K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme Review

K ThermoK Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme is a pill-type supplement that’s marketed in a way that’s intended to attract the attention of people who need to lose weight, while also being equally attractive to individuals who are looking for a good pre-workout supplement.

When companies market products that appear to serve a dual role, it can be good for increasing sales, but the truth of the matter is, products of this nature are seldom the best because trying to be a Jack of all trades causes them to become a master of none 나의 의미 다운로드.

Claims : Helps fat burning, enhances your workout and helps maintain normal blood glucose levels

Pros: Respected company. Cheap

Cons : Other diet, fitness and weight loss products are preferred

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Manufacturer Credibility

K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme is manufactured for eBeauty Ltd and distributed under the Trim-Right brand name 사파리 youtube 동영상 다운로드. The eBeauty listing at Companies House shows the company was incorporated in 2008 and states the nature of their business is “retail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles in specialised stores”.

Developing and manufacturing supplements is a very specialist area and requires an expertise that is very different than that needed to produce cosmetic products; so K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme is unlikely to compare well to products produced by leading diet pill manufacturers, like Bauer Nutrition and Wolfson Berg 스카다 다운로드.

Promised Benefits

  • Super thermogenesis
  • Aids fat burning
  • Enhances your workout
  • Helps maintain normal blood glucose levels
  • Contains ingredients to combat tiredness and fatigue

Usage Guidelines

K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme For Weight Loss

One capsule is required (with water) each morning. A second capsule is permissible during the afternoon. The second capsule should not be taken after 4pm because doing so may interfere with sleep.

K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme as a Pre-Workout Supplement

One to two capsules should be taken 30 minutes before training is due to commence.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each capsule provides:

  • Capsicum (800mg): Capsicum provides a compound called capsaicin 이지 트랜스 다운로드. It has proven fat burning capabilities and research shows capsaicin can further support weight loss by keeping hunger levels under control.
  • Caffeine (120mg): A stimulant that’s good for boosting energy levels, increases mental focus, and also has proven thermogenic fat burning abilities 1945.
  • Green Tea Extract (500mg): Green tea is a metabolism booster and thermogenic fat burner that has such a good reputation for getting results it’s become one of the most valued weight loss ingredients in the world.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (50mg): An amino acid that aids the conversion of fat to energy. It’s a popular energy drink ingredient and the fact that it’s a building block of protein ensures it’s continued use in bodybuilding supplements of all kinds gag concert master.
  • Niacin (20mg): Also called Vitamin B3, niacin is a key ingredient in Red Bull and can also be found in many pre-workout supplements. It has value as an energy provider because it helps the body extract calories from food. It’s added to pre-workout supplements because it dilates the blood vessels (vasodilation) and allows the muscles to benefit from an increased supply of nutrients and oxygen 응답하라 1994 20화 다운로드.
  • Black Pepper Extract (5mg): The active component in black pepper is a flavonoid called piperine. It is unlikely to directly contribute to weight loss, but piperine has the ability to ease the absorption of other ingredients.
  • Chromium Picolinate (100mcg): A diet pill regular that is good for keeping blood sugar levels on an even keel and preventing urges to snack on sugary food Galaxy firmware download.



The manufacturer promises a money back guarantee, but fails to state its duration.

Customer Comments

Customer feedback suggests the formulation may have more value as a pre-workout supplement than it does as a weight loss aid. It also indicates K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme does not work for everyone and, even when it does deliver results, it’s abilities are far from being “extreme” s8 유심 다운로드.

Some average comments read:

“No weight loss, but I definitely feel a little more energetic in the gym.” 

“These pills don’t work. I only bought them because they were so cheap. I wasn’t expecting much from them, but I thought I might lose a few pounds. The only ones I have lost came from my bank account.”

“I tried these pills as a cheaper alternative to my normal pre-workout supp Excel 2016 free download. They do give me a slight energy buzz, but no more than I would get from a strong cup of coffee. That may be enough for some people, but I need more, so I’m going back to my original brand.”

“I was losing weight slowly with diet and exercise. I thought these pills may help me to lose weight fast. I thought wrong. My level of weight loss stayed the same during the 4 weeks I was using them.”

Side Effects & Health Considerations

K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme is not a good option for women who are pregnant or nursing an infant. People who have existing health problems are advised to take the precaution of seeking medical advice prior to using any brand of health and wellness/sports supplement. People who are using medication would be wise to show an equal degree of caution.

Where to Buy K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme

People who want to buy K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme can only do so via Amazon. There are 60 capsules per bottle and the price is £11.99 (correct at the time of this review).

The Verdict

Although its certainly a cheap diet pill to buy, K Thermo Kinetic Burn Extreme does not compare well to leading weight loss products like PhenQ.

Nor does it appear to excel as a pre-workout supplement, although its ability to boost energy levels appears to somewhat outstrip its capabilities as a weight loss aid. What we are looking at here is a mediocre product sold at a rock bottom price.

People who are serious about losing weight need a product that is capable of delivering good results in a timely fashion. People who are focussed on improving their training capabilities would be far better choosing a product along the lines of Niacin Max or a good steroid alternative like Clenbutrol.

This is a catch-all product, but the only people it will catch are the ones who are focussing on the price instead of the product’s ability to deliver results.

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