Slimfy Review – 3 Stage Weight Loss System

Slimfy diet pillsSlimfy is a three-stage weight loss program designed in the USA by Slimfy LLC.

The three stages are:

  •  Detox
  •  Weight Loss
  •  Maintenance

Performing a detox prior to dieting is known to increase the likelihood of weight loss success so the system starts on a firm footing html5 file upload. It is also worth noting there is some degree of overlap between the first two stages.

Although the stage 1 capsules are primarily designed to initiate the detox process some of the ingredients used in the formulation are also fat burners. The stage 2 capsules contain more fat burning ingredients than those used in stage 1, but the detoxification process may still be continued into the stage 2 period Macsteel.

At A Glance

Claims: To contain 3 progressive fat burning stages to help you lose weight fast

Positives: Contains good ingredients, reputable company

Negatives: Ingredients are spread over three sub product unnecessarily in our view. It is overly complex and complicated.

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Benefits of the Three-Stage System

Slimfy say they chose to adopt a three-stage system because the use of several different formulations prevents the body from developing a tolerance to any individual blend that would result in it becoming less effective xss 다운로드.

The body often develops such tolerances very quickly so such an approach makes perfect sense. It also ensures maximum results will still be obtained if the three stages have to be repeated.

What is in Slimfy

Benefits Promised for Slimfy

Slimfy – Stage 1 Benefits Slimfy – Stage 2 Benefits Slimfy – Stage 3 Benefits
• General Detox• Liver Cleansing• Increased Metabolism• Digestive Support• Initial Fat Burn

• Mood Elevation

• Accelerated Fat Burning• Fat Blocking• Appetite Suppression• Energy Boost• Libido Boost

• Focus & Motivation

• Increased Metabolism• Accelerated Fat Burning• Fat Blocking• Appetite Suppression• Energy Boost

• Cholesterol Control

Key Ingredients

A total of 13 ingredients are used across the three products katok pc version.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (used in stages 1 and 2): Green coffee bean extract is a source of caffeine so it should provide some level of appetite suppression. It is also rich in a chlorogenic acid—a substance that has been proven to boost the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning.
  • Raspberry Ketone Extract (used in stage 2):  Raspberry ketone is very popular ‘super fruit’ ingredient that is believed to offer several weight loss benefits (appetite suppression, fat blocking, and fat burning) Spider-Man 2.
  • Organic African Mango Extract (used in stage 3): African mango is believed to be a fat blocker, a fat burner, a detoxifier, and an appetite suppressant. There is also some evidence to suggest it may lower cholesterol levels—it’s a versatile ingredient that has performed well in several studies Live as a mom download. The average weight loss associated with African mango is 28 lbs. in 10 weeks.
  • Green Tea Extract (used in stages 2 and 3):  Green tea is renowned as much for its health-enhancing abilities as it is for its ability to boost the metabolism and encourage efficient fat burning.
  • Caralluma Fimbriata (stage 3): An extract derived from a cactus-like succulent plant, native to India. It has a long history of use as an appetite suppressant, but caralluma fimbriata usage can sometimes result in gastro-intestinal discomfort sunrise photo.
  • Hydrangea (used in stage 1): An extract taken from the flower of the same name. Hydrangea has longstanding reputation for being able to detoxify the kidneys.
  • Milk Thistle (use in stage 1): Milk thistle is known for its liver cleansing prowess, which has been proven in several scientific studies 차트스쿨 다운로드.
  • Organic Ginger (used in stage 1): Ginger is famed for its ability to calm an upset stomach and some recent studies suggest it may also prove useful for reducing inflammation of the colon.
  • Saffron Extract (used in stages 1 and 2):  Saffron has the ability to aid digestion, sooth an upset stomach, and reduce the likelihood of flatulence 시럽 테이블 다운로드.
  • Pure Trans – Resveratrol (used in stage 2): An extract taken from grapes, resveratrol is often incorporated in weight loss blends for its alleged (not proven) fat burning abilities.
  • Organic Maqui Berry (used in stage 2): Believed to assist weight loss and protect against bowel cancer, but neither ability has been adequately proven 사운드 오브 뮤직 영화 다운로드.
  • CoQ10 (used in stages 2 and 3): Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant manufactured by the body. It is important for all basic cell functions and is often used to treat chronic fatigue.
  • Lychee Extract (used in stage 3): Recent studies suggest supplementation with lychee might boost the metabolism and encourage improved fat burning.

Usage Instructions

Two capsules should be taken each day and this is consistent across all three products.

Slimfy Side Effects & Health Considerations

If Slimfy are aware of any side effects associated with their product they fail to make it known on their official website, but even natural ingredients can present the possibility of side effects so anyone who has existing health issues or concerns should seek medical advice before taking any of the Slimfy products or commencing any other form of weight management program.

Slimfy is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

Where To Buy Slimfy

Orders are best placed on the official Slimfy website. Shipping it all major countries including the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada and Australia.

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