FulFill Plus Review, Natural But Does It Work

Fulfill Plus is a product that is starting to apear everywhere, most online health and slimming supplement stockist seem to have it in their inventories – its hard to tell if this is a good thing or a bad thing

This product claims to make you feel fuller and content consuming smaller food portions during mealtimes.

Can this appetite suppressant genuinely control your hunger cravings though?

And, is it really the solution to lowering your food portions to enable you to eat less and slim down? We will examine this dietary supplement a little closer and find out.

At A Glance

Claims: To treat obesity and weight gain. Created by a German doctor who wanted to produce a product capable of addressing the key issues of weight problems

Positives: Contains natural ingredients

Negatives: Lacks any real potency

Fulfill Plus Review

Fulfill Plus is made by the German firm Scheffler Plantafood GmbH (now apparently called Plantafood Medical), and it is distributed throughout Ireland and the UK by WFBM (World Foods Brand Management Ltd), who sell several health products.

The official website is extremely basic and does not provide any detailed information about the manufacturer or product. A telephone number and online contact form does enable you to get in touch with them directly.

No mention is made of any refund guarantee. Encouragingly, we could not find any rip-off or scam reports online for either the distributor or manufacturer of Fulfill-plus.

Fulfill Plus has been awarded the EU class 11a proven medical device status. This means it is allowed to be used to treat obesity and manage weight.

The advertising information says that the product was invented by a German Physician, who was searching for an effective method of managing meal sizes to tackle the increasing trend of eating larger meals. Not much information seems to be available about this German physician online though.

How Does it Work

The marketing material says it is a scientifically proven method of reducing your meal portion sizes to manage your weight and treat obesity. Its’ unique ingredient produces a natural gel inside your belly, which means you will inevitably consume less food, as you will feel full quicker.

The makers claim that this will have long term results, because a full dose of Fulfill-plus can occupy up to half of the space in your belly.

Thus, in less than a week, you will notice the size of your meal portions will naturally decrease, and this will help to re-train your eating habits.

Users are instructed to consume three to five Fulfill-plus pills, with a drink, preferably a big glass of water, half an hour before their main meals. Consequently, a single bottle of this product will probably not be sufficient for a thirty day supply.

What are the Ingredients

This supplement just contains one active ingredient, which is Plantago ovatae. This is completely organic and OK for vegetarians to take.

Also referred to as Ispaghula husk, this ingredient contains  large amounts of soluble dietary fibre. This expands, once it comes into contact with water or liquid, and absorbs as much as fifty times its’ weight in fluid.

Apparently, this will produce a feeling of fullness, which in turn, might assist with weight reduction. There is some data to indicate that it might help to facilitate  bowel movements, by easing constipation and softening stools.

Media Report or Press Coverage

This product does not appear to have had any recent press or media coverage.

Side Effects or Warnings

Most customers will not encounter any harmful side-effects. You are supposed to take a minimum of two litres of liquid daily, whilst taking. You should only carry on consuming this product for thirty days.

If you are on any medication, you should take this at least sixty minutes before you take Fulfill-plus, otherwise absorption might be delayed. You are instructed not to consume this product if you have any of the following conditions: disease related strictures inside the gastro intestinal tract, diabetes, bowel disorders, or a hyper-sensitivity to Plantago ovatae. Otherwise, you run the risk of an adverse reaction. You might notice increased bowel movements, as well as softened faeces.

Fulfill Plus Customer Reviews, Feedback or Testimonials

We found just a single positive customer testimonial for it, and this was on the product’s official website. However, no other websites that stock this supplement have any negative or positive testimonials on display.

Does Fulfill Plus Work – Is it Recommended

Fulfill Plus might offer a way of managing and decreasing your intake of food. Nonetheless, we could not locate any studies on the web, or on the product’s official website, to support the claim that a dose of Fulfill-plus will occupy as much as half the space in the belly, and result in smaller food portions.

The primary component, Plantago Ovatae, is generally regarded as safe, providing it is consumed with lots of fluid.

The Last Word

May leave you feeling unfulfilled

Where to buy Fulfill Plus

There are several high street stockists that sell the product over the counter. Availability is not a problem online either

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