Obregrass Sobres Review, Blocks the absorption of dietary fat

Obregrass SobresObregrass Sobres is a weight management product developed and distributed by Actafarma Laboratorios.

It’s produced in powder format and comes in simple-to-use one-dose sachets that have to be added to liquid and consumed as a drink.

This product is aimed primarily at a Spanish speaking customer.

Claims : Blocks the absorption of dietary fat, Regulates appetite.

Pros: Respected company. Good ingredients

Cons : Not the most potent formula, others preferred

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The promised benefits are:

  • Blocks the absorption of dietary fat
  • Regulates intestinal transit
  • Helps you to lose weight

How Does Obregrass Sobres Work and What You Can Expect 

Obregrass is a fat blocking product that boasts a few extra features. Fat blockers work by trapping dietary fats inside the stomach and preventing them from being absorbed.

Fat is a high energy food that provides nine calories per gram, so using a fat blocker can be a very good way to lose weight faster. However, the presence of undigested fat in the intestines will result in a softer, greasier stool.

The other problem with fat blockers is they can also rob the body of important fat-soluble vitamins.

The Obregrass formulation contains some Vitamina C because of it is alleged to boost the potency of the main ingredient (Chitosano), but Vitamina C is not a fat-provided vitamin, so some form of vitamin-providing product may also be required.

The formulation also contains ingredients that may benefit the intestines and help improve overall health.

Key Ingredients

Each one-dose sachet provides:

  • Chitosano (350mg): An ingredient the body cannot digest. It’s harvested from the shells of crabs, and certain other sea-living crustaceans, and has the ability to attract dietary fat. When the fat combines with Chitosano it cannot be digested either, so it cannot release any calories.
  • Vitamina C (22mg): An important vitamin that ensures a healthy immune system and aids the repair of wounds. Vitamina C is also an antioxidant that has the ability to help cleanse the body of free radical toxins. Research shows Vitamina C “increases the fecal fat excretion by chitosan in guinea pigs”, but there is no proof it will do so for humans.
  • Vitis Viniferra (8mg): A grape extract that that is used to prevent heart disease and hardening of the arteries. It offers many other benefits and may also have the potential to prevent diarrhea.
  • Fructooligosacáridos (6mg): A form of soluble fiber that is found in many vegetables, including onions and leeks. FOS is often used in calorie reduced sweeteners. It also has the ability to boost the production rate of certain gut bacteria that are good for the health. Numerous claims are made for FOS, including enhanced weight loss, but most of the research was conducted on animals.

How to Use – Two sachets are required each day. One before lunch and one before the evening meal. The drink is prepared by mixing the contents of a sachet with water or any other preferred beverage.

Obregrass Sobres Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is mixed. Some people say Obregrass works well, others say it doesn’t work at all. A few average customer reviews read:

“This stuff is incredible. I’ve only been using it a week and have already lost 6 pounds.”

“I wish I’d saved my money. Obregrass doesn’t do a thing. Even with diet and exercise I never lost any weight at all.”

“I’ve been losing 5 to 7 pounds a week using Obregrass Sobres and I’m looking so slim and sexy now my boyfriend can’t leave me alone. What a great way to burn extra calories ;)”

“I may have lost a couple of pounds since I began using this product, but it’s taken me a month and my weight can fluctuate anyway. All in all I can’t say that I am impressed.”

Obregrass Sobres Side Effects & Health Issues

The presence of chitosan in the formulation is likely to make Obregrass a poor option for anyone who is allergic to seafood and for vegetarians.

As with most dietary supplements, unless a doctor has stated otherwise, Obregrass sachets should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

Anyone who has existing health issues should seek medical advice prior to using this or any other supplement.

The same advice is offered to people who have existing health problems and to anyone who is using medication.

The use of a good vitamin product is also advised, to compensate for any dietary imbalances caused by the fat blocking action.

Where To Buy Obregrass Sobres

Obregrass sachets are available from many online stores, including Farmacia Oliveras and Farmacia Universal 24H. The price varies from one supplier to the next and a 40-sachet box can cost as little as 22 € or as much as 36 €.


There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.

Obregrass Sobres Summary

Obregrass contains a respected fat blocker, so it should be capable of speeding up weight loss if it’s used in conjunction with a low calorie diet and regular exercise.

Thanks to the presence of a few other well-chosen ingredients, the product may also improve the health in other ways.

However, Obregrass will not speed up the metabolism, nor will it provide much in the way of appetite suppression, so the product will never be a contender for the diet pill top-spot.

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