Miracle Diet Drops Review – the real deal or scam

A review of Miracle Diet DropsBuyers should beware of any weight loss product with the term “Miracle” in the name.

Miracle Diet Drops are a perfect example of why this label warrants extra scrutiny.  The whole brand image really is unacceptable as far as this being positioned as a commercial brand.

From the amateurish website, with its gaudy, unreadable font colours and blurry pictures, to the product itself and accompanying “plan”, there is nothing of redeeming value.  Less than even pseudo-science, it is a transparently poor offering ensured to help customers lose only their money.

At A Glance

Claims: To offer you a unique plan that is not available anywhere else in the Uk

Positives: Not too many

Negatives: The “official website has no phone number, no address details, no company details and no disclaimer. This is even before get down to the products efficacy.

Rejected diet pill

What are Miracle Diet Drops and how do they work

Miracle Diet Drops are a liquid dietary supplement designed to be taken as part of a weight loss “plan” designed by the same people selling the drops.  It is a complicated set of instructions on:

  • how to administer the drops – “Take 10-12 drops 3-times a day under your tongue and hold for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. Wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking and the same before you take the drops.”
  • How long to take the drops – There are 3 phases which last from 1-2 days to 6 weeks each.  The second phase may be extended from 23 days to 43 days if results are unsatisfactory.  Some phases you take the drops, others you don’t.
  • What to eat – For the first two days, consumers are advised to LOAD up on fatty foods but avoid sugars, and told that this may lead to an increase in weight that they are not to worry about. Afterwards they are to follow a strict low calorie plan dietary plan that is only revealed via email once a purchase has been made. Then they are told what to eat to maintain the weight loss afterwards.
  • Whether to exercise or not.  The product claims to require no exercise in order to produce results, yet the website confusingly advises people to take up light exercise like walking or yoga.

Additionally, users are advised to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Although this is categorized by the website as plenty of fluids, it is in fact slightly less than the amount recommended by the U.S. Institute of Medicine and the U.K National Health Service.

More troubling is the website’s firm stance against cheating.  “Absolutely no cheating is allowed. Cheating is the most prominent reason for failure on any diet. No matter how large or small the degree, cheating of any kind will cause weight gain which will result in a setback”.  Really now?  Since this is a dietary supplement and not a will power aid, and no tips are given on increasing willpower coupled with the website’s own warning that users “adhere strictly to the special meal plan and food choices given.” it seems like this warning about cheating is merely an attempt by the distributer to avoid liability when the inevitable failure occurs.

Under the FAQ’s, the website touts an Apple Day first aid kit for people who have not lost any weight for at least 4 days.  This first aid solution is to eat 6 apples in a 24 hour period. If that fails, users are to send a food diary to Miracle Diet Drops for evaluation and possible help.  No word on how long consumers should hold their breath.

Key Ingredients

The main website claims the ingredients are “a propriety blend of 20 proven weight loss, fat burning ingredients.” But the ingredients are not listed on the website, nor are the amounts of each in the liquid.  The information is probably available through some digging and research, but how many consumers are going to take the time and effort to navigate away from the site to conduct their own investigation?

Any Success Stories

There doesn’t appear to be any independent testimonials – there are however several on the official website.

There are one or two threads on forums from users that are concerned with one of the ingredients being used. The rebuttal from the manufacturers is less than comforting.

Any Side Effects

The website admits that users may get headaches and suffer constipation. Without knowing what is really in this product, it is impossible to say what other side effects may be encountered.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Short answer: no.  Everything about this product gives the distinct impression that it is being sold by rank amateurs.  We would love for the manufacturers to get in touch with us and tell us their side. We will publish their reply below in the comments.

Recommended Alternative

Active8 X Diet Drops ReviewDiet drops are one of the safest and simplest ways of introducing the ingredients to your system – it is also suggested that they get to work quicker than traditional diet pills.

Activ8 X is a premier product that is arguably the best diet drop product currently available – it also comes bundled with the AVX diet plan.

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Miracle Diet Drops Review – the real deal or scam — 2 Comments

  1. This review is a real crock of misinformation.
    Side Effects: All diets warn of side effects, not uncommon when changes in eating patterns occur.
    The Website: Two new websites along with Area support websites are available with Contact forms, mobile tel numbers, e mail addresses, Facebook pages and more
    The ingredients were listed on another forum and has subsequently been listed on the Facebook forum.
    There are numerous testimonials where those who do succeed on the plan have no qualms saying so. They can also be contacted via Facebook and through the website.
    All diets have to be regimented in some way, this one states if you want to lose weight fast, stick to the plan and they have support all the way.
    Before you vomit this type of review again, why don’t you get your own facts right.

    • Maybe you would like the opportunity to have an amendment for this review – I see improvements have been made. Give our readers an idea of what you are about now and we will publish.

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