Will Chocolate Make Me Fat

There is a popular belief that anything that tastes good is bad for the health. This includes fast foods, junk foods, desserts, rich and spicy foods. And chocolate unfortunately ranks quite high in this list.

There is rarely a person who does not love chocolate. Some of us are admitted chocoholics while others can be moderate chocolate consumers – but love it – we all do. Sadly, this wonder food has been banned from our diets even when we were children.

First there is the fear of cavities and as we grow older it becomes the bane of all weight watchers. But before we condemn and banish this beloved food from our lives, let’s take a look at whether it really makes us fat.

Too much of everything is bad for health. And sweets and desserts of all kinds tend to add more fat and affect our insulin levels abnormally which lead to weight gain and other health issues.

Interesting fact – People who eat chocolate around  five times per week have on average a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) than people who don’t eat chocolate,

But deprivation is not really the answer, especially if you are a chocolate lover. Too much deprivation results in binge dieting where you tend to overeat after days of depriving yourself of your favorite foods. This is an abnormal routine for the body which has no idea of what you are going to do next – eat, not eat, over eat, and hence starts protecting itself by storing fat.

Chocolate by itself is not the villain. You can get excess calories from a whole lot of processed foods, junk and fast foods which we consume without paying any heed to consequences.

The need of the hour is to eat in moderation and keep in mind that we need to maintain a calorific balance every day. Every individual has a different constitution and need different levels of calories per day to function normally. On an average an adult body needs something between 1500-2000 calories per day. Calorific balance points to sticking to a diet or consuming foods that fall within this daily balance.

So you can go ahead and have chocolates if your chocolate intake balances with the rest of your diet that day. There are certain considerations however. Chocolates contain sugar and fat which are high in calories and need very little effort to be digested. This means that these calories can easily get stored in the body instead of being burned off for energy.

5 Quick facts about Chocolate

  1. The word “chocolate” entered the English language from Spanish.
  2. The first use of chocolate dates back to 1500BC
  3. 66% of the entire world’s cocoa is produced in West Africa
  4. In some remote African tribes it is used as a form of currency
  5. The KitKat is the worlds most popular tea-time snack.


While chocolates are not weight friendly, some can be more harmful than the others. Milk chocolates are highest in calories, sugar saturated fats – which is bad news for both health and weight. Dark chocolates on the other hand have fewer calories and are quite high in antioxidants. It takes more cacao seeds to make a dark chocolate than a milk one and that itself makes it a healthier choice.

Cacao or Theobroma cacao, the plant that produces chocolate beans was considered the “food of the gods” by many ancient civilizations. They used it for medicinal purposes and also to increase their strength for battle.

In times gone by, chocolate has been used to treat patients suffering from tuberculosis and heart ailments. The antioxidants and the stearic acid combine to increase HDL or good cholesterol levels and prevent heart conditions. A cup of hot chocolate is supposed to keep one satiated and curb hunger pangs for a longer time.

Remember how Professor Lupin (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) would suggest taking a bite of chocolate after a dementor attack? He was simply pointing to the known mood elevating qualities of the chocolate. Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac and a mood elevator and chocoholics vow that they always feel happier after their chocolate intake.

Now that we know it is not the villain that we considered it to be, you can rest easy and enjoy a bit of chocolate from time to time. But ‘a bit’ is an important consideration. Chocolate does make one fat but having it in moderation will not cause any harm or undue weight gain.

Apatrim Does It Work, Feedback And Reviews

Apatrim is a new addition to the commercial marketplace, with a rather old looking web presence with marketing material and soundbites that we trust they didn’t invest a fortune in.

Apparently, this product can control your appetite to make your slimming results 5 times more effective. It even claims to have an ingredient in it that is clinically proven, so you would think that it should work well…..Before we believe these claims though, let us examine the facts about the Apatrim formula and the ingredient it uses.

This way, you will be able to decide whether Apatrim is the dietary supplement for you, or whether an alternative weight loss product would be a better option.

