Superfruit Slim Review – Before and After Pictures, Side Effects and Stockists

Superfruit Slim slimming tabletsSuperfruit Slim manufacturer, Optimum Nutra, claims the product can turn the body into an “efficient fat burning machine” and the company is not coy about challenging customers to “feel the power for yourself!” It’s the usual marketing hype dieters have grown to know and love, but at least in this case the claims are being made by a reputable company and are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Superfruit Slim is among the best selling popular brands in not only the UK and Ireland but also the United States, Canada, Australia and several European countries such as Germany, France and Spain.

At A Glance

Claims: To get you on the road to a slimmer and sexier you. The ‘dream team’ of the natural world.

Positives: Lots of testimonials, excellent ingredient profile. comes highly recommended from authorities within the industry

Negatives: 30 day money back guarantee could be a tad longer

Recommended diet pill

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What Is Superfruit Slim And How Does It Work?

Superfriut Slim official websiteSuperfruit Slim is a fat burner designed to offer the additional benefit of appetite suppression.  Fat burning products typically work by stimulating the metabolism and encouraging the body to burn off excess stores of body fat. Appetite suppressants hinder the desire for food, thereby reducing the likelihood of further weight gains caused by the consumption of excess calories.

Fat burning, appetite suppressing combos are nothing new, there are plenty of competing products to choose from, but in this case the blend relies on three super fruits for most of its power and whenever a super fruit is added to any blend it deserves a closer look because super fruit ingredients have the potential to produce super weight loss results.

Suggested Benefits

  • Appetite suppression
  • Increased energy
  • More awake and mentally alert

Key Ingredients

There are seven ingredients in the Superfruit Slim blend. The most important ones are the three super fruits (acai berries, African mango, and raspberry ketones).

  • Acai Berry 4:1 Extract (1,600mg):  Acai contains high levels of antioxidants and healthy fats and is often considered one of the healthiest fruits in the world.
  • African Mango 4:1 Extract (1,200 mg):  African Mango gained an instant boost in popularity after its use was endorsed by the US TV personality, Dr. Oz.  The ingredient’s fat burning potential has been tested many times and in one ten week study the participants achieved an average waist line reduction of two inches accompanied by a 3.2% reduction in body fat. These results were attained with a supplementation level of 300mg a day. Superfruit Slim contains four times this amount.
  • Raspberry Ketones (200 mg):  Another super fruit with a strong fat burning reputation. Raspberry ketones also bear the Dr. Oz seal of approval and when Oz dubbed the ingredient a “miracle in a bottle” raspberry ketones certainly secured a miraculous growth in popularity.
  • Green Tea 4:1 Extract (500mg):  Green tea contains high amounts of antioxidants, so it is undoubtedly a healthy ingredient, but it is included here due to its strong reputation as a fat burner.
  • Guarana Seed (75 mg):  Contains high levels of caffeine, but releases it slowly to provide an ongoing source of energy and increased mental focus.
  • L-Carnitine (40mg):  Some studies suggest l-carnitine may provide improved muscle metabolism and help reduce feelings of fatigue.
  • 1,3,7-Trimethyxanthine (60 mg):  The name is deceptively technical sounding, but it’s just caffeine in fancy-talk. It may help provide a little extra energy, but the amount included here is less than would be found in a cup of instant coffee.

Superfruit Slim Success Stories

Independent reviews are plentiful,  there are also a few dieting success stories available on the Superfruit Slim website. Reported weight losses range from 7kg to 14 kg and one customer, who lost 11kg, states:

“I was shocked when I saw my holiday pics this summer. Now I don’t have to worry what I look like in a bikini, bring on the summer, I can’t wait!”

Superfruit success stories before and after

Possible Side Effects and Known Issues

The super fruit ingredients are unlikely to present any issues. Caffeine can be problematic for some people, but the amount of caffeine included here is so low it is unlikely to be an issue. As with any form of supplementation, pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to seek medical advice prior to use. The same advice is offered to anyone with known or suspected health issues.

The Bottom Line

Independent reviews often offer the best insight into the potential benefits a product is likely to provide. They can also provide an indication of any side effects or other issues users may experience.

Optimum Nutra provide a complete list of ingredients, along with the inclusion rates, and the company appears to have produced a powerful blend that should be more than capable of producing the promised weight loss results. The company also shows enough confidence in the product to put their money where their mouth is and provide customers with a money back guarantee that ensures they have nothing to lose if they decided to buy the product and put it to the test.

This being the case we have every confidence in the product as well so Superfruit Slim is a recommended weight loss product.

Pricing & Availability

Superfruit Slim slimming tabletsSuperfruit Slim is only available to buy from the official Superfruit Slim website, but worldwide shipping is offered and, it is a competitively priced dieting option (a single bottle will cost UK customer around £35), better deals are available to buyers who purchase two or more bottles.

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