Shape Patch Slimming Patch Review

Shape patch reviewShape Patch is a slimming patch produced in Miami, Florida, by C.R.A. International, who make some very bold claims for their product:

  • Average weight loss is 1-2 kg a week
  • America’s #1 weight loss patch
  • Shape Patch results are permanent

No supporting evidence is offered to prove the weight loss claims and the manufacturer fails to say who states the patch is a no.1 product so we’re figuring it’s a self-awarded title.

The claim of permanent results is very ambitious and can only be taken with a very large pinch of salt.  Bearing in mind the patches have been on the market since 1992, if they really are that good where’s the buzz? They should be taking the world by storm.

At A Glance

Claims: To give you average weight loss of 1-2 kg a week

Positives: Using transdermal delivery (patch system). Contains (some) Garcinia Cambogia

Negatives: A compromise in our opinion to the Slim Weight Patch

Rejected diet pill

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What is Shape Patch and how does it Work

Shape patch websiteShape Patch is an appetite suppressing patch. The patch is applied to the body, the active ingredients are then absorbed through the skin, and—if the claims hold true—quickly suppress the appetite.

The manufacturer’s claims about the importance of exercise are particularly entertaining, whereas they accept exercise is good for the health they suggest that, for  weight loss purposes, its more convenient to just slap on a patch and let it do all the work.

Using the analogy of a slice of pizza containing 250 calories, they first state it would take 29 minutes of walking to burn off the calories, and then state: “It makes sense to use Shape-PATCH to eat less pizza than to burn the same amount of calories by exercising.” If weight loss was as simple as that gymnasiums and pizza parlors would be going out of business all over the world.

Key Ingredients

  • Hoodia Gordonii:  An ingredient sourced from a succulent cactus-like plant. Tribes in South Africa have been using Hoodia for centuries to stave off hunger while traipsing across the desert, but the ingredient has failed to stand up to scrutiny in scientific tests.
  • Garcinia Cambogia:  The hydroxycitric acid in garcinia cambogia has a strong reputation for providing appetite suppression. Taken orally, the recommended daily dose is 2,500mg to 3,000mg. It seems unlikely that a patch could provide this amount.
  • Bladderwrack:  Rich in iodine, bladderwrack compounds are sometimes used to improve thyroid health. A healthy thyroid is important for a healthy metabolism and for this reason the ingredient is often used in weight loss formulations.

Garcinia cambogia is easily the best inclusion here, but it is hard to say how well it may perform when delivered via skin absorption. read more about Garcinia Cambogia

Scientific Tests

The Shape Patch website states the patch has proved its worth in three scientific studies. The site provides brief one paragraph summaries of the studies but fails to provide any links to prove they ever took place. We conducted extensive online searches and could not find any supporting evidence.

[info]Usage Instructions

Patches are applied to clean skin and the effects last for 24 hours.[/info]

Customer Feedback

The Shape Patch website has an entire page crammed full of testimonials that are attributed to satisfied Shape Patch users.

A testimonial supposedly left by and Indian movie director reads:

[plain]“I tried so many different medicines and exercises, but none have helped me as much as Shape-PATCH. I lost 6 Kg. (13.2 Lb.) in one month.”[/plain]

Several testimonials are claimed to be from doctors, plastic surgeons, and personnel from big multi-national companies, but it all sounds a little too good to be true and it is worth noting many of the customer reviews left on the Shape Patch sales page at Amazon were less than complimentary, which may explain why the page has been deleted.

We could find only one independent review:

[plain]“Shape Patch Slimming patches did nothing, i managed to put on weight. didn’t do anything.”[/plain]

Side Effects & Health Issues

According to the manufacturers the possibility of skin irritation is the only risk involved, but bladderwrack contains iodine and high doses have been linked to goiter and thyroid cancer.

There is also some doubt about Hoodia Gordonii. In a letter to the New York Times a former hoodia researcher said there are indications it may have unwanted effects on the liver, so potential users are advised to seek medical advice prior to use.

Shape Patch Guarantee

A money back guarantee is offered and is good for all of seven days. Seven days! That’s the shortest guarantee we have ever encountered and is a token gesture at best; could it be the manufacturer is afraid to allow customers a longer evaluation period?

The Bottom Line

Some diet patches can and do produce good weight loss results, but we feel Shape Patch is unlikely to deliver anything but disappointment. Despite all the manufacturer’s lofty claims, we could find no independent proof that the patches work and some of their marketing statements are a big turn-off.

  • It makes sense to use Shape Patch instead of exercising
  • Permanent results

And backed up by a 7 day guarantee!

“Go the sure way! use Shape-PATCH! America’s #1 Weight Loss Patch!”

