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Beyond Raspberry Ketone Possible scam Beyond Raspberry Ketone is a brand that appears to be making use of the auto billing function that has come under fire recently as customers are signing up for what they think is a free trial only to be billed £79.95 a month for the privilege of receiving monthly consignments.

Before purchasing (not just Beyond Raspberry Ketone) but any free trial offer please read the small print on the terms and conditions carefully as you may be signing up for something that may prove very problematic to get out of.

We advise against signing up for any free trial offer of any supplements that uses the auto billing system

Telephone Numbers For Beyond Raspberry Ketone

The telephone numbers we have are 0800 157 7409 or 0800 148 8243. If anyone has an alternante number then please drop us a line by replying to this article.

Address For Returns

Herkimer House,
Mill Road Industrial Estate,
EH49 7SF

Have you had a good or bad experience with Beyond Raspberry Ketone – if so we would love to hear from you.

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  1. I believe that this company are a scam, back in February I found myself on a diet website which offered free trials, but cannot remember which one it was. I received nothing from them and forgot all about it, until checking my online credit card and finding payments of £79.95 plus postage in the name of a company called Beyond Raspberry Ketone. My credit card company have marked it as fraud and are looking into it, but I had to cancel my card. I then looked up all companies called Beyond Raspberry Ketone, but the above one was the only one that seemed to match so sent them a query quoting the dates and amount taken off my credit card and asking them to return the monies as I had never received any products and certainly wouldn’t pay that for them anyway. I did apologize if they were not the company concerned, but never recieved a reply from them. My Card Company are going to block any further requests for payment just in case and will probably be claiming back the monies for products not received (one in March and one in April, also because I did not authorise the payments to take those amounts from my account. I am only typing this because the amount above is the same as the amount taken off my card each month which is the only thing I have to go by. I am always careful to read terms and conditions so can only think that any must have been very well disguised or pre-ticked. Janet Shaw

    1. I stupidly signd up for the 14 day ‘free’ trial but after reading online comments called as per the terms and conditions to cancel and returned the items. According to the terms and conditiions no futher payments would be taken. I contacted my bank the same day and they put a stop on the payments as they had tried to take £79.95. Lesson learnt, diet and exercise will have to do !

      1. I too have stupidly been caught out by this company. They have made two deductions all information has been passed to my bank who are now being very helpful.

  2. It is definitely a scam. However you must must must read the terms and conditions before rushing to click the “I Agree” button. They tell you that you have been enrolled into an “Auto-Home Delivery Programme” and after your 14day trial they will automatically take out £84.95 plus £4.95 P+P if you do not cancel. You can cancel the enrolment at any time and any remaining tablets or products must be returned within 21days beginning the date of your purchase with an RMA written on the envelope. Which you must ring up to receive from them. Just go to Holland and Barrett they sell exactly the same product for £9.99 for the entire 60 capsules

  3. This is a scam we need to get this company shut down. 6 days ago i agreed to a ‘free trail’ – there was no small print terms and conditions. I only entered credit card details so a small shipping fee of £2.99 could be deducted (that was the reason they stated asking for your credit card details). Within the hour of clicking ‘free trail’ i googled the product Beyond Raseberry Ketone and realised this was a scam so immediately cancelled, and recieved a cancellation email. 6 days later I have been charged £38 plus shipping fee for a product I cancelled immediately and never recieved. I call the customer service in America and they say I should have read the terms and conditions that weren’t even there. I feel like a mug. To make matters worse I accepted a free trial of green tea natural cleanse from the same company at cancelled at the same time etc and have been billed for £38 for that also. How can they get away with this? Please someone help me figure out how to shut this fradulant company down.

    1. I have had exactly the same experience.
      I cacnelled and was charge £38 for both, i called back and said i was happy to return the unused product but the lady kept saying ‘you should have read the T&Cs. I resorted to reading them back to her, highlighting that they do not mention i would be charged if i cancelled within the 14 day period. She ended with saying ‘it’s your own fault’. Absolute joke.

      I contacted my bank who told me that they authorise the payment of £38 as soon as you cancel meaning they cannot refund the money as they can’t see what happened first, the cancelling or the charging.

