Slimtone Plus Review, Is The Free Trial A Scam

Slimtone Plus UKSlimtone Plus is guilty on so many levels of misleading its customers it is highly advised not to purchase.

It has associated itself with the ingredient raspberry ketone and sold many orders on the basis of a free trial that wasn’t exactly free!

For the sake of parity we have given our review below – once again we strongly advise not to order.

If you have been affected by payments taken out of your bank account then please scroll down to the bottom of this review (the comments) where there is advice as to what steps to take

At A Glance

Claims: To contain raspberry ketone and be a reputable weight loss product

Positives: Nothing

Negatives: A free trial that is just a ploy to part you from well earned cash.

Rejected diet pill

How does Slimtone Plus Work

Slimtone Plus websiteOf course, the first question anybody asks is how is the pill is intended to burn body fat. Slimtone Plus uses a few very common ingredients found in diet pills, such as raspberry ketone, green tea and guarana.

The overall intended outcome is a boosted metabolism, reduced cravings, and faster fat burning. These are very standard expected results from a diet pill and it targets the three main things requires to decrease body fat. It claims to work from the outside in to attack body fat from every possible angle.

In theory, this sounds like a fantastic idea but users should be aware that not all diet pills are made with the same quality, or by people with the same degree of knowledge and medicinal expertise.

There is no mention of exactly how much raspberry ketone is present in the formula

What Are the Ingredients

Raspberry ketone in Slimtone PlusTo further understand how exactly Slimtone Plus is supposed to work, it is important to take a deeper look at the makeup of the pill and the active ingredients that it contains. The main selling point of this pill is Raspberry Ketone. Raspberry Ketone is a naturally occurring compound in raspberries that has been proven to reduce body fat, and many people have reported good experiences with this ingredient in other forms.

Slimtone Plus also utilizes the cleansing power of green tea and white kidney beans. On the surface, one may be led into thinking that all of these things seem perfectly reasonable, but there are many other factors that come into play. For example, the quality of the ingredients is essential, and can be the difference between a working pill and a dud. As always, potential customers should look for complete transparency in a pill’s ingredients before committing to anything.

Slimtone Plus in the Press

The press reaction to Slimtone has been minimal, in part due to the fact that many magazines and potential sponsors are increasingly cautious about who they lend support and ad-space to.

As the market experiences saturation, it’s perfectly normal to assume that poor quality pills (such as Slimtone Plus) will receive little press recognition. Many diet pills become successful through word of mouth, and then through press attention – the fact that Slimtone has had zero attention from the national media should cause people to question why.

Slimtone Plus scam

Slimtone Plus Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

The real story behind the effectiveness of Slimtone Plus can be found in customer reviews. In fact, it is very telling that a Google search of “Slimtone Plus” yields several negative review links before the official website link.

Many of the concerns people have (along with the ineffective nature of the pills) is that the company continued to take money from their bank accounts after explicitly being told to stop. This is a very shady practice, and says a lot about the potential quality of the product that is being sold.

Possible Side Effects

The side effects appear to be standard – bloating, sluggish feelings, and headaches. This is likely due to the caffeine content that is in Slimtone Plus. These could be considered normal side effects, however, the true extent of the potential risks involved is not clear as the company is less than transparent in their operations. No formal list of ingredients has been released, and many people have abandoned the pills long before any serious side effects could be reported.

Do not under any circumstances sign up for their free trial

Does Slimtone Plus Work

In all likelihood, the answer is no. This is not due to the supposed ingredients that it contains (such as Raspberry Ketone and green tea – which are both clinically proven) but because it seems entirely possible that the quality of the pills is not up to standard.

By all accounts this company appears to running a scam, and it is unusual for scam operations to be selling real, working products. This, of course, is speculation, but the warnings made by users should not go unnoticed.

Rejected diet pill

Where To Buy Slimtone Plus In the UK

It looks as though purchasing opportunities are somewhat limited. the official site seems to have tones itself down to just a blank looking webpage with a phone.

Slimtone Plus is not available to buy in the UK high street, not even the privately owned independent chemists would touch it.

Recommended Alternative

Raspberry Ketone PlusRaspberry Ketone Plus is at the other end of the scale. For everything that is wrong with Slimtone Plus the opposite is true of Raspberry Ketone Plus.

