Raspberry Ketone Forte UK – Is It A Scam, Where To Buy In The UK

Raspberry Ketone has without doubt had the biggest impact on the diet pill industry in this past year. After US media station Fox news featured and reported on their benefits coupled with celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz adding his glowing testimony, the humble raspberry may never be the same again.

Manufactures the world over tried desperately to release a product based on the concept to cash in on the media frenzy – while some succeeded admirably, some failed miserably.

Raspberry Ketone Forte did (and most likely still are) doing both. There are a very high profile brand and not scared to spend on publicity. The biggest problem they face is a potential backlash as discontentment in weight loss communities is reaching a crescendo.

Could their Free Trial be nothing more than a scam!

At A Glance

Claims: To offer a high strength Raspberry Ketone capable of burning fat without calorie counting, food deprivation and starvation.

Positives: Contains Raspberry Ketone.

Negatives: Doesn’t inform how much though. Pricing is obscured until you give away name, physical address and email address. Discord among the weight loss community

Raspberry Ketone Forte UK Review

Raspberry Ketone Forte UK websiteAs mentioned above Raspberry Ketone is thoroughly recommended – but it is the individual brands that come under scrutiny. Raspberry Ketone Forte deserves an awful lot of scrutiny.

The product itself contains a mix of superfruits, superfoods and detox agents including  Acai, African mango, Green tea, Resveratrol and of course Raspberry Ketone. The vital piece of information missing that is not revealed is the quantity of each ingredient (in MG’s) per serving. Without this the fact that is contains Raspberry Ketone is kind of irrelevant.

What Does Raspberry Ketone Do

Independent clinical data suggests that this naturally derived ingredient can help in your efforts to lose body fat and reduce your BMI, especially when taken in tandem with regular exercise.

Raspberry ketone is a simple by-product of the common all garden red raspberries. It is responsible for overseeing and regulating adiponectin levels, the main protein used by the body to increase and decrease metabolism.

Raspberry ketones can effectively break up the fat within your cells, helping your body burn fat at a much quicker rate.

The recommended daily dose is at least 100mg. To get the same benefit from eating raspberries in their natural state you would have to eat  90 pounds of raspberries every day.

Potential Side Effects

using the information given with regard to ingredients it is highly unlikely to cause any side effects or health issues. Nursing mothers or mothers to be should avoid, as should anyone who has an existing health condition.

Where To Buy Raspberry Ketone Forte In The UK

UK buyers have only one option as that is the official website. Be sure to choose the UK version as we have seen sites targeted towards Hungry, Greece, Italy, Russia and even Bulgaria.

UK high street specialists such as Boots the chemist, Holland and Barret, Superdrug, Tesco would not stock – even on their respective websites.

If you do decide to purchase please bare in mind that there have been many comments, negative reviews and general indifference to this product. One case in point is the official websites lack of transparency to allow potential customer to view the price before effectively signing up by entering your name, physical adress and email address.

The Last Word

Raspberry Ketone yes – Raspberry Ketone Forte no

Other Brands To Consider

Arguably the most interesting and popular Raspberry Ketone Plus. This is considered to be the ‘original Raspberry Ketone’ product and was the actual brand featured on the Fxo news report that kicked off the whole furore.

Evolution Slimming are responsible for the brand they are based in Kent and pride themselves on stocking the most potent brand to dat with 200mg of Raspberry Ketones.

Read the Raspberry Ketone Plus Review

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Raspberry Ketone Forte UK – Is It A Scam, Where To Buy In The UK — 18 Comments

  1. trying to find out where I return a trial offer of rasberry ketone that I dont want. Could you please help with the address? Thanks

  2. If anyone had any luck with contacting the company responsible for distributing and billing Raspberry Ketone Forte then please drop us a line.

  3. Write to:

    Premium Raspberry Ketone
    530 S Lake Avenue
    # 501
    Pasadena CA

    e’mail Support (at) raspberryketone.com

    Go get the b*tards

  4. If you have already signed up to these products immediately contact them to cancel and then phone your bank and block further payments. They are a scam do not sign up to them.

  5. Please help me i purchased the Ketone as free trail. I did not even use the It the have taken £111 from my account withought me knowing. i dont even know how to contact them please help. My bank says they can not stop them because its not a direct debit. What can i do?

  6. Hi, I ordered the free trial of the ketone elite and cleanse elite as I read the channel 4 reviews on this website when searching the product on google:
    I didn’t think it was a scam at all because of this website until the products came in the post today, with a little brochure of how to use the products with the terms on the back stating I would be charged £75 for another lot of ketone elite products. I managed to phone the number on the back which said I could sent the products back at my expense as long as they weren’t opened so it was lucky I didn’t use them as I would have been charged. Can’t believe I actually fell for it!!

  7. i was told wen i emailed them i had to send 75 percent of them back within 21 days to an address in southern ireland

  8. my daft fella saw an advet for diet pills at £6.95 he was asked to tick the terms and conditions box and they were delivered
    and the company took £122.00 out of our bank account. i havphoned the bank, trade and standards, police and the advertising fraud line and
    all say as i can not receive my money back as he ticked terms and conditions part. I am disgusted that the company
    have been in trouble for the same advert so they changed the advert and put it back on line and still in the bylines not put that the trail
    would last only 14 days and how much it costed.

  9. I went for the free trial, but have mislaid the pamphlet with the number bfor cancellation-can anyone help please?

  10. po box 113 shannon co clare ireland is the address for ketone premium support ihad to phone up to cancel idont have no now then i told my bank ihope this helps.

    • I know it is a scam I canceled with them and they took €42.50 straight away.plus the € 6.89 that was suppose to be free trail.i rang my bank and had to cancel my card.emailed them with no joy.so this is a warning to everyone ketone premium is a scam and will keep taking your money about €80 a month if you don’t cancel.they say you can return the product but that’s after they take €42 .50. Jenny


    I took a 14 day trial for Ketone plus and green coffee beans in early September which I received shortly after. They didn’t make any difference to my weight.

    Today on checking my bank balance I found a payment to Ketone Plus Advance for 84.95. As I did not recognise the payment I contacted my bank to discover that 2 x payments of 84.95 and one payment of 69.95 had been taken from my bank by this company.

    I did not authorise these payments and I have not received any goods from the said company. So, it’s a double scam, not only do they take payments without permission, they don’t even bother to send the goods.

    My bank states they have had a load of similar complaints for this company but the company deny any liability. They state that in the terms and conditions they say they will take payments from you until you notify them and that they will not accept any liability for any goods which have not been delivered.


  12. I bought them too -what a mug – and have just had two payments taken from my account totalling almost £200. I have spoken to the bank who have agreed to block any future payments but I don’t know who I purchased them from in the first place in order to cancel with them. does anyone have any idea what I should do? it’s a nighhtmare

  13. Don’t buy any samples from them, This company misuse your card that we use in the beginning to buy to buy the samples. This is the fact and has happened with me yesterday.

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