      I recommend CANCELLING YOUT CARD and INFORMING YOUR BANK NOT TO ACCEPT ANY PAYMENT REQUESTS FROM THEM as they have kept trying on my account and had i not cancelled i would have lost a further £170.

      I have contacted Watchdog and Trading Standards about this and am awaiting a reply.

      1. I had the same experience. I ordered both BRK and NGC and then did some research and found it to be a total scan. Within 45 mins of placing my order, I used the online form and cancelled the orders then sent an email stating I want to be removed from the auto-subscription and do not want to receive any products. I also called my bank and cancelled my debit card. The company still sent me both products the next day!!! Now I don’t know what to do, even if I send the products back the company will just say that they never got it, and I’m afraid that they will try and take payments from my account somehow even though I have a new debit card now. Any thoughts?

    2. I too fell for this scam, having read about the initial free trial, I thought why not. their was no obvious terms and conditions to see so I sent off for the trial. sure enough 3 days later the pills arrived, it was only when I browsed the web that I saw so many people complaining, I again looked for the terms and conditions to find this smallest print ever at the bottom of the page. I called the number and asked to cancel my order as I thought I had signed for a free trial not a subscription. they cancelled me immediately but said that money would be taken from my account anyway, they gave me my RMA number which is needed for returns after much debate where they tried to talk me out of cancelling, but when it became clear that I would not change my mind, they then became very off hand. I contacted my bank and asked how I could stop any further payments to be told that as I had given my card details they could not stop it. the only way was to cancell my card and await a new one which I have done, a message to everyone don’t get caught like me, this is a scam.

  4. I have also been ripped off by this company. I agreed to the free trial. Immediately after i had signed up to the free trail alarm bells started ringing as i could not get off the site.I rang my bank to cancel my card and instucted them to not authorise any more payments to the company. They told me that no other payments other than the shipping fee was due to go out of my account. I waited for my new card to come which never did. My ketone came though, so i decided not to chase my new card as i thought the company was genuine and nothing would happen. After about a week of waiting for my new card i decided to use the one i had and it worked. I went on my internet banking tonight and have realised that ketone have after all took more money off me. I have rang the company and was pointed to the terms and conditions of the product. Apparently i had a 14 day cancellation period which i never knew i had, £84.95 has gone from my account with out authorization. The customer service people are rude and unhelpful, they lied to my husband by telling him they had snap click shots of me agreeing to the terms and conditions. They also tried to sell me more ketone!!! If the terms and conditions were there then the box was already ticked and very well hidden. I saw the AD for this on face book and have had no feed back from them. The bank are sending me some forms to fill in and send to the company but as i did ask them to cancel my card and they did not do this, i hope they pay pou. I knoe raspberry Ketone is a scam and will not pay out. They need to be stopped and face book should take some responsibility, i complained to them weeks ago and the ad is still up!

    1. i stupidly fell for this aswell! i gave them a choice of giving me a full refund or me going to trading standards. i got a full refund, dont give up, stand strong!

    2. Same thing happened to me. I know I never ticked the t&c’s because I would have read them first and would never agreed to £84 or £79 before postage and packaging. Anyway I only realised when I received my cc statement saying I’d been charged £300+. Horrible people!!!

  5. Can I just underline the fact that Beyond Raspberry Ketone are nothing to do with us … we receive many complaints directed at us asking for a refund. We are a review site and so do not directly get involved with any commercial product. We advise potential customers to steer clear of products such as this one.


    1. Hi Anthony
      Who do you suggest we contact to report this Company to? I cannot believe they are getting away with this.
      Thanks, Jenny

    2. Hi Anthony
      Have Channel 4 been spoken to about this? It was only the fact that they promoted it which made me think it was a good deal. I’m sure that is the same with most consumers, Channel 4 are a reputable organisation so people would never think they’d promote something so wrong.


  6. I feel such a fool, this free trial is a scam and nothing else. I’ve reported it to my bank who are in the process of retrieving my money Fingers crossed !!! How many others are about to do the same ?