When the news was starting to immerge about the benefits of this wonderful natural ingredient is was Raspberry Ketone Plus that most press agencies used as the actual brand to tell the news story

For more information about Raspberry Ketone Plus click here

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30 thoughts on “Slimtone Plus Review, Is The Free Trial A Scam”

  1. Do not buy SlimTone Plus I cannot stress this enough, look around the internet at all the bad reviews and people who have been scammed

  2. Hi
    I signed up for the free trial,then cancelled it .but they took £75 out of my account. have email them.but no joy cant speak to anybody
    Was thinking of writing to The Daily Mail paper
    what a rip off

    1. had the same problem…i am now in the process of taking legal action. not about the money but the principal…especially as it didnt to anything for me!! get on to your bank and as long as you have proof you tried to cancel, they will refund you’re cash.

  3. Hi Kitty.
    This is the adress we have form SlimTone Plus – 222 Shannon Airport House SFZ Shannon, County Clare, Eire. You may have this number already 0844 745 9698.

    Make sure you inform your bank as with some autoship programs the fee is recurring.

    It is the company’s that offer a free trail with the autoship process that give this industry a bad name. Our advice is to not sign up for anything that is “free” because in most instances it is not.

  4. Hi everyone slimtone plus is very fraud. They not mentioned their terms and conditions before ordering for free trial. On Jan 1st I ordered free trial and the parcel came in 2days. When I read the terms and conditions I was shocked. In the same week I called them and no one answers. I sent an email asking them I woulke to canel the order. Automated reply came with no joy. I called my bank told them not to pay the money to this company as it is dodgy. They told me that they will put a remark on the system not pay the funds to this company. But I receivd statement on Friday the 1st of Feb and to my surprise slim tone have already taken money £75/-, £37.50 on 17th Jan and same amount on 18th Jan and 2 lots of postal charges of £4.99. I called the bank and they suggested to retun the products and give us the postal reference number and the dispute team will get my money back. I coul not find the address for slim tone plus and body cleave plus. Is this company in Ireland ? Plz help me . Many thanks. I wish nobody else will be trapped by this company again.

  5. Hi,
    I got the free trial and then cancelled it even before I received the package. I just got my statement in for February and was charged

    Body Cleanse. 21.25 + 3.49 s/h
    Slimtone plus. 85.00 + 3.49 s/h

    I was onto my bank and they say to return any more product if they send any and they will put in an enquiry to their bank, then their team will get my money back. They also said to put a letter in the registered letter to say again that I do not wish any more of their products.

    I had to cancel because I am allergic to caffeine.

  6. i bought slimtone in december, tried it for 4 weeks and to be honest lost 7lbs. in january, cut out all sugary drinks, crisps and fatty products without using slimtone and lost 11lbs. so just goes to show what a massive waste of money the whole thing was!!

  7. The address given to customers (victims) in Ireland is,
    Slim Tone Plus Returns
    PO Box 4802
    S10 9FE

    Also payment was taken by a company in Yorkshire.

  8. Products such as SlimTone give the industry a bad name.
    If you want to buy a Raspberry Ketone product then please buy Raspberry Ketone Plus ( – this may sound like a blatant advertisement that it because IT IS, I cannot rate it highly enough. I have had the pleasure of meeting the guys from Evo Slimming in Canterbury on numerous occasions (Russell and Nick) they are very proud of their product. When the brand was featured on Fox News it took their business to a new level.

  9. I have signed up for a free trial only and when this product arrived there was a leaflet about auto shipment but only for body cleanse. I tried to cancel but all it said when you call is that your order has been cancelled. How do they even know who I am if no one spoken to me. I checked my credit card and I have been charged twice £75 and £37.50 plus the shipment. That is £235 for something that I did not receive apart from the first free trial. I paid by card so will be in touch with them to get this disputed. I hope I get my money back. Also hope no one else falls for this scam.

    1. Hi the same happened to me in November 2012. I still have not received a refund and you cannot contact anyone. My credit card company have not been successful. This is the first comment I have left.

  10. I have cancelled my card and reported it stolen can anyone tell me if I will be charged. I ordered the trial and cancelled it 2 hours later and then got an email to say my order was being shipped, shower of f**kers

  11. can someone please please help me i went and bought the #6.59 TRAIL of sllimtone plus but they took 170.00frommy acount how can i contact these bastards its just an automated service how do i get my money back!!!!!????


  13. OMG ,i just ordered that is well for 3.49 and i dont know what to do its shows on my acount that they took 3.49 are they going to take the rest of my money later?

    1. Yes they will take your money. make sure you cancel with both companies by email and then ring your bank they will tell you exactly what to do. but you could still be at the loss of your money.

