What Is The 6 Week Bikini Diet From Nutrologie

6 Week Bikini Diet reviewThe 6 Week Bikini Diet is a fairly new product from Nutrologie. It is based on the idea of using multiple concepts in attempt to get your bikini body … in 6 weeks.

There have been many variations on the ‘bikini diet’, ‘6 week diet‘ etc.. but none that involve all the products that the manufacturers (Nutrologie) have introduced. This product should not be confused with anything else.

We at Slimmers Digest are not usually fans of products such as this as 9 times out out 10 they are gimmick over substance. This product though, could prove to be the exception.

At A Glance

Claims: To be a new way for women to get fit and healthy

Positives: Combines supplements with meal replacements and a diet and fitness plan. Partnered with reputable brands

Negatives: You have to stay the 6 week course to feel the true benefit – although this should not be a negative in essence. Can be complicated. Has been called gimmicky

6 Week Bikini Diet Review

6 Week Bikini Body websiteAs mentioned above when we are given the task of reviewing products that are more than just the one concept (ie pill, patch or plan) we do tend put ourselves in hostile mode as thoughts of ‘gimmick‘ sets in. But when we received our package from Holland and Barrett’s online store we were pleasantly surprised – not only with the quality of the whole ensemble, but what was inside.

For your £66 you get 2 bottles of slimming capsules, one bottle of detox tablets, some meal replacement shakes, a diet plan and a fitness plan.

***Product Introduction***

Order Fast FormulaThe 5:2 fast Formula has been introduced to the market on a wave of positive publicity. An appetite suppressant that can be used as a sole weight loss aid or in tandem with a fasting or calorie controlled diet.

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What is Included In The Pack

  • Lipo Tablets – with fruit extract sweet orange, red orange, grapefruit
  • Meta-Life Capsules – with green tea, raspberry ketone and cayenne pepper
  • Detox Tablets – with aloe vera and L. Acidophillus
  • Meal Replacement Shakes –  scientifically created to give you that ‘full up’ feeling and taste fantastic
  • A Fitness Plan – designed to be done in the privacy of your own home. It is designed to be fun without hours of endless running on a tread mill or thousands of sit-ups. No workout takes longer than 45 minutes
  • A Diet Plan – created specifically for this product to provide nutrition while keeping calorie count below the recommended daily limit

6 Week Bikini Diet Success Stories

Success stories, testimonials and reviews are just starting to filter through. They are on the whole very positive.

In The Media

Appears to be the darling of the media at the moment – several magazines and newspapers have featured very positively.

The advert below is not without an element of cheesiness it has to be said and should be coming to a TV screen near your.

Is It Recommended

Highly recommended, a good concept backed up by a good array of products that is suitable for even the most fussy of dieters.

Where To Buy 6 Week Bikini Diet, Stockists

Holland and Barret online storeIt appears that Nutrologie have struck a deal with Holland and Barrett – on the company website it lists H&B as the sole stockist.

As the packaging is quite large (and not often kept in store) it may be better to buy Directly from the Holland and Barrett website. Prices start at £65.95 – stock levels are currently running low largely due to the big ad campaign running.

Click here to visit Holland Barrett website and buy direct

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