Pure Saffron Slim Review, Possible Scam

PureSaffronSlim capsulesPure Saffron Slim appears to be at first glance another natural diet pill that is built on concept of using nature to work with your body and increase your fat burning potential and also suppress appetite Final Cut Pro.

Pure Saffron Slim (as a brand) promises to turn your body into a calorie burning machine while suppressing the feelings of hunger and increasing fat loss c++ 웹 파일.

Saffron Extract as an ingredient has some pretty good evidence attached to it – it is this actual brand that should come under closer scrutiny 스케치 업 7 한글 다운로드.

At A Glance

Claims: To turn your body into a calorie burning machine while suppressing hunger, reducing cravings and increasing fat loss

Positives: Has the one natural ingredient

Negatives: Has been linked to the autoship program or automatic refill program where customers have had unauthorized billing on their credit card 퍼시픽 림 게임 다운로드.

Rejected diet pill

Pure Saffron Slim Review, What Is It

Pure saffron Slim WebsiteA capsule based product containing 88.5mg of pure saffron extract silverlight 동영상 다운로드. The detail of the product contained on its own official website(s) is vague to say the least. There is no mention of how it works apart form the jingoistic: boost metabolism, shed inches etc…

The biggest negative about this product that kind of makes the whole review redundant is the reliance on the autoship or auto-billing program that customers unwittingly sign up to, trying to cancel can be frustrating 궁서체 다운로드.

Ingredients – How Does It Work

saffron extract to suppress appetite appetiteSaffron Extract (Crocus sativus L):  a naturally occurring substance or spice that is found in many kitchens the world over 일드 굿 닥터 다운로드. It is also used for its purported medicinal uses.

The connection to the slimming industry has only just been established, latest study has indicated that saffron extract could raise serotonin levels in the brain Rome metro route too. Serotonin is the natural  chemical that regulates mood and sleep patterns – it is also though ti be the key in the battle to combat emotional eating fortify.

As yet the evidence collected does not draw any clear cut conclusions as to its efficacy

Pure Saffron Slim Customer Complaints

There have been several complaints documented on scambook, most relating to the billing mechanism employed rather than the efficacy of the product Melon iPod download.

Pure Saffron Slim customer complaints

Read more complaints: http://www.scambook.com/company/reports/107810/Pure-Saffron-Slim

Pure Saffron Slim Side Effects

Should not cause anything untoward if the correct dosage is adhered to.

It should go without saying that pregnant or expecting mothers should not use, nor should anyone with a condition or illness that requires prescription medication unless advised otherwise by his or her doctor.

Does It Work – Is It Recommended

Saffron extract as an ingredient could be interesting when some more compelling evidence comes to light. This particular brand is very hard to recommend though due to their reputation (or lack of it)

Rejected diet pill

Where To Buy Pure Saffron Slim, Stockists

Available to buy from its own official website only. There do appear to be several sites that operate as the ‘official’ one (.com, .net etc..).

There is an autoship programme in place that suggests that you will signing up for a free trial and asks for a credit card number to pay a token shipping charge. If you read the small print on the terms conditions it states that you are in fact joining the refill program and will be send monthly bottles at a charge that could equate to over £70 / $100 per month.

Buyer beware.

Recommended Diet Pills

Garcinia Cambogia capsulesThere are several supplements that can be recommended over above Pure Saffron Slim. Perhaps the pick of the bunch is Garcinia Cambogia Extra – a natural fat burner that has a large worldwide customer base.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra also contains raspberry ketone – it is a massively popular in Australia, Canada and the UK

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7 thoughts on “Pure Saffron Slim Review, Possible Scam”

  1. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen. I returned the product in an unopened package it was delivered in. Wrote cancelled on it and sent it back. I just spoke with customer service. They sent me a new bottle today and charged my account again. She said it had been cancelled but they would not refund my money for the one I had returned because I didn’t write the tracking number down. She gave me a number to put on this one but I would only receive maybe 25% of my money back for this one. This is a very poor way to do business. She said I had no way to prove I had sent the last one back. My prove is it had been cancelled and refused to give me the phone number for there main office.

  2. I have 6 bottles now of the Pure Safron Slim
    I would like to reture them and get my money back is this possible.
    I have found NO difference in the change of my body or my eating habits with these capsules.
    I think I was taken by this company that puts out the product and I would like a refund.
    Thank You Mary (name and address supplied), if you have any questions my phone # is XXX

  3. who do I need to contact to cancel, I have received 3 bottles but don’t want them and I can not afford to be charged every month!!!!!

    please help with how to cancel..

    1. You need to contact the company you purchased from …. Pure Saffron Slim direct no doubt.
      Then you will be given an RMA number – address the return package to:

      Attn: Fulfillment Center
      6330 North Washington Street #8
      Denver, CO 80216

      Just to underline that we (SlimmersDigest) do NOT endorse Pure Saffron Slim – nor are we connected to them in any way shape or form. We do not endorse or promote any company that participates in auto-billing or auto-shipping

  4. I agreed to $4.95 coming out of my bank account. When I checked I found that $272.95 had been taken. To date I have lost tht sum of money and have no product. I want my money back

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