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Ping diet websitePing Diet Skinny Shakes are a brand new meal replacement shake in 5 luxury flavours After-end download.

Made with fresh skimmed milk, they are a full meal replacement shake with only 176 calories per serving.

In 2006, Karen Sables qualified as a personal trainer and nutritionist and has helped hundreds of people lose weight through diet and exercise Help-you download. “One of my frustrations was hearing people say they would start to exercise when they had lost a bit of weight” says Karen. A real catch 22 situation life is beautiful. Karen started to recommend meal replacement shakes to fight the flab, until clients became comfortable with their weight and exercise could begin.

Diet ShakeDiet shakes fall into two categories, those over 200 calories that taste great, but are full of sugar, or those that are under 200 calories but taste so bad that you sometimes have to hold your nose to down them” says Karen, clearly there was a problem that needed solving 증명사진 배경 다운로드.

In early 2012, Karen decided that enough was enough and it was time that she created her own shake. But it had to meet three rigid criteria.

1) It had to taste great, it’s ok having a low calorie shake, but if people don’t want to drink it, then they won’t
2) It had to be under 200 calories Yoon Gothic 320.
3) It had to be a full meal replacement shake that really did work and did not leave people feeling hungry a couple of hours after drinking.

Karen knocked on doors and chatted with manufacturers to try and create a shake that met her exact standards razer surround 다운로드. After 6 months of bothering companies and technicians to the point that they started to ignore her calls, a final recipe was created and the Ping Diet Shake was born waiver memorandum. But it didn’t keep you sustained for long enough.

This wasn’t good. It was great having a low calorie meal replacement that tasted great, but if people who used it were hungry, then it was useless English dictionary download. This is where Karen had a stroke of genius. Taking inspiration from the Dukan diet, Karen added Oat Bran. This did the trick, the shake tasted great, it was under 200 calories and it kept testers satiated until their next meal erp 다운로드. Success.!!

I’ll never forget the final tasting, it was brilliant” says Karen, “The shakes tasted so good“, but after the final tasting, it was a nerve racking few days before the results of the calorie tests came in 명탐정코난 극장판 23기 다운로드. The bar had been set at 200 calories and to get the great taste, Karen had opted for real Skimmed Milk to be used. “When the e-mail came through and the calorie count was only 176, I was ecstatic, the end of 6 months hard work had all been worthwhile

Ping shakes 5 flavours

Ping Diet meal replacement shakes are available in 5 luxury flavours. Strawberries and Cream, Banoffee, Chocolate Brownie, Cookies and Cream and the unbelievable Key Lime Pie flavour. “I took a chance on the Key Lime Pie flavour” says Karen, “It’s not a flavour you would normally associate with a diet shake made with milk, but it’s really worked, it tastes fantastic and has actually become the best seller in the range

Each 500g tub of Ping Diet Shake contains 20 full meal replacements. Karen recommends replacing two meals a day initially , then a healthy evening meal until you achieve your target weight. Then something quite unique, Karen calls it the two day ‘Ping Fast’. Once you have achieved your target weight, you only then use the shakes for two days of the week. You just replace your breakfast and lunch, twice a week with the Ping Shakes to maintain your weight. This stops the usual yoyo weight / loss that can occur when people come off a diet.

You can find out more about The Ping Diet by visiting their Facebook page

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