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Slimsticks slimming drinkThe people behind Slimsticks suggest that hunger, coupled with a lack of will power are the two main reasons why diets fails visual studio c++ 2010. Their range of slimming drinks are designs to combat hunger and suppress appetite and keep your mind focused away from food and its consequences.

There are several similar products available with this and Skinny Sprinkles being by far the most popular and most widely accepted by the industry that is more focused on capsule based slimming products KakaoTalk Internet Download.

There is little doubt that the concept of Slimsticks is impressive with a PR machine that is second to none. Do we recommend?

At A Glance

Claims: To combat hunger and provide will power by helping you to eat less Maple Story Cygnus Templar.

Positives: Very convenient, has been shown to work to a degree

Negatives: Not quite as effective as its main rival fifty shades of grey pdf. Nowhere near as effective as a dedicated capsule based appetite suppressant. A bit overhyped

SlimStick Review – What Does It Do

Slimsticks official website for UK and IrelandA ‘Slimstick’ is a sachet that contains a powder that when introduced to water creates a slimming drink url 파일. It is available in three flavours: double malt, strawberry and vanilla

The powder (that contains Konjac explained below) expands in the stomach creating a feeling of satiety or fullness Download The Conan Show.

If taken before a meal the manufacturers suggest that you will feel full during the course of your meal and unlikely to finish your usual or regular portion size 크레온 다운로드. This can contribute to taking on less calories per meal.

The other benefit is that you will laso feel fuller for longer after a meal and so less likely to snack between meals 생일 축하 곡 다운로드.

 Whats In It – Ingredients

Konjac main ingredient in SlimsticksThe main is ingredient is Konjac – it is also known as konnyaku potato, devil’s tongue, voodoo lily, snake palm, or even elephant yam 달려라 코바 다운로드. It is a starchy plant that is oftne used in oriental cooking. The root of the Konjc is now used in weight loss products as it has been shown to aid appetite suppression helm chart 다운로드.

The manufacturers of Slimsticks have created a proprietary ingredient called Slimjac – this is a combination of Konjac and palm and oat oils), Glucose Syrup, Flow agent, Vanilla/Strawberry/Malt flavouring, Sucralose, Vanilla/Strawberry/Malt Powder.

Each stick is only around 40 calories. and is suitable for lactose intolerant people, vegetarians, vegans and people with diabetes, coeliacs.

Press Coverage and Media Stories

Has been on the receiving end of lots of media exposure in the UK and Ireland with many celebrity and lifestyle magazine picking up stories.

One of the higher profile stories was that of Imogen Thomas (footballer Ryan Giggs’ freind). Imogen claimed she has dropped from a size 12 to a 10 since using Slimsticks and thoroughly recommends. Whether she was compensated for these kind words is up for interpretation.

Slimsticks Testimonials

There are not that many – surprisingly nothing on the official website apart from the reference to Imogen Thomas. Weight loss related forums and chatrooms are not exactly awash with positivity and wonderment.

Slimsticks Side Effects

Very unlikely to cause any side effects or adverse reaction if used as per the usage instructions. It should be obvious that this product is designed to be used with water and not consumed directly.

SlimSticks Stockists, Where To Buy

Can be purchased direct from the official website or in store and online from Boots the chemist. It costs £24.99 for a 30 stick box and each box should last you 10 days if you follow the manufacturers advice of taking one sachet three times a day. £75 a month could be cost prohibited when its closest rival is cheaper.

Rejected diet pill

Other Slimming Products To Consider

Popular Diet PillsAlthough slimming products such as Slim Sticks do have there place they are nowhere near as effective as a dedicated capsule based diet pill.

There are a handful of commercial brands that are incredibly popular in the UK such as Capsiplex, Raspberry Ketone Plus and PhenQ

Read more about popular diet pills


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