weight loss by keeping hunger levels under control.
  • Caffeine (120mg): A stimulant that’s good for boosting energy levels, increases mental focus, and also has proven thermogenic fat burning abilities.
  • Green Tea Extract (500mg): Green tea is a metabolism booster and thermogenic fat burner that has such a good reputation for getting results it’s become one of the most valued weight loss ingredients in the world.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (50mg): An amino acid that aids the conversion of fat to energy. It’s a popular energy drink ingredient and the fact that it’s a building block of protein ensures it’s continued use in bodybuilding supplements of all kinds.
  • Niacin (20mg): Also called Vitamin B3, niacin is a key ingredient in Red Bull and can also be found in many pre-workout supplements. It has value as an energy provider because it helps the body extract calories from food. It’s added to pre-workout supplements because it dilates the blood vessels (vasodilation) and allows the muscles to benefit from an increased supply of nutrients and oxygen.
  • Black Pepper Extract (5mg): The active component in black pepper is a flavonoid called piperine. It is unlikely to directly contribute to weight loss, but piperine has the ability to ease the absorption of other ingredients.
  • Chromium Picolinate (100mcg): A diet pill regular that is good for keeping blood sugar levels on an even keel and preventing urges to snack on sugary food.



The manufacturer promises a money back guarantee, but fails to state its duration.

Customer Comments

Customer feedback suggests the formulation may have more value as a pre-workout supplement than it does as a weight loss aid. It also indicates K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme does not work for everyone and, even when it does deliver results, it’s abilities are far from being “extreme”.

Some average comments read:

“No weight loss, but I definitely feel a little more energetic in the gym.” 

“These pills don’t work. I only bought them because they were so cheap. I wasn’t expecting much from them, but I thought I might lose a few pounds. The only ones I have lost came from my bank account.”

“I tried these pills as a cheaper alternative to my normal pre-workout supp. They do give me a slight energy buzz, but no more than I would get from a strong cup of coffee. That may be enough for some people, but I need more, so I’m going back to my original brand.”

“I was losing weight slowly with diet and exercise. I thought these pills may help me to lose weight fast. I thought wrong. My level of weight loss stayed the same during the 4 weeks I was using them.”

Side Effects & Health Considerations

K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme is not a good option for women who are pregnant or nursing an infant. People who have existing health problems are advised to take the precaution of seeking medical advice prior to using any brand of health and wellness/sports supplement. People who are using medication would be wise to show an equal degree of caution.

Where to Buy K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme

People who want to buy K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme can only do so via Amazon. There are 60 capsules per bottle and the price is £11.99 (correct at the time of this review).

The Verdict

Although its certainly a cheap diet pill to buy, K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme does not compare well to leading weight loss products like PhenQ.

Nor does it appear to excel as a pre-workout supplement, although its ability to boost energy levels appears to somewhat outstrip its capabilities as a weight loss aid. What we are looking at here is a mediocre product sold at a rock bottom price.

People who are serious about losing weight need a product that is capable of delivering good results in a timely fashion. People who are focussed on improving their training capabilities would be far better choosing a product along the lines of Niacin Max or a good steroid alternative like Clenbutrol.

This is a catch-all product, but the only people it will catch are the ones who are focussing on the price instead of the product’s ability to deliver results.

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