Raspberry Ketone Plus Review

Raspberry Ketone Plus Raspberry Ketone Plus is arguably the best example of a raspberry ketone supplement. It is has been formulated and created in the UK and distributed by authorised and sole stockist, Evo Slimming

This is the actual brand that has been featured on the Fox News reports that initially lit the touch-paper that ignited the almost worldwide love affair with the wonderful natural diet supplement.

Most of our reviews usually start with a fairly impartial introduction as our opinion slowly starts to reveal itself halfway through. Not this time – we love Raspberry Ketone Plus

At A Glance

Claims: To help trigger a hormone in your body that naturally burns fat cells more efficiently

Positives: Contains 200mg of the active ingredient. Also contains green tea and other fat burning and weight loss agents. Is also a superb antioxidant. Completely natural and backed by a money back guarantee

Negatives: No real negatives to speak of

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Raspberry Ketone Plus Review

Evo Slimming WebsiteClaimed to be the hottest weight loss pill or slimming supplement is a number best seller in not just the UK, but also the USA, Canada and Australia. There are also non English markets that have taken to this natural fat burner such German, Italy, France and even Greece.

Its manufacturers (Evolution Slimming) has had the foresight to translate their official website into multiple languages to take advantage or the customer from further afield.

[info]Often described as Oprah’s diet pills, after the worlds media published stories of Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey experiences with Raspberry Ketone diet pills to keep in shape in the U.S[/info]

What Are Raspberry Ketones – How Do They Work

Raspberry Ketones are the natural substance(s) found in common all garden red raspberries. The ‘ketones’ are responsible for giving raspberries their unique aroma – but also for providing one or two remarkable health benefits.

  • Fat Burning – the primary health benefit is to burn excess body fat. Fat cells are broken down and transferred to parts of the body that require energy rather than leave these fat cells redundant and become nothing more than stored body fat
  • Increase Metabolism – when the fat cells are transferred into energy it will give you more energy
  • Strengthen Immune System – can help to boost your natural defences against disease and illnesses
  • Detox and Cleanse – can help your body rid itself of the toxins that build up over time. Waste material can lie in the colon for days, weeks even month. You can improve your bowel movement significantly
  • Lower Cholesterol – significantly improve your cardiovascular health and lower bad cholesterol levels.

[info]”Raspberry Ketone can help you lose 10lbs per month” Dr Oz[/info]

 Press Features And Media Coverage

The were several great exposures from many different countries. The two we have singled out is – firstly, the Fox News reports.

click to play video

The second is from Dr Oz (probably better known to American, Canadian and Australian readers).

dr oz7Dr Oz (Mehmet Oz) is the self styled health evangelist who has been on a campaign in recent years to heal the world it would seem. Dr Oz brings to the attention of millions, the very latest in health supplement and advises his audience what that they should be doing to make looking at their bathroom scales a more pleasurable experience.

Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett has also been in press proclaiming her figure is a result of taking Raspberry Ketone tablets.

Customer Feedback And Testimonials

The customer feedback is extremely positive, with many glowing testimonies from real people.

RKP1 Potential Side Effects

There should not be any cause for concern – a completely natural and sage weight loss product that is product GMP standards

Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Work

Quite simply, we cannot rate Raspberry Ketone Plus highly enough. Have no hesitation purchasing.


Where To Buy Raspberry Ketone Plus In The UK

Raspberry Ketone PlusOnly available to buy from the official website. (what would Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barett, Tesco give to be granted licence to be stockists?)

A one months supply costs £19.95 with discounts applied to multiple month purchases. And of course the 30 day money back guarantee applies to all packages.

Click here to visit the official Evolution Slimming website and buy direct

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