  14. Hey readers
    I dont usually write into this sort of thing. But I got so angry with this scam and I felt bad for anyone who got caught out.I suppose this piece of advise is for people who got scammed early and received the tablets before the 14 day trial period has ended.

    My girlfriend got caught out with this scam and it was with my credit card,to make things worse. She saw the ad on facebook but there is no terms and conditions there. The terms and conditions are at the bottom on the slim tones main website. My girlfriend received the tablets and these patches (which she didnt order)on the 26/3/13, she had ordered them on the 21/03/13. Luckily I read the terms of conditions that night.

    I went on slim tone plus website and cancelled any future autoshipment. I received an email then with an RMA no and a returns address. I told them that they are not authorised to take any money out and if they do, the police would be involved (Be affirmative).

    Once I sent the package back, I emailed them back to let them know that the package had been sent by registered post (10.60euros)and just to let them know that the package would be returned to them within the time frame and once again they were not authorised to take any money out. At the bottom I put down REPLY ASAP
    In the mean time.
    Cancel your credit card immediately, don take any chances (Just tell your bank you lost it, it saves the hassle about explaining to them about the scam). Ask them that you have direct debits from it and what happens. They should tell you that the card is blocked and that you need to contact anyone that you have a direct debit set up with. (Your not going to contact Slim Tone plus obviously)
    Slimtone plus cannot take anything from you now, its a new credit card, new pin, new number. Dont be worried.

    I emailed slimtone plus again to remind them that the package had been sent back. They emailed me today asking for proof of tracking. I took a photo of it and sent it to them. The address I used to return the tablets and patches was the address on the package and the address on their email
    PO Box 4802
    S10 9FE
    This is from Ireland, reading other posts from U.K, they are asked to return it to Shannon, Co. Clare. P.S. we dont have po box here in Ireland.

    My registered post hasn’t delivered yet, but the scammers seemed to be satisfied once I sent them the photo of the tracking number. I received this email today from them.
    Dear Customer,

    “Thanks for your email. I have now cancelled your subscriptions to the Slim Tone Plus auto ship program, therefore you will not be sent any more Slim Tone Plus capsules and Slim Tone Plus patches or charged for any additional products in the future.

    If you require further assistance, please respond to this email, ensuring the ticket number is left in the subject line”

    Many thanks,
    Slim Tone Plus Customer Service T

    I hope this helps. Just cancel your credit card if you do nothing else. People who use Visa debit cards should just get a credit card for buying over the internet,saves the hassle of setting up direct debits again.

    Tips when returning package
    PLACE THE RMA NUMBER DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH THE RETURN ADDRESS. Another stupid rule they have. Also in the package, put your order number, name and address in the package.
    Dont worry


      1. No Rachelle, I had cancelled the credit card before hand. I wasnt going to take the chance and wait. Ive a new card number so they woudnt be able to refund me anyways now.Im one of the lucky ones really. Anyone that falls for it like my girlfriend needs to cancel the credit card immediately (This should stop the worrying of what if) and I am basically cutting my losses of 6euro and 11e registered post.

        I suppose anybody that is waiting to be refunded 100s of pounds should talk to their bank about whats the best way to cancel your card that no monies can be taken out but still be able to leave the account open until the refund has been put back

  15. hi, i am another victim, i am so angri with myself, i just need to know what is the rma number and where can i get the order number. thanks

    1. Hi Pepei

      Rma stands for Return merchandise authorisation. To get the rma. I googled “slim tone plus cancel” you will see the website. It will have a British flag and Irish flag, press cancel online whatever country you ordered from.It will ask you to enter the email address that you used to order from.
      Just follow it, does no harm.
      You will get a notification email from them to say that you cancelled and then another email with a return address and Rma number.
      I emailed them to let them know that i sent it back via registered post.they got back to me then and all they wanted was proof that i sent it ie a photo of d receipt. My registered post now says “item received in Great Britain”. I dont give a fiddlers now.

      The main thing for anyone is not to panic and cancel the card early so no other monies can come out. Let them threaten all they want, their the scammers. I just posted it back so I dont get anymore. If i did i would just dump them as my last email from them is confirmation that I wouldnt receive anymore subscriptions.

