Avesil Positives And Negatives, Critically Reviewed

Avesil is a familiar product to anyone who has spend time researching the various diet pills on offer. It no doubt manages to shift a fair few number of orders judging by its market presence. However, it is the way that this product is sold that raises questions.

Does the fact that it has sold well mean that it is a good diet pill? Or, are there other things that we should know before opting to purchase it?

Let us put Avesil under the spotlight, and see if it can be possibly worth a purchase.

At A Glance

Claims: To help you lose weight, burn fat, reduce appetite and boost energy

Positives:  Not a great deal

Negatives: A participant in Free Trails. Can work out very expensive especially if you cannot cancel the subsequently monthly packages.

Avesil Review

Avesil Uk WebsiteAvesil is a non prescription weight reduction product. The supplement’s official website refers to a couple of clinical trials that have “proven” Avesil to have triple the impact of an exercise and diet program. However, no extra details about these tests are given.

On the official website, the manufacturers provide a free trial of the product. Users just pay a $5.95 £3.75 handling and shipping charge to obtain a 1 month supply. The proviso is that users have to cancel their order, and send back their unused Avesil, prior to the finish of the 2 week trial period. Otherwise, they will be charged $89.95, plus $5.95 handling and shipping, each month.

Whilst the free trial looks good on paper, it is virtually impossible to assess a supplement and send it back within the 2 week period that the trial permits. The makers say that most people begin to witness results within 10 days of commencing the program. This means that even people who acted early would find it difficult to return the supplement within the period specified for cancellation.

How Does it Work

Avesil claims to help users lose weight by reducing their appetite, burning fat, and boosting their energy. This dietary aid is comprised of 4 natural ingredients (see below) which, individually, are thought to facilitate weight reduction. Nonetheless, this does not necessarily imply that the supplement is worth buying. Dieters are advised to consume 6 Avesil capsules each day.

What are the Ingredients

Avesil has a variety of ingredients in it. This includes Green Tea extract, Super Citrimax, caffeine and Chromium. The makers say that these components work together to optimize the fat burning process in the body, which helps to release fat stores, bolster energy and lessen the appetite. Extra ingredients include Potassium and Calcium, essential nutrients which, apparently, allow the body to operate more efficiently.

Ingredient Highlight – A natural ingredient that manufacturers often include is Green Tea. is is a very effective fat burner but is often present in such small quantities it is practically useless.

Avesil in the Press, Media Coverage

The 2 main people behind Avesil have a chequered past. They were prosecuted by the authorities in Florida, not so long ago, for running a free trial scam with a tooth whitening product. A news release on the Florida Office of the Attorney General refers to the 100’s of complaints that were received about the practices of the owners.

It is unlikely that any reputable organisation would offer an advertising partnership.

Side Effects or Warnings

No tests have been done into whether there are any associated side-effects with this supplement. The manufacturers have deliberately not listed the amounts of the ingredients included in Avesil. Therefore, it is impossible to know whether this product causes any detrimental long term side-effects.

Avesil Customer Reviews, Feedback or Testimonials

The official website for Avesil only contains 3 positive reviews from users who lost weight from using the product. Elsewhere, reviews are less positive and range from users who failed to experience any weight loss results, to a large quantity of users who complain that the firm’s free trial program is really an auto ship program.

The general census seems to be that the product is over-priced, when compared to other supplements for weight loss.

Does Avesil Work – Is it Recommended

The makers have provided absolutely no evidence that Avesil will facilitate “Fast, Safe Weight Loss”. Most users only experienced very limited success when using this supplement, which is hardly surprising in view of the ingredients included.

Although Avesil contains some good ingredients to stimulate weight loss, the fact that caffeine is used will be a huge negative for most potential customers. It is not possible to know precisely what you are purchasing, and in what quantity, so  dieters can not make a properly informed judgement.

With a $89.95 £55.00 fee each month, Avesil ranks among the most expensive dietary supplements on the market. Furthermore, the feedback about the company’s customer service indicates that it might be hard to cancel their auto ship scheme.

Therefore, if you want to find a weight loss supplement that really delivers on each of its’ claims, without diminishing your bank account too much, then you would be best advised to look elsewhere.

The Last Word

Nothing in life is free – this certainly isn’t!

Where to buy Avesil

The official website is the most obvious online stockist. Avesil caters for a UK, USA, Canada, and Australia customer based primarily but does ship to all countries that accept free trade.

Has appeared on Amazon and Ebay – it would be a very wise decision to avoid buy any diet pill from an Amazon or Ebay type website. Nothing against the sites themselves more a case that more often than not it will a private individual or third party stockist ‘selling’ you the product and the guarantee may be at risk.

Recommended Diet Pills

Capsiplex Capsiplex is arguably the most popular commercial diet pill in the UK. It is based on the concept of using the heat from chili pepper to cause a thermogenic reaction and burn excess calories.

Capsiplex has been coined the miracle fat burner in some quarters largely due to it press coverage involving its ability to burn as many calories as jogging form 20 minutes or cycling for 40.

Capsiplex deserves consideration

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