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Adapexin P is one most searched for diet pills largely do its highly visible web presence and aggressive marketing tactics. There is quite a lot of conflicting information about this product online, so we wanted to subject it to some proper scrutiny, to see how it would measure up to our standards.

As mentioned, this diet pill has been hard to avoid, and it has had some big possibly spurious claims made about it. The makers claim that it is the top diet supplement of 2012 (they also made this claim in 2011), but with the growing number of claims and counter claims, it is time to get to the bottom of things and find out whether it is worthy of a recommendation or even consideration.

At A Glance

Claims: To be able to help make you sexier and skinner, although does not define exactly how. Also claims to be the number 1 diet pill of 2012 (and also 2011)

Positives:  One or two good ingredients such as Raspberry Ketone and Glucomannan

Negatives: Not much clinical study behind it, not many believable customer testimonials. Feedback and comments on third party websites is not encouraging.

Adapexin P Review

Adapexin P UK websiteThis product is a popular dietary aid that is said to enable users to shed as much as ten pounds in twenty-eight days, by bolstering fat processing and quelling the appetite. The diet industry is packed with products that make claims like this.

Adapexin P has compounds in it that have been scientifically proven to stimulate weight reduction. The official website does not mention which country Adapexin P is made in, or the procedures that are used for quality control.

Furthermore, at the moment, the website does not list any phone number or contact address for the manufacturer, which is always somewhat of a worry.

How Does it Work

Adapexin P says it will produce results for users using a proprietary mixture of eight main active components. The manufacturer says that this product works like “magic”, and will allow you to burn more fat, eat less and lose weight.

Adapexin P is purported to create a calorie deficit and eliminate fat stores within a matter of days. However, as is normally the case with these kinds of websites, they are written very cleverly and incorporate some well known psychological techniques to fool you into believing that the product will work, and that it will be safe for consumption.

What are the Ingredients

Phenylethylamine sometimes shortened to PNY (often referred to as the “Love Drug”) is a coco extract which works to trigger the brain’s pleasure receptors. This is meant to lower food cravings and elevate mood.

Glucomannan is a fibre which is said to lower calorie intake by producing an increased sensation of satiety.

The patented ingredient Chromax is said to be a vital mineral that aids the production of insulin. Purportedly, it helps to control blood sugar balance to its’ optimal level.

Raspberry Ketone is believed to naturally bolster the metabolism.

Evodiamine has been used for hundreds of years in China to increase the body’s temperature, whilst lowering fat storage.

Ginger root is claimed to aid the digestive process by reducing the acidity of the stomach, and promoting improved digestive enzyme functionality.

Caffeine is utilised in lots of fat loss supplements, because of its’ metabolism boosting and stimulating properties. Vitamin B12 has always been regarded as a vital nutrient for the nervous system and brain. It is believed to assist with serotonin and energy levels.

Ingredient HighlightRaspberry Ketone is one of the most exciting discoveries in the diet industry for years. US TV health evangelist Dr Mehmet Oz described as the ‘Miracle in your Medicine Cabinet that can help you lose 10lbs’ – though admittedly Dr OZ was never shy when comes to  sensationalism or soundbites

Adapexin-P in the Press, Media Coverage

Not much notable media coverage about this product is evident. Most of the comments about this product have been made from customers (see below).

Side Effects, Warnings And Cautions

Adapexin-P has a reasonably high amount of caffeine in it. This is a diuretic and stimulant which might cause diarrhoea, anxiety, headaches, increased urination, an upset stomach and insomnia, especially in people who have a caffeine sensitivity.

Adapexin P Customer Feedback, Reviews, Testimonials

Adapexin P has received mixed feedback from the customers on the Amazon shopping portal. Although some say that it quelled their appetite and gave them energy, others say that they noticed no changes that a sensible diet and exercise regimen would not have produced.

There are some reviews on the product’s official website, but these appear suspiciously false. One customer claims to have lost twenty-two pounds in forty-five days, but this could only be achieved using a very extreme diet plan.

Another customer claims that they lost ten pounds in fourteen days, but this seems very improbable in view of the diet pill’s composition.

Some of the reviews on Amazon are quite amusing and well worth a look. Please remember to treat some comments on the Amazon website with suspicion as it is not usual for manufacturers to login and write glowing testimonials about the their own product.

Does Adapexin P Work – Is it Recommended

It is difficult to say for certain whether Adapexin-P is effective. The dearth of evidence offered by the makers is somewhat alarming.

Based on our findings, there are simply too many negatives about this product for us to be able to recommend it to consumers.

From the ludicrous claims made about it by the manufacturers, to the bewildering ingredients list, and all this from a firm that has a pitiful track record in the industry, we have no option but to reject Adapexin-P.

The Last Word

The Best Diet Pill of 2011 and 2012 …. but in which universe?

Where To Buy Adapexin P

Target customers are those based in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia but does ship to most other countries – website is English only.

The official website is the most obvious place to purchase although it is available to buy from Amazon and Ebay (although would not recommend you buy this or any ingestible health supplement from Ebay unless its from the official manufacturers Amazon or Ebay shop.

US customers may able to pick up at Walmart but UK customers do not expect to find in Boots or Holland and Barrett.

Pricing is $49.00 £30.00 for a months worth and there is also a 90 day money back guarantee.

Recommended Alternative

What is PhenQIf you are consider a combination fat burner and appetite suppressant then PhenQ comes highly recommended.

Built on the concept of Phentermine, PhenQ is an evolution product that contains both natural and premium pharmaceutical ingredients.

There are many, many weight loss success stories involving PhenQ

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