Agufen 10 – Natural Fat Blocker, Fat Burner and Appetite Suppressant

agufen 10 reviewAgufen 10 is a weight loss supplement designed to provide several key benefits that will allegedly help users to lose up to 8kg in 30 days.

A claim like that is likely to make many people sit up and take notice, but diet pills are often sold on the back of big promises and, in many cases, customers are left disappointed and out of pocket when they buy into the hype and later discover they have purchased a product that does not work.

However, Agufen 10 is backed by a money back guarantee, so it appears the manufacturer has a lot of faith in the product.

Claims : To offer a natural way of blocking the absorption of dietary fat, burns excess fat and suppresses appetite.

ProsGood set of ingredients, highly reputable company, great customer feedback, money back guarantee

Cons : Only available to customers in French speaking countries – France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

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Some of the more important promised benefits are:

  • Fat blocking
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Fat burning
  • Detoxifies the body

These are pretty standard claims for weight loss supplements, but Agufen 10 is also designed to provide a few additional benefits that are a little more unusual.

  • Fights cellulite
  • Prevents intestinal gas

Cellulite is a form of body fat and the fat burning process is likely to eliminate it anyway, so this is too obvious a benefit to warrant mention. The formulation’s alleged ability to prevent intestinal gas is more interesting. People who are trying to lose weight need to follow a healthy diet, and the switch to eating more fruit, vegetables, and grains often causes dieters to experience problems with gas. If Agufen 10 can prevent this from happening it should make the weight loss process a little less unpleasant for anyone using the product and for the people who share their lives.

[info]How to Use Agufen 10 – One capsule is required before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.[/info]

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

  • Guarana: A fruit extract that provides caffeine. It is good for giving energy levels a boost and is also a proven fat burner. Guarana releases its caffeine more slowly than most other caffeine-providing ingredients, so the benefits should be available for an extended period of time.
  • Fennel: An plant hat offers many health benefits and is known to good for preventing bloating and wind. Fennel also helps to open up the bowls and purge the body of any toxins that may have built up in the intestines. Such toxins are known to slow the metabolism, so fennel’s ability to provide a detox may speed up the metabolism and help people to burn calories at an increased speed.
  • L’ascophyllum: An ingredient taken from a species of seaweed. L’ascophyllum is a fat blocker that can interfere with the body’s ability to digest fats. Any fat that is not digested cannot release its calories (9 cal per gram) so the presence of this ingredient should be very useful for lowering the daily intake of calories. L’ascophyllum can also improve thyroid health. This provides the ingredient with additional value because the thyroid secretes hormones that are crucial for an efficient metabolism.

Agufen 10 Customer Testimonials

Customers rate the product highly.

A few average customer reviews read:

[plain]”Agufen 10 has helped me to cut down on how much I am eating and I’ve lost 10kg so far. I’ve also been feeling more energetic since I began taking the pills, so I am happy to recommend it to anyone who needs to lose weight.[/plain]

[plain]”I began eating more because I was trying to bulk up my muscles. I screwed up somewhere and ended up piling on the pounds around my waist. Getting rid of all that belly fat was hard to do, but Agufen 10 turned things around and made it easy.[/plain]

[plain]”Aerobics was keeping me fit, but it wasn’t enough to help me lose weight until I began taking Agufen 10.[/plain]

[plain]”A friend told me Agufen 10 would help me to lose 7-8 kg per week. She was right.” [/plain]

[plain]”These pills have helped me to lose weight without causing side effects.”[/plain]

Side Effects of Agufen 10

No side effects have been reported, but Agufen 10 is unlikely to be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. People who have existing health problems or are using medication should obtain medial approval before commencing supplementation.


Agufen 10 is backed by a money back guarantee.

Our Opinion About Agufen 10

Agufen 10 contains ingredients that are capable of providing the kind of results customers are told to expect, so that’s a point in its favour. Customer feedback also suggests the product works and it is sold with a money back guarantee. It appears to be a good product that should deliver results so we are happy to add it to our list of recommended weight loss supplements.

Where to Buy Agufen 10

agufen 10 reviewA bottle of Agufen 10 costs 44,90€ from the manufacturer’s website.

Bulk buy incentives are available and the best deal goes to customers who buy six bottles of Agufen 10 for 159€.

Shipping is free and customers should receive their order within two days.

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