Appesat Review, Appetite Suppressant Made From Seaweed

Appesat Appetite SuppressantAppesat is the appetite suppressant that is made by Shape Smart and formerly in the Goldshield product range. You will notice if you have been researching the product there are several different packages – the picture to the right hand side contains the up to date and latest Appesat packaging.

It has been on the market for several years and is regular and familiar in UK high supplement specialists and chemists such as Boots and Holland and Barrett. It has also used the media to its advantage.

At A Glance

Claims: To help suppress appetite and reduce food cravings

Positives: Made by a reputable company and has had some success stories attached to it

Negatives: Nowhere near as powerful as some competitive products in circulation.

Rejected diet pill

Appesat Review, What It is And What Does It Do

appesat official websiteA natural appetite suppressant that can also help reduce cravings for food. It has been coined the ‘seaweed diet pill‘ in reference to its main active ingredient.

It has also been called the ‘gastric band diet pill‘ which has somewhat caused alarm amongst the industry experts who suggest that Appesat could have one or two safety implication.

The manufacturers suggest their product is clinically proven but industry insiders are not convinced and say “There is very limited and poor evidence supporting it”

The manufacturers website appears to be very unresponsive – this the result of numerous visits


It contains a proprietry Bblend (Bioginate Complex), Sodium Alginate, Aluminium Hydroxide, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose (with titanium Dioxide Colour), Calcium Hydroxide.

Stories in the Media, Press Highlights

Appesat and vanessa feltzIn 2009 Vanessa Feltz was featured in many a glossy magazine and newspaper article after losing 4 dress sizes. She attributed her success to Appesat. If you search for “Vanessa Feltz Appesat” there are numerous videos describing her results, success and subsequent rise back to the fuller figure again shall we say.

There are alos articles featuring Vanessa with other weight loss products after Appesat which sort of renders Appesat as non permanent solution.

Appesat Side Effects

Despite industry experts warning of potential dangers from the use of seaweed derived supplements that cause expansion in the stomach there has not been any reported cases of any serios side effects.

As a precaution pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to avoid.

Is Appesat Recommended

This product id neither recommended nor rejected. If ever there was a product that scores a dead 50% then this is it. It has shown some results, it does work but it lacks the potency of some of its contemporaries and the feeling is that your money will be better spend elsewhere. For that reason it is hard recommend and will have to reject.

Rejected diet pill

Where To Buy In the UK, Stockists

There are several stockists both in the high street and online. Boots, Express Chemists, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett spring to mind

Alternative Appetite Suppressants

Proactol Plus fat binder UKIf you are considering Appesat then consider Proactol Plus. Proactol Plus is both and appetite and fat binder that is fully accredited and classed as a Medical Device Type II.

It is difficult to find a bad review of Proactol Plus, it is even more difficult to suggest a better diet supplement.

Click here to read the full Proactol Plus review

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