  7. This is so ridiculous. How can these people keep getting away with this fraud. I didn’t enter any bank details of any kind onto their website just a phone number to which they called me and stated the whole discounted shipping free trial crap.. I agreed only if it was this one pound something payment withdrawn only to which she stated that would be the only payment taken. She read me no terms and conditions. I received the bottles of ketone and green coffee and noticed a month later they had taken 21 pound (my last) and I called and was greeted with the rudest man I have ever spoken to.. Stated that I selected that I had read terms and conditions.. So I ticked a box over the phone did I? The angrier I got the angrier he got and he even had the cheek to mention that they would continue to take money from me and that it was non-refundable!!! What a scam I will be calling my bank tonight I hope that they can do something about this! Never go to BEYOND KETONE

  8. There was no option to agree to T&Cs it is only when I found in small text at the bottom of the website terms I was horrified to read that large sums of money would be taken out monthly, I have sent 3 emails and will be on the telephone to insist for some form of cancelled conformation. Now luckily I read all this within about a half hour of the purchase of the trial pack! I telephoned my bank Halifax and had the card cancelled as the website stated in large font do not contact your bank call us and we will resolve any issues (ha yea right don’t think so alarm bells rang upon reading this and straight on the phone to my bank) hopefully only around £8 will be lost in total from my mistake Hopefully people who encounter the same fraud are able to see our posts in time and not so it or if you have get your card cancelled asap!!

  9. I have just made the same mistake and purchased Beyond Raspberry Ketone. But within about 10 minutes I read horrible reviews of their scams so I immediately went to their website and cancelled my order and account and chose the return option which means that I should not be charged anything from my bank account. However I am still extremely worried so does anyone have any advice about what I should do next? I cannot believe I have fallen for something like this!

  10. About 2 hours after ordering I found out it was a scam, bear in mind that this was at like 11pm. I cancelled the order, and sent emails to the company stating that I didn’t want them to send me the products and that I would be contacting my bank the next day. I decided then and there to cancel my debit card. I had thought I’d nipped it in the bud by cancelling my card but decided to carry on checking my statement every day just in case, and low and behold £8.43 had been taken out of my account a few days later. How they managed to do that, even with me cancelling my card, got me seriously worried so I have had my entire account closed down. Now they still went ahead and sent the products (even with me asking them not to) and seeing that I’ve closed my account they cannot possibly take any more money from me, however I am worried that as I still have the products that I don’t even want anymore they will chase me for the money somehow. I also don’t want to have to pay for recorded delivery to Scotland as that’ll be another £15 I have to spend with no guarantee that they will confirm receipt of them.
    Has anyone else still kept hold of them (purely for the sake of not spending more money on this damned ‘company’) without being charged the £80-something pounds? Or should I just post them back? To add insult to injury, I received a phonecall from them this afternoon, with an American twit wittering on about how they had noticed I was interested in their products but hadn’t ordered anything, why I hadn’t ordered anything and whether I want to buy something from her on the phone now. Bloody cheek!

    1. OMG this company Beyond Raspberry Ketone have got me too. I sent for a FREE trial of Raspberry Ketone – only had to pay £3.34 for postage, there were NO Terms and Conditions stated and they have now take an additional £84.95 out of my account. The tablets I received for my FREE TRIAL made me really sick and I don’t want any more tablets, I have not received any more but they have charged me £84.95, I have just found out and have emailed them twice. I will call them tomorrow. How can they get away with this and what can we do to report them. I am absolutely furious. To make matters worse because they took the additional unauthorised amount of £84.95 out of my account I will now go overdrawn and will get charges. I am so angry that I fell for this scam. I will be in contact with my Bank in the morning too.

  11. I fell for this as they were impersonating a reputable UK magazine- Woman’s Health, pretending a reporter’s evaluation of the product. They operate under different names PUREBERRY MAX is another product they scam in this way. If it happens to you, then CANCEL your credit card and dispute the amount charged with your credit card company.

  12. I too have fallen foul of this dreadful company. I requested a trial of the Raspberry Ketone and Coffee Cleanse. It arrived and I only took a couple before I came out in hives all over my hands and face. The itching was so intense i went to my GP. Imagine my horror when I checked my account today to find I had been billed 84.95! I tried emailing but it came back, so this morning i rang the number on the despatch note.

    I was told that because i hadnt cancelled within 14 days as per their terms and conditions I couldnt have a refund. She said she had managed to stop the coffee cleanse going out but that I couldnt have a refund.

