How To Control Hunger – 10 foods that can help you reduce your appetite

how to control hungerFighting the signs of hunger when the body has already consumed the calories it needs for the day is a vital to maintaining a healthy weight. Controlling the pangs of hunger requires a combination of both physical and mental aspects to insure that you are not overeating.

Addressing the feelings and pangs of hunger is actually fairly direct, but for many people is the most difficult aspect of their diet to control. The key however is not by trying to ignore the pangs of hunger, but by addressing them in how we eat.

What follows are a few simple tips that will have you eating the proper amount of food each day while significantly reducing, if not eliminating the pangs of hunger.

Drink More Water

Water is one of the best appetite suppressants around. If you drink a large glass of water and combine it with eating a small amount of nuts, such as walnuts, almonds or peanuts, then your feelings of hunger will fade within 20 minutes. This can be especially helpful late at night when eating larger meals packs on the pounds.

Create New Eating Habits

Our hunger is directed towards the foods that we want to eat. Therefore, if you change your eating habits you can redirect the hunger pangs. This is perhaps the most important method of dealing with your feelings of unnecessary hunger. By eating the types of foods that are good for you and do not pack on the pounds, you actually create cravings that are geared towards these foods.

10 Really Great Foods That Suppress Appetite

Almonds Ginger
Avocado Apples
Cayenne Pepper Green Tea
Sweet Potatoes Salmon
Dark Chocolate Wasabi

Brush & Gargle

Once you clean up your mouth by brushing, flossing and gargling with mouthwash, you are far less likely to mess all that effort up by eating. You should perform this routine both after breakfast and after dinner so you are less likely to snack.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Studies have shown that unnecessary hunger pangs strike us when we are tired. For those who do not get enough rest each night, these hunger pangs can be overwhelming. You can address this by getting the rest you need and by taking a power nap during the day when necessary to fight off the feelings of hunger.

Occupy Your Mind

To avoid the cravings for certain foods, you will need to take your mind away from them by finding other things to do such as listening to music, performing an errand, exercising or working on a project. Such activities can distract your mind and quickly die down the cravings for particular types of foods.

Enjoy in Moderation

A good diet doesn’t mean you completely avoid the foods that you crave, its that you merely enjoy them in smaller, more sustainable amounts. Whether you enjoy candy bars, pizza, ice cream or some other type of high calorie food, remember that it is okay to indulge once in a while and in moderation so that you can really enjoy the experience without packing on the pounds.

Controlling your hunger consists of engaging in the small fights with your body and mind in fighting off temptation. Your success will be noticeable when you start seeing the results in the mirror.

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