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Défiligne UKDéfiligne Capteur de Graisses is a fat binder brought to market by Yves Rocher. The company’s Défiligne range of products also contains a few other weight management aids, including a fat burner and an appetite suppressant, but Yves Rocher is not responsible for the manufacturing process. Défiligne Capteur de Graisses is produced in the Netherlands by PK Benelux.

PK Benelux is a respected manufacturer of white label products and their formulations are distributed under many brand names including, Lucovit and Obesimed. The fact that Yves Rocher is not responsible for developing the product is not an issue, the problem is the company provides very little information about the pill content.

The Défiligne Capteur de Graisses sales page on the company website merely states the product is a “medical device based on “botanical polyosides”. The term “botanical polyosides” appears to be unique to Yves Rocher, but it’s apparently some form of plant fiber.

Claims : A fat binding product that can stop of portion of dietary fat from being digested

ProsA good company with a great reputation, a good ingredient profile containing nopal

Cons : Only available to customers in French speaking countries – France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

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What is Défiligne Capteur de Graisses and How Does it Work?

The name fat binder is used to refer to ingredients and products that have the ability to exert a specific kind of fat blocking action. Fat blockers interfere with the body’s ability to digest dietary fat. When food-provided fat cannot be digested it does not release any calories. That makes fat blockers a particularly valuable aid to weight loss because each gram of dietary fat contains nine calories.

Some fat blockers work by suppressing the abilities of the digesting enzyme, lipase. The ingredients used in fat binders, such as chitosan (a compound that can be taken from the shells of crabs and lobsters), pass through the body intact. Such ingredients have no nutritional value, contain no calories, and do not interfere with the way the digestive system works. They have the ability to attract fat and “bind” with it though. Once the fat is captured in this way it is shielded from the digestive enzymes and cannot be digested either.

Défiligne Capteur de Graisses Ingredients

NopalThe fact that the active ingredient is not identified is not a point in this product’s favor. Nobody should be expected to pay for a product without first being made aware of what it contains.

We suspect the key fat binding ingredient is probably nopal cactus extract, and its proven fat binding abilities have allowed it to become one of the most respected fat binders in the world. Unfortunately we have no way of ascertaining if our theory is correct. The formulation could contain something else. If it does, the fat binding effect is unlikely to be as good as that provided by nopal and results will suffer.

Usage Instructions – The capsules have to be taken with a large glass of water, 15 minutes before meals. If Défiligne Capteur de Graisses is being used to accelerate weight loss, the dose is two to three capsules two time per day. If the product is being used as a weight maintenance aid, the dose is one to two capsules, two times per day.

Potential users need to be aware, this may be an expensive product to use. A box of Défiligne Capteur de Graisses contains 30 capsules, so it will only last 5 to 15 days, depending on the dosage that is used.

Défiligne Capteur de Graisses Customer Testimonials

The only reviews we could find were posted on the Yves Rocher website. There are only three. Presuming they are genuine, they suggest the product may be a waste of money. The first one appears to have be posted by someone who used the product for several weeks and says it “absolutely” does not work. The second review states it’s “useless”, and the third is equally damning.

Défiligne Capteur de Graisses Side Effects & Health Issues

As with any form of weight management product, Défiligne Capteur de Graisses will not be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Anyone who has existing health problems or is using medication should always ask a doctor’s advice before using products of this kind.

Where To Buy Défiligne Capteur de Graisses

It’s possible to buy Défiligne Capteur de Graisses from the Yves Rocher website. At the time of this review, a 30-capsule box had a price tag of 19,14 €.

What Do We Recommend?

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We rate the products we review in a fair manner, based on certain important criteria, including manufacturer credibility and ingredient potential, and we only ever recommend products that have proven capable of delivering safe weight loss.

During the review process, we pay close attention to the way products are designed to work and then look at the abilities of the ingredients used in the formulation.

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