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Amazon Raspberry KetoneInnopure Raspberry Ketone capsules are a very simple product. They contain just one active ingredient—raspberry ketone. Things get a little more difficult when if you try to find out the identity of the manufacturer because there does not appear to be a supplement manufacturer trading under the name “Innovate”.

A closer examination of the product packaging reveals the capsules are “manufactured in the UK for eBeauty Ltd”. It is almost as hard to find out anything about eBeauty, other than the name of the owner—Jane Hodgson—and the fact that the company is based in Cardiff. The company also own a website called ID Beauty that appears to only sell one product—an electronic hair removal system.

None of this suggests the company has any experience in field of dietary supplements so perhaps Innopure Raspberry Ketone capsules are a private label product. If so the same capsules may be found hiding behind a variety of different labels and/or brand names. This does not inspire confidence because it is impossible to say who really produces the capsules and what experience they have (if any).

At A Glance

Claims: To help reduce fat absorption

Positives: Contains raspberry ketone

Negatives: Not the best example of a raspberry ketone product in our opinion (and many others is seems!)

Rejected diet pill

Our recommended brand of raspberry ketone is from Evolution Slimming – click to see why

Promised Benefits & Selling Points

The Amazon sales page is the only source of information about the product:

  • Highly concentrated strength of 100% Pure Raspberry Ketone
  • Aims to increase the rate the body breaks down fat (Lipolysis)
  • 600mg of Raspberry Ketones per daily dose
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Manufactured in the UK to strict GMP guidelines

Innopure Raspberry Ketone Pros & Cons In Depth 

The Pros

  • Raspberry ketone is a powerful fat burner
  • Vegan friendly
  • Natural product
  • Free from stimulants
  • Good customer feedback
  • Free from artificial color and preservatives
The Cons

  • Insufficient information available about the manufacturer
  • Insufficient information available about the product
  • Type of raspberry ketone is not stated (synthetic/natural)
  • No guarantee
  • Might be a private label product


How to Use Innopure Raspberry Ketone Capsules

One capsule should be taken twice a day (with meals).

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Raspberry ketones1Raspberry ketone is a natural substance that is usually sourced from raspberries, but it can also be found in some other fruits including blackberries and cranberries. It is a common inclusion in dietary supplements and several other manufacturers also produce capsules that rely on the ingredient entirely, so Innopure Raspberry Ketone capsule are not by any means a unique product. Many alternatives exist and in the majority of cases a more fitting amount of product/manufacturer information is available.

Scientists initially became interested in raspberry ketone’s fat burning potential in 1995 when tests on laboratory mice provided promising results. The recent buzz surrounding the ingredient can be attributed to the American TV personality Dr. Oz who did his own tests on the compound and called it “a miracle in a bottle”.

The main problem with raspberry ketone is the cost. Naturally sourced raspberry ketone is expensive so many manufacturers use a cheaper synthetic version of the ingredient instead. Sadly this man-made copy lacks the power of the naturally sourced ingredient and the fact that two versions exist means it is not always easy for consumers to know which version is included in individual products.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is predominantly good, and this may indicate the capsules contain naturally sourced raspberry ketone, but some users were left feeling very disappointed.

An average negative review reads:

“Didn’t really make a difference and gave me headaches. I personally found it made no difference in my weight loss.”

And a more standard response is:

“I have used these for a couple of months and when taken along with exercise and a healthy diet have helped to trim down. I will continue to use them. “

Side Effects & Health Issues

The amazon sales pages states the capsules are not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers, people under the age of 18 or anyone who is taking prescription medication. This is wise advice, but raspberry ketone is such a wholesome product that side effects are extremely unlikely.

Where To Buy Purchasing Options

At the time of this review the capsules were available to buy on eBay and Amazon. No other purchasing options could be found. A bottle of 60 capsules usually costs £12:99 (Amazon) and shipping is free to customers based in the UK, but no money back guarantee is offered.

Recommended Alternative

Raspberry Ketone PlusRaspberry Ketone Plus is arguably the best example of a raspberry ketone supplement available on a worldwide stage It is has been produced in the UK and distributed by authorised and sole stockist, Evo Slimming.

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