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James Haskell Hades diet pillHades is a weight management product marketed by the British Rugby player James Haskell and sold as part of his Body Fire range of supplements and although the range does conclude a supplements intended for female use Hades is just for the boys.

Hades is essentially a fat burner and pre-training aid. The formulation was apparently developed to support Haskell’s own nutritional needs, but (if the blurb on his website is to be believed) Haskell was so impressed he decided to make Hades available to the general public Internet Explorer 7.

Haskell’s personal belief in Hades is backed up by an endorsement from Men’s Health recently listed it as one of their top-6 pre-training supplements.

At A Glance

Claims: To be developed by a man with a passion and a woman with the technical knowledge and proven track record 추억의 명곡 다운로드.

Positives: Good ingredient profile  – winning production team

Negatives: Others preferred in the category. But only by the tiniest of margins

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Product Potential

James haskell fat burnerHades has been designed to speed up the metabolism and provide the extra energy needed for high-intensity 크롬 구 버전 다운로드.

Training harder can only produce better results and the increased activity will result in extra fat being burned.

The blend’s capsicum content (if sufficient) should further enhance the fat burning process and provide an extra dose of energy from the burned fat calories. Hades shows a lot of potential on paper

Usage Instructions

  • Hades as a Pre-training aid:  One capsule should be consumed 30 to 45 minutes before commencing a workout or competition. If the desired effect is not forthcoming a second capsule is permissible.
  • Hades as a fat burner: One capsule should be taken 30 minutes before each of the 3 main meals of the day ntp. At least 3 hours should be left between doses and capsules should never be taken after 7pm. Usage should be continued for 4 weeks, after which a week’s break will be required before recommencing supplementation.

Key Ingredients

All the ingredients are diet pill regulars, and some of them have potential to contribute to the promised results, but how well they will perform here is hard to say because no inclusion rates are provided Download chrono trigger.

  • 28% Acetyl [N] L-Carnite:  A useful antioxidant that provides many health benefits, but scientific evidence does not show the ingredient can promote weight loss.
  • Caffeine:  A good energy provider that can also improve mental alertness, but side effects may be an issue.
  • Yerba: An ingredient sourced from a South American shrub 민법전 다운로드. Claims that yerba can support weight loss are far from proven, but its caffeine content should contribute to the promised energy buzz.
  • Green Tea:  A renowned fat burner loaded with antioxidants, but the use of green tea also adds an extra dose of caffeine to the mix.
  • Capsicum:  Some tests show capsicum can cause body fat to be burned up to 12 times faster than normal.
  • B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12):  B vitamins are believed to ensure a healthy metabolism so it is not uncommon to see one or more form included in weight loss blends Download Campus Legends.

Side Effects and Health Issues

The caffeine content may be an issue for some users, but the lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to say how bad any negative reactions may be. Possible side effects may include the jitters, heart palpitations, and nausea.

Most people will probably be able to use Hades without issue, but anyone who has known or suspected health issues should seek medical advice before commencing supplementation with this or any other product Insurance Institute.

Customer Feedback

Some customers were not entirely impressed by the product:

“Hades does have an effect but its very mild and certainly doesn’t get you up and eager for training like the others. On the plus side, because its mild it doesn’t have any lasting effect during the day.”

“I don’t see any effect from taking these before my workouts and after taking them for a few days in a row I actually felt exhausted.”

But the majority of users speak in more positive terms and comments like the two below are far more common:

“These definitely give you extra energy for your workouts 갱스터 베가스 버그판 다운로드. I’m lifting heavier weights and for more reps. I recommend these highly”

“I have tried a number of other products, and Hades is by far the best. It doesn’t give you the jitters or a massive energy crash. Plus its WADA tested so i know what i am taking.”


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The Bottom Line

Hades contains some good ingredients that are more than capable of producing the promised results 킹덤언더파이어 골드 다운로드. This makes the lack of inclusion rates all the more disappointing, but customer feedback suggest the blend works for many users, so it seems likely that the inclusion rates must be sufficient and there is a good chance the product will work well as a pre-training aid.

It is harder to say how Hades would fair if used solely as a fat burner because the majority of available reviews have been posted by people who have used it as a pre-training aid. As a general weight loss aid it may or may not work, but there is no guarantee, so more sedentary users may find an alternative product better-suited to their needs.

Purchasing Options

A bottle of 90 capsules costs £24.99 from Haskell’s online store and the capsules are also available from Amazon, eBay, and many online stores. Hades is also stocked by some retail outlets so UK customers should not find it difficult to find a supplier.

Recommended Diet Products

what are the best fat burnersAlthough Hades is very close to a recommendation it does not compare in our opinion to the original capsicum fat burner, Capsiplex.

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