      I told my credit card company I lost it, just saves the hassle of explaining. Just make sure to ask them if all direct debits would be cancelled. They said yes to me as it is a new number etc. Life lesson for my girlfriend, in all it cost us 6 odd euro for their postage and 11e for me to return it.Were one of d lucky ones

      Ps Rma number goes at the bottom of the return address(Another weird instruction from them)
      Hope that helps

  16. I am another person that was hit my this so called company. again i saw the ad on facebook they have taking 260euro from me between 12th – 29th march. I got the account stopped and got an RMA im now waiting on the last shipment to get to me in the post which they say were shipped on Friday the 29th March and ill be senting them right back.
    the address i was giving was PO Box 111 Shannon Co Clare Ireland. How can this company be stopped in Ireland….?

  17. I also was foolish enough to go ahead with this & only check straight after, so mad with myself. I cancelled straight away got an automated reply & still got email this morn to confirm shippment all same as above, I am in ireland but so far cannot find any address in emails etc to send goods back but on reviews here some are giving shannon & some arre uk….does anybody know correct address & did everybody cancel credit card thanks

  18. Hey all,

    I am another victim of this scam. I have been charged twice 85.00 € for something which I did not received, apart from the first free trial. I have just cancelled my mebership online and I also emailed them to tell that they are not authorised to take any other money out, this is all I have done. The problem is that at the moment I am abroad and I cannot cancel my credit card because otherwise, I wouldn’t have money at all. I am really concerned about it .Please readers, tell me that they won’t take further money again!

  19. I unfortunately sign up too. Have ‘phone them three times to cancel my order but they still keep sending and taking my money. It is now in the hands of the banking dispute system

  20. Girls only one way.We can try to write about this problem to this site:
    I hope they could help for us!?

  21. I too got roped into this SCAM. DO NOT, repeat NOT, EVER deal with this appalling company. You may get the products but trying to reach them afterwards for refunds is a nightmare. I bought Slimtone pills advertised for only £2.99 a bottle – what have I got to lose I thought? Answer: £150 as by providing credit card details they grabbed £75 a week from me in a revolving monthly scheme plus P&P charges and inflexibly insisted as I had “signed up” for it, tough luck and I could not cancel. Got patches too, never mentioned and they had the nerve to charge for them. Slimtone Website cleverly designed to dupe, NO mention anywhere of continued deliveries, found out charges only when bank statemt arrived this shock in almost invisible colour font Terms – didn’t understand. Later found that Terms and Conditions well out of view at bottom of web page, easily, and no doubt designed to be, overlooked because you have already “Click(ed) button here to pay” at the TOP of page. To cancel supposedly you must “inform them within 7 days” but they also carefully make sure they send it out/it arrives later than that. I DID get my money back after 3 mos but only after I sent them hundreds of threatening emails insisting on my money back as I had NOT MADE ANY CONTRACT with them as they insisted, and told them I had contacted Police and Trading Standards, but I was lucky and did not give up. I did not send the goods back – incensed I would have paid overseas postage rates.

  22. These guys should be heavily prosecuted for FRAUD because this is a pure and utter SCAM. Looks like a simple goods order, diff.slimming websites all revert to Slimtone, offer is a “free trial” which to me meant ‘try it and see if you like it, then you could order more’ – unfortunately they have set it up so you are bamboozled by unseen Terms&Conditions which hide the fact you have unknowingly officially ‘signed up’ to a rolling periodic delivery program. Everything afterwards designed to stonewall any complaints, cancellations, demands for refunds after you find out it is a scam or they have taken £37.50 a pop. No valid customer service tel or address, all email contacts snooty and dismissive (keep repeating “you agreed to Terms and Cond’s” no matter what you say), returns terms laughable. I kept repeating WHAT PART OF ‘I DID NOT AGREE TO A CONTRACT’ DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND??????? Threatened to go over to Ireland to stand in office and demand my money back, get police involved, Consumer groups, etc. and did get it all back ‘though many months later & with great reluctance and bad grace. I was convinced I would never see my £150. Don’t give up – keep fighting, go for them, they are complete fraudsters making £££s. Tracked down CEO who, surprise, surprise, is registered overseas, not UK/Eire.

  23. Are Slimtone Plus and Ketone Premium the same company? They both use Shannon in Ireland, both charge the same amounts and both use the same scam and auto-payment system. After reading many comments on the internet it seems that many of the scam companies are operating under various different names, but from the same addresses. One of the staff of my Credit Card Company who had herself been scammed by Ketone Premium mentioned that it is know that they keep changing their names, so beware very aware…

  24. I have also been conned. I sent for raspberry ketone free offer and found £85 taken from my bank account the following month. I phoned and was also given an RMA number and sent it back as requested to an address in Scotland (I cant remember where but it might have been Glenrothes). No refund yet and no way to contact them. Any help would be appreciated

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