DecaSlim Slimming Pill, Does It Work, Review

We have decided to put DecaSlim under the microscope, after one reader alerted us to the extravagant claims being made about this product.

Of course, we have heard many a preposterous claim before about different dietary supplements. However, if the hype about this product is to be believed, then it is the best weight loss supplement of all time!

Having heard rather different opinions aired about these capsules from other quarters, we felt that it was time that we subjected this product to some closer scrutiny. Lets find out whether this weight loss aid can justify its’ boasts.

At A Glance

Claims: To burn 400% more fat than diet and exercise alone, get rid of your belly fat and clear up your acne – all in 7 days

Positives:  Nothing springs to mind, at a push it contains green tea

Negatives: A mix and match of “new” ingredients that have scant clinical evidence attached to them. All a bit to ‘hypey’ for our liking.

DecaSlim Review

DecaSlim is a weight loss product that aims to do more than just burn excess fat. This capsule based supplement claims to help users slim down, whilst also simultaneously treating acne blemishes.

The official website says that this supplement will assist you with lessening acne and belly fat within one week. The inventor of the product claims that she found out about the benefits of particular “super foods”, and that this helped her to drop excess body weight. Also, she says that it got rid of her complexion, decreased the visibility of her pores, and caused her feel far more energetic.

Interesting Fact – Superfoods (and superfruits) are incredibly good for you and being touted by the worlds leading and respected health experts. Just not these particular superfoods and the minuscule quantities found in this supplement

How Does it Work

DecaSlim is a product which is aimed at both men and women who want help with weight loss and/or acne problems. DecaSlim supplements are meant to assist with general health and standard bowel movements. The goodness in these capsules is said to improve the health of the user within one month, or a refund will be given.

A bottle of this supplement lasts for thirty days, and it should be taken daily. This dietary supplement does not try to burn off excess fat, or quell the appetite of the user. While the website says that these diet capsules are effective, it does not say that they are as effective as just eating the foods that contain the capsule’s ingredients.

The official website claims that DecaSlim will burn four times more fat than exercising or dieting. However, in the small print at the bottom, they qualify this statement by referring to a twelve week, placebo controlled, double blind study involving subjects who consumed green tea extract alone.

So, this could be considered quite deceptive. Also, there is no evidence offered to support the claim that DecaSlim will cure acne as a welcome side-effect.

Buyer Beware – Diet pills that claim to help clear up acne as a secondary benefit are nothing new. There were several products that came into circulation a few years ago (and still around today) that offered the very same dual benefits. Lipovox, Orovo and the like are best avoided

What are the Ingredients

Essentially, DecaSlim is comprised of ten “super foods”. These are Safflower Oil by Tonalin, FlaxSeed by LinumLife Extra Flax Seed, Dietary Fibre by ViscoFibre, Broccoli by BroccoPlus, Blueberries by Vita-blue, Spinach 7000ppm, Spinach by Futureceuticals, Garlic “Allicin Powder”, Green Tea, Resveratrol and Tomato by Lyc O Mato.

Ingredient Highlight – There is nothing that stands out. Although all the ingredients listed are natural there is no premium weight loss substance present with the exception of Green Tea and even then the presence is such as minuscule amount that it cannot have any effect

At first glance, DecaSlim seems to contain several good ingredients. In reality though, the manufacturers have just done some research into the effectiveness of certain “super foods”, and then placed all of these into one capsule, while making some preposterous claims. Basically, DecaSlim is just a Green Tea extract containing a few different food supplements. It has been hyped up with some flowery statements to make people think that it is a potent fat burner.

DecaSlim in the Press, Media Coverage

This product does not appear to have been mentioned recently in the press or been featured in any health magazines, or on television. A product very designed to be promoted on the internet.

Side Effects or Warnings

Taken individually, none of the DecaSlim ingredients have had any recorded side-effects. Nonetheless, no studies have been done into the formula as a whole. The manufacturers do not reveal whether DecaSlim is an FDA approved supplement. Also, there are no “dermatologist recommended” logos displayed on the official site, to lend credence to DecaSlim as a product for treating acne.

DecaSlim Customer Reviews, Feedback or Testimonials

There are several testimonials displayed on the official site, as well as a F.A.Q. page. However, some online review sites reveal that people encountered issues with online customer support and incorrect orders. One customer states that, even after six months, she has still not received her order or refund. Apparently, the customer service team refused to re-send this customer’s order after it failed to arrive.

By and large there are more Decaslim complaints than positive comments.

Does DecaSlim Work – Is it Recommended

Overall, DecaSlim capsules can really best be described as just a kind of multi-vitamin. While the main ingredients could help with general health/nutrition, it is not clear how the product would help with weight loss.

There are no real-world results, or even a single scrap of evidence, to indicate that the product will work as described.

The Last Word

The Decaslim story is a tall one. Avoid

Where to buy DecaSlim

Exclusively sold via its own official website. Prices range from $39.00 (£20.00) for single months supply right up to $200 (£120.00) for 6 months worth. At the lower end of the scale in terms of price.

Available to order in most countries an ships to the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Unlikely to found in health stores, pharmacies and chemists such as GNC or Boots The Chemist.

Recommended Alternative

CapsiplexIf you are looking for a diet pill that is both incredibly popular and wit high degree of clinical study and impartial trials performed upon it then Capsiplex should be given closer inspection.

Capsiplex is formulated from high dose chili pepper (capsicum) one the most beneficial superfoods in existence. Its association with weight loss and fat burning is profound.

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