    I then said it was dispiccable charging me for something that affected my health and that I would be taking legal advice and splashing it all over the Internet! This changed her tune slightly and she spoke to a supervisor who said they could give me a 50% refund. I siad that wasnot good enough as I hadnt used even one 10th of the product. She then agreed to apply fr a full refund for me, and I agreed to retun the two products. Lets see how much i get back. I will not le this rest until i have ALL my money back.

    To those of you who have lost money, I urge you to ring them up and give them a really hard time and dont be put off by the ‘I understand your situation but i cant do anything!’ Pesrist and threaten them with legal action etc until they cave in!!

  13. I also fell for the raspberry ketones, and the green coffee, having £84.95 and £69.00 taken from my account. Unfortunately, they were on a debit card rather than a credit card, the bank said they could only block further requests for money and I have since stopped that debit card, it too overdrew my account, the raspberry pills came but never saw the coffee ones. I rang yesterday to try and get my money, the green coffee agreed to refund theirs but no luck with the Raspberry Ketones, perhaps I’ll try again.

  14. Exactly the same. I never ticked a box about terms and conditions and I don’t think there even was one. There is now. I signed up for the free trial just over two weeks ago and was debited an unexpected £84.95 yesterday. I rang them (in America it turned out) this morning and they refused a refund. My bank will block any future payments fortunately. I am going to go to ASA of OFT, whichever is the right one.
    As it turned out I had thrown it away a couple of days ago as it was not doing any good.

  15. Hi ,I noticed on Monday that someone took money from my account ,I don’t know who it is but I think this is a rapsberry ketone.I bought FREE trial for 4.95 pounds.I called to my bank but they said I need to wait when the money will leave my account.I don’t know which company it is.I have an address P.O Box 13511 ,Linlithgow ,West lothian ,EH49 7YH Is this as well Beyond? Maybe someone knows how to contac to them ,I want my money back.Thanks

  16. I to tried ringing to cancel numbers don’t exist! Went the bank straight away to block any request from both beyond raspberry and nutra was brilliant!!lady that dealt with me was also a victim from this scam!! She immediately informed fraud department.hopefully no more money be taken should be a law on companies like this and channel 4 should take some flak for FALSE advertising…

  17. Oh my god I have read all these complaints and I to am a victim, Advanced Ketone took £84.95 out of my account 2 weeks after my first order, I feel sick. I have informed my bank, luckily I ordered on my credit card but not sure if I will see my money again. Will we ever learn, don’t order on line you get nothing for free

  18. It happened to me say £4:99 for post and packing me thinking that’s cheap and agreeing to it twice plus a £9:99 for a 3rd one then I get an email stating that there going to take £98:99 out my bank as the 14 day was up but I got the pills the day before not had then for more than 2 days so I phoned my bank to explan to them and thay told me thay have been get this allots. But my bank say unless the money taken out thay can’t do mush so a wait game it is ,,,

  19. I to fell for this i ordered the green coffee beans and the rasberry things unfortunately i didnt read the term and conditions and having gone back on the site its very hard to spot and they dont make you aware of what you are getting in to I had a total of £165.95 taken out of my bank account apart from the two free samples i have received no more pills i have since cancelled my debit card but i have been getting threatening texes from a company called scotcall even though i did cancel the order over the phone Its awful that this company is getting away with this 🙁

  20. I fell for it all aswell but I found a number within an hour and rang them to cancel the order because it wasnt what I agreed to,she said its not been shipped so she will refund the 160 they took from my bank… I bloody well hope they do,ive informed my bank and these people have two days to refund my money!

  21. my daughter is as I write this on the phone to the bank as she has been scammed by this .She is at uni and cannot afford to loose this money .

  22. Hi I got scammed at the beginning of the year. I was lucky I got my money back but today I had a letter from my bank to say that I went over my overdraft, I went on to check and a payment of £323 had been transferred out of my account into another account after searching it looks like this beyond Raspberry have opened up an account and transferred this pament in to this account called SKRILL . So be careful as even though my bank stopped them one way they clearly have found another way speak to your bank and close the account down! So frustrating I have wasted my time and now the bank are giving me back the money but will not be able to catch these criminals they probably will get away with it! so bad!

