Skinny Sprinkles Review – Weight Loss Energy Drink

skinny sprinklesSkinny Sprinkles is the new energy and weight loss drink that has brought the concept of losing weight right back to its most basic level.

While the trend nowadays appears to be trying to over complicate matters by highlighting scientific research and highly convoluted explanations, E Beauty (the manufacturers), have done away with the fluff and introduced a product that does pretty much what it says on the tin.

While the science, ingredients and mechanics of action are important sometimes customers just want buy a weight loss product and trust in the manufacturer.

Skinny Sprinkles contains two main ingredients Inulin and Glucomannan – both highly effective, read on to find out how they can benefit you

At A Glance

Claims: To address and tackle three of the key points of weight loss, over eating, snacking and lack of exercise

Positives: Good ingredients, good explanation, good product

Negatives: Not a negative as such but best used in tandem with a diet supplement for best results. We also feel that Skinny Sprinkles is a gimmick – it is just basically Glucomannan  We recommend Gravitate Supersculpt – find out why

What Are Skinny Sprinkles And How Do They Work

Skinny Sprinkles WebsiteEach packet contains a sachet or stick with the ‘sprinkles’ enclosed. Simply pour the contents into a glass of water, mix and you have your slimming aid ready to drink. Its tastes delicious.

Take around half an hour before a meal to gain the full benefit – each sachet contains just 21 calories.

The drink is intended to help you reach satiety (fullness) quicker during a meal and help you avoid feeling hunger for longer periods after. Your energy levels are also raised giving you the impetus to exercise – or at least be mobile.

The key benefits are:

  • Suppress appetite and help reduce portion size
  • Decrease the want to to snack between meals
  • Increase energy levels promoting mobility and exercise

What Are The Ingredients, Whats In It

There are 2 main or active ingredients:

  • Glucomannan: a natural fibre source that helps you to achieve satiety (fullness) quicker. When glucomannan comes in contact with liquid it expands up to 200 times its starting size. When a tiny amount of glucomannan is in your stomach and it mixes with your stomach contents it expands and gives the impression of fullness.
  • Inulin: a naturally occurring polysaccharide produced by many types of plants. Can help to moderate blood sugar levels and avoid the sugar rush. Effectively puts an end to sugar cravings.

Media Interest and Press Focus

Skinny Sprinkles in the NewsThe media have followed Skinny Sprinkles around almost mercilessly – but thankfully (for E Beauty) for all the right reasons.

There have been serious editorials in the more serious Health Fitness type magazine as national newspaper such as the Daily Express

There have been features and articles in the usual suspects such as Hello, Woman, OK, Take a Break etc..

Any Side Effects or Cautions

Should not cause any side effects if used in accordance with the manufacturers usage instructions.

Does Skinny Sprinkles Work

Lots of evidence points towards Skinny Sprinkles claims – the product make seem frivolous and pretty in pink there is some pretty impressive weight loss methodology at work here.

Where To Buy Skinny Sprinkles

Could soon be available on the UK high street at stockists such as Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett etc. For now all orders go through the official website.

Recommended Alternative

We highly recommend Gravitate SuperSculpt – as we have mentioned early, take away the Skinny Sprinkles branding and all you are left with is an expensive way to take Glucomannan

Read about Gravitate SuperSculpt here