No. We don’t think so—buyer beware! Buyer look elsewhere; Shape Patch isn’t a patch on some of the alternatives.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Shape Patch appears to be available from the product website, but the order form has the following statement above it

This product is sold through our distributors. To place an order please contact us to send you the information about our distributor for your country.

One month’s supply (30 patches) costs $49.95, which is quite pricey, but two months’ worth of patches cost $89 and customers receive a third month’s supply for free.

Alternative Slimming Patch

Buy Slim Weight patchSlim Weight Patches contain a number of proven fat burning and weight loss aiding nutrients including Fucus Vesiculosus,  5-HTP, Guarana, YerbaMate and a fat burning RX blend consisting of Zinc Pyruvate, Flaxseed Oil, Lecithin, L-Carnitine and Zinc Citrate.

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Biogen Health Science T5 Fat Burning Patches

T5 fat burning patchesCan a patch stuck to the skin really encourage fat burning? Supplement manufacturers Biogen Health Science says so, but the company also recommends the patches be used in conjunction with either their T5 Fat Burners (capsules) or T5 Serum XT (drops), so it’s easy to question how much faith they have in the product.

T5 Fat Burning patches are available to buy directly from the manufacturer’s website and can also be purchased from many online stores. Amazon and eBay provide two more purchasing options. One month’s supply of patches costs just under £19 from the official website, but bulk buying can reduce the price, with the best deal being afforded to customers who purchase a six month supply of patches for £77.64 (30% saving).

At A Glance

Claims: To help reduce fat absorption

Positives: Contains natural ingredients

Negatives: Not a good ingredient profile. In our opinion inferior to the Slim Weight Patch

Rejected diet pill

Proposed Benefits/Selling Points

  • Transdermal magnet patch delivery system
  • Ideal for nocturnal use
  • Suitable for vegetarians who can’t eat gelatin
  • Clinically proven ingredients

Biogen health ScienceThe manufacturers fail to explain anything about their impressively-named delivery system, but in basic terms ‘transdermal’ refers to the process of components being absorbed through the skin.

The claim of clinically proven ingredients is just pure hog-wash and the manufacturers probably know it. No links or information is provided about any of the supposed studies and even if such studies exist it seems unlikely they would involve the use of a transdermal magnet patch delivery systems.

As for the claim about the patches being vegetarian friendly, that may or may not be true, but Biogen Health Science fail to grasp the fact that being vegetarian is more than just a matter of food choices. If gelatin or any other animal byproduct is incorporated in the patches any self-respecting vegetarian would reject them as surely as they would a nice pair of leather shoes.

Usage Instructions

Patches should be applied to clean skin and left in place for 12 hours. It is unclear whether the patches need to be applied to a specific area of the body, but a picture on the official sales page shows a model wearing a patch on her arm so it is safe to assume the arm is probably the best location.

Key Ingredients

The manufacturer’s website fails to provide inclusion rates, but in this case such information would serve little purpose because the delivery method is so unusual. This being the case it would have been nice to see some information about each of the ingredients and what benefits they are intended to provide. No such information is supplied.

Each patch contains:

  • Elaterin:  A plant extract often used as a laxative. Bearing in mind the delivery method bypasses use of the gastro-intestinal organs it is a hard to say what benefits the ingredient is intended to supply here.
  • Honeysuckle:  Credited with providing many health benefits, but fat burning is not one of them. Honeysuckle compounds are sometimes applied to soothe skin irritations though, so it is possible it is included to reduce the likelihood of the patch causing itchy skin.
  • Aloe:  Fat burning is not an ability that is usually attributed to Aloe, but topical applications are often used to treat rashes and areas of dry skin.
  • Fiveleaf: It is unclear what this ingredient is, so its potential for benefits and/or dangers are unknown.
  • Gynostemma Herb:  More commonly known as jiaogulan. Believed (but not proven) to have potential as an ally in the fight against obesity, but also used as a treatment for a failing appetite.
  • Semen Cassiae:  Has a reputation for encouraging weight loss when brewed and consumed as a tea.
  • Torae:  Shown as a separate ingredient, but no such ingredient exists. Probably should have been tagged on the end of Semen Cassiae because the ingredient is also known as semen cassiae torae.
  • Follum Nelumbinis: Lotus leaves hiding behind their scientific name. Believed to boost the metabolism and encourage fat burning.
  • Ginseng: A Chinese herb that can benefit the health in many different ways, but is not generally associated with fat burning.
  • Barbary Wolfberry Extract: Sometimes called Barberry Matrimony Vine or Chinese Wolfberry, and more commonly known as lycium, but never as Barbary Wolfberry; so this is a confusing inclusion right from the start. Not known to be a fat burner, but has sometimes been associated with appetite suppression.