  23. Same deal here,in so much as ordered the free trial,then came upon the scam info,my girfriends bank are saying they can do nothing as it was ‘point of sale’ never saw any T&C.s,we are very worried as the there isint money in the account to cover the demands should they arrive…cant belive the banks/visas attitude.

  24. i fell for this last week, i have tried ringing a few different numbers to cancel but just being put constantly on hold. I have also emailed Ketone and i am still waiting on a reply. i have less than a week to cancel before they start taking money out of my account. Does anyone else know how i can contact ketone advanced to cancel this. I tried the online option but it didnt recognise my detail :-/ Please help

    1. I replied to a pop up on my iPad for a free trial of the raspberry ketone and cleanse extra, giving my credit card details for what I thought was postage and packing. On checking my account last week, this company had taken two amounts out of my current account £89 and £95. On ringing the bank, the fraud department were aware of this scam, but unfortunately because they state their intention in their so called “terms and conditions”, the bank were unable to assist on this occasion. They have cancelled future transactions to this company. I contacted them and they say that I will receive two refunds with around a £30 deduction for each item! Not sure what for? Five days later, still waiting. Be more careful in future, nearly two hundred pounds lighter, that’s not weight loss!!

  25. i too was taken in by this scam being a pensioner it was awful i would never agreed to laying out this sort of money i have managed to cancel the account but have no refund i phoned 08000149645 they need to be banned this is fraud and they should be held to account and given all the bad publicity

  26. Hi, I paid by debit card so my bank said I had to take it up with the company although they have blocked further payments (although they said keep an eye on the account as they try under different names once you cancel). I contacted the coffee place first and I’m glad I did because the guy at Raspberry is a rude and arrogant. I gave them hell down the phone and was very assertive, demanding 100% refund and nothing less. The coffee supplement people agreed a 100% refund (minus shipping fees) on both products once they received the product back (you must send it recorded and tracked with their official returns number on the front or they can claim they haven’t received it).

    I also put everything in writing and in email. I’ve had no response to either. Lastly I have recorded the phone conversation with their customer service for proof of what has been agreed… lets see if the refund comes through. Below are my letters to the company.

    To whom it may concern,

    I wish to cancel all dealing with you as a company and have contacted my bank to stop all further payments to you. I would like ALL DETAILS including my bank details erased from your (and partners’ files). My bank has been alerted and if you attempt to take money from my account, again they will refund me regardless of whether you use your trading name or another company.

    I have tried to call your customer service free on 0800-148-8243 to cancel the product a number of times yesterday during the opening hours. I also emailed you on the 17th asking to cancel all dealings with you, and have not yet had a response. I have been unable to cancel my account on-line as my email address is not being recognized by your system at I do not have an order number with you and I was not aware I had an account either, I merely applied for a FREE trial of supplements. I did not and do not agree to an automatic rolling subscription of any kind for any product.

    Furthermore, it was impossible to TRIAL your product as I was not given a full 14 day TRIAL at all! According to my bank you put in a request for payment on the 28th January and the 14-day trial period apparently started the same day of purchase, however payment for shipping did not leave my account until the 4th Feb (7 days later) and the product did not arrive until 3 weeks. I therefore did not have time to try the product within the 14 days. On your terms and conditions, you claim to send products via Royal Mail 1st class packages, which are usually received within 1 to 2 days. I do not think you have met your terms and conditions or that the items were sent on the same day of ordering as no 1st class Royal mail package takes 3 weeks to be delivered. In fact the payment of £95 was taken just after they arrived..

    The items you have sent me are still fully sealed and can be returned to you. Furthermore, you have taken money from my account for a service I do not want without my authorization, this means I am now unable to feed myself or pay my rent, you are scamming people and should be aware of the effects of your actions as a company. What you are doing is IMMORAL.

    I believe the online endorsement by channel 4 and a Women’s magazine that takes you straight through to your website would support a case of false advertising and deception. The fact that the name of your company and the name and product has change numerous times (according to online blogs) shows the level of deceit you are willing to go to, to take people’s hard earned money. You have obtained money by deception in the way you advertised your product by misleading customers into thinking it was a FREE trial.