At A Glance

Claims: Trusted and effective weight loss. No stimulants, starving or straining. Works by suppressing appetite.

Positives: Appears to be devoid of gimmick as shown in rather lacklustre marketing material and website. Reasonable key ingredient (Caralluma Fimbriata)

Negatives: No real positive customer feedback or testimonials can be found. A real lack of information of any kind with regards to ingredients, clinical study and guarantee.

Apatrim Review

If there is one thing that many dietary supplements have in common, it is that they are supposed to be consumed alongside a regular workout program and a healthy meal plan.

Essentially, this promotes a healthier lifestyle which, in turn, leads to increased weight loss. Nonetheless, Apatrim is one dietary supplement which does not have to be consumed alongside a daily exercise regime, or a healthy meal plan.

These slimming capsules are available to anyone over the age of 18 without a GP’s prescription, and they are sold for $29.00 (£20.00) directly on the product’s official website.

On the website, the advertising slogan for Apatrim is: “No Stimulants, No Starving, No Straining!”. Everyone who took the main active ingredient in this product is said to have lost weight. As with many other dietary pills and formulas, this supplement purports to decrease the appetite of the user, and/or reduce food cravings.

Because exercise and particular meal plans are not employed, the user will shed their excess body fat simply by desiring and (therefore) consuming less food. The official website states that Apatrim has a 3 month refund guarantee (minus the handling and shipping charges). At the moment, no free samples are offered for trial purposes by the manufacturer.

How Does it Work

Apatrim is a dietary formula that claims to be suitable for everyone aged 18 and over. While low fat meals and frequent exercise are not necessary, this product does try to quell your appetite so that fewer calories will be consumed.

This dietary aid is meant to start working almost instantly. It is supposed to be consumed half-an-hour before eating dinner and lunch. Some clinical trials (supervised by someone called Doctor Ronald Lawrence) were apparently carried out on Apatrim. However, Apatrim does not seem to stimulate thermogenesis inside the user’s body.

What are the Ingredients

Caralluma Fimbriata Plant Extract is the main active ingredient in Apatrim. Caralluma is derived from cactus, and it has been consumed in India for hundreds of years. Natives would carry it on lengthy hunting outings, because it was thought to quell the appetite and improve endurance.

Caralluma functions by affecting the appetite control centre within the brain, and it might also block enzyme activity and stop fat from developing. Nonetheless, researchers are not really sure about how it functions.

Ingredients Highlight – Caralluma Fimbriata, in the same genre as Hoodia Gordonii. A natural appetite suppressing agent that was insanely popular until around 2009/10 when it became outlawed in the UK (for outrageously draconian reasons).

Apatrim in the Press, Media Coverage

There does not appear to be much recent coverage of this product in the mainstream press.

I think it would be fair to say that the marketing people appear to have shunned 21st century marketing and advertising techniques and tactics altogether.

Side Effects or Warnings

Caralluma is believed to be safe if consumed up to 60 days, however no studies have tested how safe it is for longer than this. Even if you consume the recommended 1000mg per day, you may encounter moderate side-effects, such as intestinal gas, stomach upset, stomach pains and constipation.

Nonetheless, users who encounter these side-effects normally say that they vanish after 7 days or so. A full ingredients list for this supplement is not offered on the official website. This might be worrying for people who have allergies.

Apatrim Customer Reviews, Feedback or Testimonials

At the moment, there are just a handful of positive testimonials from customers about Apatrim on the product’s official website, which incidentally the manufactures (PatentHealth) own website.

We discovered customer reviews about Apatrim on 3 different websites, and none of these websites gave it a particularly positive review.

Does Apatrim Work – Is it Recommended

When all is said and done, Apatrim looks very similar to most other dietary pills and slimming formulas on the market today. The supplement does have a 3 month refund guarantee, and it is conveniently presented in the form of capsules.

