AllDaySlim Review – With Leptisol

All Day Slim Bottle of diet pillsAll Day Slim (or AllDaySlim) is a fairly new product with limited exposure anywhere. It appears to favour America in its marketing approach.

The official website claims that their product is revolutionary and that it can turn fat burning on while turning hunger off.

There is free trial in effect that puts a rather suspect angle on AllDaySlim as free trials are not usually free and we are yet find one that hasn’t ended in tears for a majority of its customer base.

At A Glance

Claims: To be able to turn fat burning on while turning appetite off

Positives: A good set of ingredients on paper – although exact quantities are not given (so basically irrelevant)

Negatives: A new product without testimonials, a few bad reviews online, ingredient list incomplete, a free trial.

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All Day Slim Review – How Does It Work

All Day Slim WebsiteAllDaySlim is a combination of three ingredients (Assum fruit, orange peel and beeswax that when combined can help the body burn fat while simultaneously suppressing appetite.

It claims to be a revolutionary approach to weight loss and includes a patented delivery system called Leptisol that protects the Assam fruit and orange peel extract from destruction and deterioration as it moves down your digestive tract and ensures the ingredients are in the best possible state for maximum benefit.

What Are The Ingredients

The three main ingredients are:

  • Assam Gelugur Fruit Extract – part of the Garcinia fruit family. A pumpkin shaped fruit that does possess excellent fat burning potential but only in high doses
  • Orange Peel Oil (D-Limonene) – a natural antioxidant that can help to increase the body’s ability to absorb Leptisol. No real association with weight loss
  • Beeswax – another natural ingredient that does not have  a real primary weight loss benefit but helps to ready the body for the more active and beneficial ingredients

Newsworthy Articles Or Press Interest

There has not been any real interest from the media. Most activity from a publicity aspect seems to stem from the company’s own twitter account.

Possible Side Effects

Should not pose any health risk if taken as recommended.

The free trial that is offered is best avoided. Free trials are seldom free

Does All Day Slim Work – Is It Recommended

We cannot recommend at this time. Firstly the product is still new and there has not been any weight loss success stories because of it. Not having a testimonial is a major negative.

The customer feedback that we have managed to find is not that positive – both from a user experience and a customer service perspective.

The biggest negative for us is the free trial on offer. In our experience free trials are anything but free and should be avoided. If a product is good enough its reputation should precede it.

 Where To Buy All Day Slim

The official website is the sole stockist as far the UK, USA, Canada and Australia are concerned.

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