Lotus Lite+ Review – the natually skinny pill

Lotus Lite skinny pillLotus Lite is the 100% Natural Skinny Pill that according to its makes is ‘packed with good stuff’ Judging by the ingredient list is hard to disagree

The manufacturers are keen to point out that  9 out of 10 customers lost 15 – 20 lbs after just 4 weeks of usage

The product itself has been created by a serial dieter and has a amateur feel about it wrapped up in professional packaging.

At A Glance

Claims: To offer a natural weight loss solution that has helped 90% of its customer lose  15lbs and 20lbs after using for 4 weeks

Positives: Lots of testimonials, lots of interaction on social media wit its customers which is incredibly difficult to fake

Negatives: Guarantee period is not the longest 내가 사랑했던 모든 남자들에게 다운로드.

Recommended diet pill

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What Does Lotus Lite Do

Lotus Lite+ are marketed as “the natural skinny pill” that uses natural ingredients to provide fast weight loss without any of the stress normally associated with dieting.

  • Controls the appetite and prevents inappropriate eating
  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Your calorie intake will plummet by up to 50%
  • Average weight loss is 1 stone per bottle of 60 Skinny Pills

History of the Lotus Lite Brand

There is quite a story behind the creation of the Lotus Lite brand, and the official website devotes an entire page to their “founder’s story”, so it only seems right that a brief summary of this be provided here Kamidori Alchemy Meister.

The Lotus Lite Brand was founded by a disgruntled dieter named Sally McQuillan. After many years of yo-yo dieting and the pointless pursuit of numerous dieting fads, Sally actually found a blend that worked for her, and it did not take very long before she was importing the pills from her Far East supplier and selling them under the Lotus Lite Label 파워레인저 애니멀포스 다운로드. Sally originally offered the product in two strengths:

  • Lotus Lite Normal (for people who have a BMI of 18.5 – 24.9, who wish to lose up to a stone)
  • Lotus Lite+ (recommended for people with a BMI of 25 or more)

The two blends have since merged into one product (Lotus Lite+) deemed suitable for all dieters, and the Eastern suppliers have been ditched in favor of “a leading global corporate organization” that now handles the manufacturing process instead, but the blend retains the same core ingredients Sally originally considered so effective.

LotusLite Skinny Pills are wheat and Gluten free!

Recommended Dosage – How To Take Lotus Lite

For the first three days one pill should be taken each morning Download The Asdal Chronicles 2. On the fourth day the dose can be increased to two pills, if necessary, and dieters can continue taking the pills until they feel they have hit their ideal weight. Dieters are advised to drink at least 1 ½ liters of water a day and cut down on caffeine and better results can be obtained by following a healthy—high fiber—diet and taking regular exercise Stague download.

How Does Lotus Lite Work

The pills are designed to provide appetite suppression and cause the stomach to shrink slightly, making it feel fuller than really is, thereby discouraging over eating and/or snacking.

Other promised benefits include:

  • Faster metabolism
  • Improved fat burning
  • Increased physical and mental energy

Key Ingredients

  • Lotus Leaf:  An aquatic plant native to parts of Asia and the Far East Download Chrome Gmail. Lotus leaf is believed to fire up the metabolism and encourage fat burning. A study published in Nutrition and Metabolism magazine indicates lotus may also restrict the absorption of carbohydrates and fat.
  • Green Tea:  High in antioxidants, green tea has an enviable reputation for fat burning.
  • Fu Ling (Poria Cocos):  An oriental mushroom that is believed to speed up the metabolism Baby Pastel download.
  • Fish Collagen:  Included in the blend to help promote tighter, healthier skin and reduce the risk of sagging (a common problem when significant amount of weight have been lost).
  • Daikon Seed (Oriental Radish):  Reputed to promote digestive health.
  • Adzuki Beans:  High in fiber and complex carbohydrates 스케치업 가구 다운로드. Included here to provide a source of low-fat energy that should help maintain the blood sugar level and reduce food cravings.

The blend looks promising, but inclusion rates are not stated, so its potential is hard to ascertain, but customer feedback may provide some indication.

Customer Feedback

The official website showcases an abundance of positive testimonials that are supported by some very impressive before and after pictures 구글 드라이브 파일 다운로드. Independent reviews are also predominantly positive.

“I lost a stone when using the minimum package, so I’m back for another try to reach my target weight.”


After the birth of my children losing weight was a near impossible task… I have finally found something that works for me.”

Any Side Effects?

Lotus Lite state side effects are unlikely, but daikon seed may have the potential to aggravate any existing gall stone problems, and the pills may also be unsuitable for pregnant or nursing mothers Neat ppt template free download.

Do We Recommend

The Lotus Lite story makes interesting reading, but the real issue is not the evolution of company. The nitty-gritty of whether or not a product is likely to deliver the goods is much more important and, in this case, it looks like the story has a happy ending because customer feedback suggests Lotus Lite+ has already helped many people get to grips with their weight issues and resolve them.

The money back guarantee is probably more trouble than it’s worth, but the availability of free samples more than makes up for this and Lotus Lite appear to be a respectable company with consumers’ best interests at heart, so Lotus Lite+ is a recommended product.

Money Back Guarantee

A money back guarantee is offered, but using more than 11 capsules invalidates the right to a refund and all refunds are less a £10 admin fee.  Customers are also liable for the cost of return postage, so it’s not much of a guarantee, but customers who wish to try the product can request a free sample for just the cost of postage and packaging (£1.95) and this seems a much better option for first-time buyers.

Where To Buy Lotus Lite – Purchasing Options

Lotus Lite skinny pillPurchases can be made from the Lotus Lite website, and customers in the UK also have the option of buying from the Amazon marketplace, we would not recommend buying through Amazon, the official website is better option should you need to contact customer service.

There are a few options with regard to package size – this id detailed on the official website.

Click here to view the official website

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