Raspberry Ketone Free Trial, Are They Legitmate Or Just Scams

free trial -1Have you been the victim of a raspberry ketone free trial? The current focus by some unscrupulous manufacturers appears to be to try to cash on the lastest craze and develop a product and offer a free trial.

Although ultimately, there is nothing wrong with a free trial – that is if the trial is in effect… absolutely free. The trend nowadays is to hook unwitting consumers into an autoship program whereby they are charged a monthly fee (usually a not insignificant amount £50 – £100) for the privilege of receiving their product.

If something is too good to be true it usually it is

Raspberry Ketone brands are the most likely in the current climate with several brands tarnishing what is in fact an exceptional ingredients.

Here is an example of a raspberry ketone autoship brand that has caused many customer complaints. Scroll down to read the customer comments. https://www.onlinedietmagazine.com/slimtone-plus-review#comment-1549

If you have had an experience of this particular product or a similar one we would love to hear from you.

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  1. I was only suppose to pay 6.95 for this free trial and they keep on taking money out of my account for something that I did not agree to and they cant refund me for something that I haven’t received and I don’t want its a scam

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