Prescopodene Review, Where To Buy In UK

Prescopodene UK ReviewPrescopodene claims to be the UK’s most powerful diet pill, this taken from the official website. Head over to the American site and you are greeted with “America’s Most Powerful Diet Pill”. The Canadian Site shows a similar message as does the Australian.

Prescopodene therefore claims to be the strongest/best/most potent, basically insert any adjective you care to use, with anyone English speaking country.

To their credit the websites are very professional looking and the manufacturers have certainly created a buzz around their product.

At A Glance

Claims: To be The UK’s most powerful diet pill (and the US, Canada and Australia)

Positives: Nice looking website, great marketing

Negatives: Many unsubstantiated claims, numerous negative reviews that question its credentials.

Rejected diet pill

What Is Prescopodene And How Does It Work

Prescopodene UK websiteIt is a commercial diet pill that doesn’t require a prescription and is sold in many countries including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Claims to contains Advantra as the key ingredient and also claims (as mentioned above) to be the most powerful diet pill on the planet.

Prescopodene is fat burner by definition – it claims to use a breakthrough methodology called thermogenesis, the process of burning fat. It does this by converting excess fat into energy. Thermogenesis is nothing new, a whole host of commercial fat burners have been using this process to good effect for the last few years.

Capsiplex use the heat from a chili pepper in their process – this process has been extensively studied for 30 years and have many clinical trials associated with it. Prescopodene claim that Advantra Z works in a similar fashion … but has a distinct lack of evidence.

Prescopodene claims

The claims that Prescopodene make are really a just a bit silly. It looks as if they have studied what has made Capsiplex successful and doubled their facts, figures and data.

What Are The Ingredients

There are 12 ingredients included in the formula: Pyridoxine HCP, Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium, Green Tea, Ginger Root, Tyrosine, DMAE, Cocoa Extract, Yerba Mate, Pantothenic Acid, Grape Seed Extract and of course Advantra Z (which is also known as Citrus Aurantium/ Synephrine … and also bitter orange).

Advantra Z was initially developed as an alternative for the side effect prone and now banned ephedra. There is not conclusive evidence that suggests that it can aid weight loss to any degree.

Any Success Stories

According to the official website there are many, many weight loss success stories. Some of the testimonials are bordering on the comical. Some less bias and independent sources are little less encouraging to put it mildly.

Prescopodene Complaints, Negatives Or Scams

Presopodene success storyThere are a fair few comments on forums and weight loss discussion boards from bemused customers that appear to be wondering why the product is not working for them – this is largely due to the ‘clever marketing” – there are well positioned testimonials on third party websites that appear to valid any claims made.

We performed our own little experiment and emailed the UK, Canadian and Australian website  asking a stock question such “can you tell us more about the clinical trials” and can you provide proof of testimonials. We received the exact same email back on each occasion with an automated response from a Gemma and a Karen. We are still waiting for a human being to reply back with a unique answer.

Possible Side Effects

The product is deemed to be safe for human consumption, however its main ingredient (Advantra Z / Bitter Orange) is not without risk.

Does Is Work – Is It Recommended

We cannot give any sort of recommendation.If you wish to purchase regardless then don’t say we haven’t warned you.

Rejected diet pill

Where To Buy Prescopodene In The UK

The official UK website looks the only option. Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett and Tesco – basically stockists of diet supplement would give this product an ultra wide berth.

Recommended Alternative

Raspberry Ketone PlusRaspberry Ketone Plus is enjoying phenomenal success in Australia, the UK, Canada and the United States. Latest figures suggest that the re-order rate is in the high 80%.

The manufacturers customer satisfaction follow-up program revealed that 8 out of 10 customers who purchased Raspberry Ketone Plus where satisfied with their purchase, felt that it had worked and they had lost weight and would re-order.

Read our Raspberry Ketone Plus review 



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  1. I have ordered and yet to receive, I have emailed and no reply and cannot get an answer by phone. Not sure what to do next. Bit worried that Prescopodene may be a scam

    • I was in the same boat, took ages but has just arrived couldn’t get hold of anyone. Bit worried about these reviews think I have wasted my money! It took about three weeks

  2. I have emailed the Australian, the UK, the Canadian and the American Prescopodene websites and got an identical automated response fron each. Its been over a week now, I dont think I will get a reply. Thank god I didnt waste money on this scam diet pill

  3. Well I did eventually receive my product and I can tell you it is a scam, the product after a few weeks has had absolutely zero affect. There are nil side effects because the product is simply a waste of time, it has not increased my metabolism by 100% as stated, I have used thermogenics befor and I can tell you from experience this product is a wast of money, but if you still dont believe me, you can have the rest of my bottle for free and find out for your self.

  4. I have the same problem, the only correspondence that I have received from them is an email with my invoice. No dispatch notification, no tracking details. I’ve sent them emails asking for tracking details but have not received a response. I’ve concluded that this is a SCAM! Dont waste your money.

  5. This product is useless, I got sucked into the $149 for 6 bottles. Took ages to get them, no change in metabolism or any sign of weightloss. I have 3 bottles left and there going in the bin. I feel like a fool I really should of known better there is only one way to loose weight. Hope those responsible for this scam get exposed.

  6. Well, I wouln’t wanna call it a scam, just to share my experience, I bought 4 months supply of the pill 3 months ago. At first, I got disappointed because I didn’t get anything out of 3 weeks of using the product. I did some mild exercise while on the pill and that was only the time I’ve started seeing amazing results. I guess the pill needs something like a kick-start. I’m down to my last bottle and I’ve lost 16kgs. Maybe the result is different from person to person. Why not be a little more patient and might as well start seeing results. Just my two cents.

  7. I guess the product won’t work for everyone but it does to me. I have been losing weight since 3rd week of taking Prescopodene while my sister who is also taking the product started losing weight around the 5th week. It also didn’t make me feel sluggish during the day.

  8. I think so too, results would vary. My husband doesn’t like the idea of me taking these pill because of these reports. I don’t think it’s fair to control what I take for weight loss especially If it’s the only pill that has given me these amount of weight loss. I know that he’s just concerned but I’m pretty ok taking it. Some people may feel side effects.It could be that one way or another, they did something that could cause them to experience those unwanted effects. Or the pill may have given them those effects directly but the point is, results vary. All pills has side effects and if some says it’s bad as they’ve experience this and that, then no one should be taking any diet pills at all. But guess what, a lot of people are still taking em because again, results vary. I’m posting this so my husband could see this as well.

  9. I did encounter a bit of delay when I placed my order but everything was sorted out when I contacted their live chat support. Turns out that my product was actually waiting for me in the post office. The parcel couldn’t fit on my mailbox so the mailman took it back to the post office and left a note which unfortunately I didn’t notice right away.