[warning]The fat burning potential of the blend is probably zilch, but elaterin, honeysuckle, aloe, and semem cassiae are all laxatives, so the blend’s greatest potential could be as a purgative, but even that potential is unlikely to be achieved via skin absorption.[/warning]

Side Effects and Health Issues

Several of the ingredients have been linked to negative reactions (stomach irritation, diarrhea, muscle weakness, kidney problems), but it is hard to say if a patch would be capable of delivering such side effects. When it comes to T5 Fat Burning too much is unknown—including one of the ingredients—so potential users are advised to seek medical advice prior to use.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

Customer Feedback

No customer feedback could be found at the time of this review.

The Bottom Line

Biogen Health Science appears to be a reputable company, but they fail to provide adequate information about how their patches are supposed to produce the promised fat burning and a look at the list of ingredients suggests such results are unlikely. Customer feedback is not available, there is no guarantee, and it’s hard to say what kind of side effect s may be likely. Needless to say, T5 Fat Burning is a rejected weight loss product.

Recommended Diet Patch

Slim Weight Patch reviewSlim Weight Patches contain a number of proven fat burning and weight loss aiding nutrients including Fucus Vesiculosus,  5-HTP, Guarana, YerbaMate and a fat burning RX blend consisting of Zinc Pyruvate, Flaxseed Oil, Lecithin, L-Carnitine and Zinc Citrate.

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My hCG Way Bio App Patch

My hCG Way diet patchDieting is not always an easy process, so It’s obvious why so many dieters turn to weight loss patches to help them to lose weight. Ideal for anyone constantly on the go, on the road, or at work, weight loss patches provide a inconspicuous way to suppress food cravings without the need for pills or gruelling exercise programs and strict diets.

My hCG Way Bio App Patch and Slim Weight Patch are two popular weight loss patches available today.

But which patch is best? We find out.

My hCG Way Bio App Patch 

My hCG Way Bio App Patch infoThe My hCG Way Bio App Patch is a natural frequency patch which uses the hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) hormone, a hormone which is produced naturally by the body during pregnancy, alongside amino acid frequencies, containing in total 15 frequencies.

Each hCG Way Bio App Patch is designed to be worn for 72 hours before re-applying a new one.

My hCG Way Bio App Patch Ingredients:

    1. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG)
    2. 3x 6x 12x 30x L-arginine, L-tyrosine, L-carntinine, L-Ornithine
    3. 6x 12x 30x 60x Amino Acids

As far as the FDA and their “concerns” about HCG, let me just say that thousands upon thousands of people have used HCG and it has helped them lose weight when nothing else did. They don’t like any products that are not prescription.

Any ‘natural’ products containing hCG can now only be purchased illegally.

There is no information on how the patch helps with weight loss or even how the patch works.

There are a handful of positive testimonials from customers, however there is no way of knowing just how genuine these are.

Even the manufacturers themselves aren’ t confident that HCG works, publishing a statement at the bottom of the website stating that there is no substantial evidence that HCG helps with weight loss.

Our Conclusion

The hCG Way Bio App Patch is expensive, priced at $59.99 and due to the lack of evidence the product works, a statement from the FDA themselves opposing the product and the obvious risks to health, we would say The hCG Way Bio App Patch is in our opinion not as effective as the Slim Weight Patch.

The Slim Weight Patch

Slim Weight Patch reviewThe Slim Weight Patch has an excellent reputation for safety and effective weight loss results.

Formulated by an experienced and established pharmaceutical company, it has undergone stringent medical testing, containing a blend of 10  clinically approved weight loss ingredients to naturally burn fat and increase metabolism for steady and safe weight loss.

The ingredients in Slim Weight Patch contain:

  1. Garcinia Cambogia
  2. 5-HTP
  3. L-Caritine
  4. Zinc Pyruvate 

The ingredients are natural and safe, with no unwanted side effects. The Slim Weight Patch can help you to lose on average 2-4 pounds a week, for controlled and safe weight loss that is easily maintained.

Slim Weight Patch is sensibly priced at £29.95 for a one month supply (30 patches). Whereas the My hCG Way Bio App Patch is priced at $59.99 for 30 patches.

Our Conclusion

Buy Slim Weight patchWithout a doubt, the hCG Way Bio App Patch seems to be an inferior and potentially dangerous product, which judging by the evidence has absolutely no beneficial effects on weight loss. And in our opinion, is a waste of money.

The Slim Weight Patch can offer an affordable, safe, effective and discreet way of managing your weight with peace of mind that the product is both tested and approved with no detrimental side effects.

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