Regrettably though, there are not many customer reviews to support the claims that the manufacturers make about Apatrim as an appetite suppressor. Moreover, this weight loss product does not help to increase the metabolism, burn fat, or even stimulate thermogenesis. All of this should deter most potential customers.

The Last Word


Where to buy Apatrim

Available to buy without prescription in most countries (typically the USA, Canada, The UK, Australia and South Africa).

Appears to be sold via its manufacturers (PatentHealth) own website, also available at selected Walmart stores.

It is priced at $29 (£20.00) for a months supply.

Alternative Diet Pills

Although Caralluma has received lost of positive media coverage it pales into Raspberry Ketone Plusinsignificance compared to the PR that raspberry ketone has enjoyed.

Raspberry Ketone is completely natural fat burner that has a whole host of complimenting health benefits.

Raspberry Ketone is the natural fat burner that has been championed by American weight loss guru Dr Oz

Read about Raspberry Ketone

10 Best Fat Burning Foods

Diet and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to weight loss and management. Eating right is very important not just for your weight but also for overall wellness. This does not, however, mean that you deprive yourself of all your favorite foods or starve yourself. It simply means focusing on the right kind of food and making them a part of your daily diet. A quick look at the top 10 foods that burn fat and help manage your weight.

#1 – Chili peppers – For most us these are a part of exotic diets and we usually steer clear of them. But the amazing benefits of chili peppers go beyond their spicy and exotic taste. They are the best natural agents to promote thermogenesis in the body which leads to spiking up the body temperature, faster oxidization of fat and faster calorie burning. They have very low GI which balances the other foods in a meal and act as strong and natural appetite suppressants.

#2 – Oatmeal – Begin your day with a hearty oatmeal breakfast. One of the most important power foods, oats give you all the necessary nutrients your body needs – vitamins, proteins, minerals and loads to fibers. It keep you full and satiated and curbs your craving for junk snacking, gives you energy, aids in digestion and complete internal cleansing every day.

#3 – Eggs – There is no greater comfort food than eggs and no greater power food either. They are one of the greatest sources of protein and consuming eggs in the morning ensures that you keep full and satiated for a much longer time than you would do with any other food. They also curb your cravings for sweets and other junk foods so you end up burning more of the stored body fat.

#4 – Green leafy vegetables – Leafy greens in your daily diet means that you get all the important nutrients without the fat content. Add tomatoes, avocado, cabbage, spinach and kale as your veggie sides and salads to design a tasty yet healthy diet.

#5 – Beans and legumes – Beans and legumes can add diversity to your diet and bring with them taste as well as health. The low GI feature manages blood sugar levels while the cholecystokinins act as natural appetite suppressants. They curb hunger pangs, aid in better digestion and lead to faster burning of calories.

#6 – Lean meat – Your diet should have a healthy dose of animal proteins but not the unwanted fats that come along with it. Animal proteins have amino acid leucine, which boost up the metabolism and aids in fast calorie burning. Lean beef, turkey and chicken make for good lean meat options.

#7 – Yogurt – Yogurt is high in calcium and leucine which are natural fat burners and calorie fighters. They induce good bacteria in the body and are high in protein and calcium.

#8 – Fruits and berries – Fruits and berries have been a part of healthy human diet since ancient times. They have power packed with nutrients which fight fat and boost immunity levels. Include lemons, apples, grapefruit and oranges in your diet among other fruits. Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries add a healthy zest and taste to every day diet.

#9 – Green tea – The wonder and magic of green tea and its antioxidant powers have wowed dieters the world over. It has powerful phytochemicals called catechins which spike up the metabolic rate which in turn burns calories and fat faster and also lowers the bad cholesterol levels in the body.

#10 – Seeds and Nuts – Seeds and nuts are nature’s best gifts for fighting calories and for maintaining good health. Research shows that snacking on seeds and nuts help keep the metabolic rate high, burns calories faster and combat obesity.