Anoretix Review, Facts And Information

Anoretic appetite suppressantWe are compelled to review Anoretix as reports surface frequently that customers have not exactly been overwhelmed with their results. This diet pill has been out for several years now with the manufacturers making some pretty garish claims during its existence.

One such claim is that users will be able to lose twelve pounds in just three days. Statements like these always seem too good to be true. But, as always, we will keep an open mind until we have examined all of the evidence. Lets find out whether Anoretix can live up to the hype, or whether it is just another skilfully promoted ,but ultimately disappointing product.

At A Glance

Claims: To contain proven ingredients to suppress appetite and help you to lose weight quickly,

Positives:  A 90 day money back guaranteed on all purchases.

Negatives: Lots of ingredients but nothing that has any kind of clinical proof. Testimonials from customers look a tad contrived.

Anoretix Review

Anoretix WebsiteAnoretix joins the deluge of dietary supplements on the market that aim to help both men and women with weight loss. The website for the product even provides a full refund guarantee.

Four capsules of Anoretix are supposed to be consumed each day with water. A 30 day supply of 120 capsules are sold for $49.99 (£30.00) on the official website. Some customer feedback is displayed on the website, as well as a couple of “recommendations” from doctors.

Nonetheless, no “before and after” photographs are shown on the site to lend credence to whether Anoretix supplements are effective.

How Does it Work

Anoretix is an appetite suppressant that promotes fat loss and comes in the form of capsules. It is meant to be taken each day, along with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise. This dietary product aims to lessen body fat, control levels of blood sugar, bolster the metabolism and quell hunger.

The supplement has 9 different main ingredients incorporated into it. While a full refund guarantee is offered, there is no clinical evidence displayed on the product’s website to back up the manufacturer’s boasts. This dietary formula is available without requiring a GP prescription.

Interesting Fact –  Appetite Suppressants accounts for nearly 50% of the mechanic action used by the medical industry. If you were eligible for a prescription it is highly probable that you would be prescribed an appetite suppressant

What are the Ingredients

A full ingredients list is not provided on the product’s official website. However, a vital part of this fat loss formula, that is boldly stated on the product website, are the main ingredients.

Purportedly, Anoretix is the first dietary aid to have nine “patented” ingredients for weight loss. These active ingredients are said to be: Tonalin (which facilitates the breakdown of fat stores in the body), Super Citrimax (a fruit from South Asia that quells the appetite and burns fat), NeOpuntia (an all natural fibre), Advantra Z (a thermogenic ingredient), ForseLean (helps to burn fat away), Phase 2 (which neutralizes sugar/starch to allow it to burn away), ChromeMate (controls levels of insulin and turns glucose into energy), Bioperine (allows the body to absorb nutrients), and 7 Keto (boosts the dieter’s metabolism).

Ingredient Highlight – Nothing really stands out, nothing really worthy of elaboration. Perhaps the ingredient of most interest is Bioperine, a relatively new ingredient that is starting to be included in many health supplements. It helps the other ingredients around it to work faster

Anoretix in the Press, Media Coverage

There does not appear to be any mention on the web about this supplement being featured in the press. Generally, opinions about this product come in the form of customer reviews and feedback, which are posted on websites like (see below).

Side Effects or Warnings

Some ingredients, that are not displayed on the product’s website, might have a harmful effect on some dieters. A warning is posted on the site telling anyone who finds that they are losing over one pound of body weight each day, after consuming Anoretix, to get medical advice. Anoretix might cause unhealthy weight loss in some dieters.

Anoretix Customer Reviews, Feedback or Testimonials

Feedback and comments on the oficial website are extremely positive as you would expect, whereas more unbiased sources paint a different picture. is largely negative. While one customer says that the product enabled them to maintain their weight satisfactorily, most customers are not so complementary.

Several customers claim that they did not lose any weight, and that they experienced heart palpitations after taking the product. Also, some say that after working out, they were unable to cool down properly.

Does Anoretix Work – Is it Recommended

In contrast to other dietary products, Anoretix is presented in quite a unique way. It is always good to see the main active ingredients disclosed and detailed on the product’s website.

Also, there is a handy email address displayed on the site as a contact point for any concerns or questions. Ultimately though, it is impossible to get away from the fact that a full ingredients list for this product is not provided, and nor has any clinical proof been posted onto the website either.

As a result, it would be foolhardy of us to recommend this product. At the very least, you should do a great deal of further research into Anoretix before even thinking about consuming this dietary aid.

The Last Word

Not a scam, just not very good

Where to buy Anoretix

The official website is the most obvious port of call if you did want to place an order. Anoretix ships to the USA, Canada, UK and Australia and most other countries that allow free trade. The official website is English only and is yet o be translated into other languages.

It is highly unlikely to be available in-store. GNC (even Walmart) would not stock a product such as this nor would highly respected health specialists such as Boots the chemist.

Credit card and paypal are accepted.

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