    I have reported you to trading standards and BBC Watchdog are copied into this email. I have also sent this letter to you in the post. I request a FULL refund. I will return both the Trial and all further products to you without opening them. If you have sent the product that you have billed me for on the 14th February then please send me a Return Merchandise Authorization Number for the supplements, they will be returned to you the day they arrive, recorded delivery and I wish to have the return authorization number before they arrive.

    I request confirmation of receipt of this letter, confirmation of a complaint number / reference for this matter. I request confirmation that all of my personal details have been fully removed from your (or partner) systems, confirmation of cancellation and a written response explaining how you justify a FREE 14 day trial period, when your customers can not try the product in the time and are billed for a reoccurring service that they do not want.

    I expect a response to this letter within 10 days of the date on this letter.

    Beyond Nutra Limited,

    I am returning the Ketone Advanced and Green Coffee Cleanse TRIAL supplements unopened and sealed.

    I requested a FULL refund for both products via customer service on 18th February 2014, customer service agreed to a 100% refund of £94.97 and £79.97 once the supplements arrive at your returns address (PO Box 13511). I am therefore returning both the trial products to you without opening them, I have tracked this package to you and will be emailing again as soon as they are delivered to you to ensure you follow through on the 100% refund promise.

    I expect a FULL REFUND to enter my account within 10 days of the date on this letter.

    I have contacted my bank to stop all further payments to you and associated trading names. I have asked for all auto home delivery programs to be cancelled (17th February) and would like confirmation of this. I want ALL DETAILS including my bank details erased from your (and partners’ files) after the FULL refund is given, My bank has been alerted and if you attempt to take money from my account, again they will refund me regardless of whether you use your trading name or another company.

    I hope this helps some people get their money back!

  27. I am going through an absolute nightmare with this company!! They have taken a total of £153 out of my account (i orginally order the ketone & the coffee) but i haven’t recieved ANYTHING from them, not a single item!!

    I have been phoning them constantly for a week & there is always a different story. I am demanding a refund but as of yet, they are saying no. There customer service is shocking…..twice, they have have hung up the phone on me. I can not believe i have paid all that money for nothing, i’m out raged!! When i told them this the woman just clarified my address and said it shows on our system as shipped!!! *end of story apparently* I don’t think so, i will not let this go, i am determined to get a full refund!! If anyone has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it!

  28. I have just been ripped of by this company for the same scam they took 94 out of my bank an have just rang bank cancelled my card and the rang company got a very arrogant woman who basically told me that I signed to terms an conditions lies for sure well now I intend to contact police and fraud squad and watchdog over them well annoyed conning little gits putting it mildly

  29. glad I found this site to vent my total disgust at having had £95 debited by raspberry ketone blast & an attempt to do the same by cleanse xtrem. AM SO CROSS with them & myself at being scammed, I will not attempt to get my money back but a nasty lesson learned and intend to put this on every available medium to publicise this and stop someone else feeling this way, on my birthday too!!! hope they get theirs!!

  30. Thanks to everyone on here for your comments. I don’t feel such a fool knowing that there are others who have been scammed, and that this company intended to defraud! I too have been caught. I called my credit card and they got me through for me to speak directly to the company… ketoneadvanced. Not much joy but they did agree to stop the contract. The credit card company have put a stop on this company being able to claim more. What worries me is that they will go through another company/change company name etc. and withdraw money from my card that way. Thanks for your advice about canceling my card, I’m taking that advice and doing that next.

    Because of my own stupidity and realisation that I hade got a ‘cheap’ lesson to-boot, I only wanted the contract cancelled, (which I got after complaining), but after reading all your comments, actually I feel there needs to be consequences for this company and warnings for others. Many Thanks for your comments and inspiration. I will take this further because I now feel hopping mad.

    If you’re interested I’ve lost £94.97 plus £79.97 for two products. There was no mention of price when I scoured the site just before buying. The bill showed 0.00 for the product. There was no information inside the packet. As I thought this was a free sample I didn’t bother to chase it up, until I got the bill this week!

    Good luck to you all. Elaine

  31. I also fell for this scam after they had taken £174.94 out of my account, i wished i had have gone though all these comments first i agree total SCAMMERS

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