Thermofem USA Review – Pros and Cons

Thermofem reviewThermofem is a natural weight loss pill that is said to help users achieve a weight loss of approximately 4kg in 20 days.

This is achieved by the formula’s ability to:

  • Provide appetite suppression
  • Boost fat burning abilities
  • Enhance the mood
  • Increase energy levels
  • Reduce fluid retention
  • Fight unsightly cellulite

Many weight loss pills are made to provide similar benefits, but Thermofem stands out from the rest because it’s been on the market for over 10 years and has already helped more that 122,743 people to lose weight.

Claims: To burn fat, suppress appetite, improve the mood, increase energy and fight cellulite

ProsHas been a best selling weight loss product for over 10 years, excellent customer opinions. 

Cons : Has not got many faults as a weight loss product

Available to buy direct for customers in Spain, Mexico, Argentina and many Latin American and Spanish language countries. Easy payment options are available. 

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The fact that Thermofem is made to support dieters in a number of different ways is probably one of the reasons it has succeeded in impressing so many people. Experts agree such a multiple approach to weight loss generally works best.

The other reason so many dieters have lost weight while using Thermofem is likely because they have received so much extra support. Customers who purchase are provided with detailed dietary guidance in the form of a PDF book.

They are also entitled to further support from expert weight loss advisers, who have the experience to guide individual customers through the various hurdles they encounter on their weight loss journey.

Read a review of Themofem in Spanish

Thermofem Review

What Is In Thermofem – Formula

Each pill contains:

  • L-Tyrosine (250mg): A mood enhancing amino acid that has become a common inclusion in nootropic supplements. L-Tyrosine is often added to diet pills because its presence can help prevent diet-related moodiness.
  • Green Tea Extract (100mg): Scientific study shows green tea catechins have the ability to boost the metabolism and increase fat loss.
  • Caffeine (100mg): A stimulant that provides extra energy and increases mental focus. Caffeine is also a diuretic and appetite suppressant. It has proven fat burning abilities as well.
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract (6% Synephrine) (75mg): A citrus fruit extract that contains the stimulant synephrine. Also called Bitter Orange, Citrus Aurantium is becoming a very popular diet pill ingredient. This is not without good reason. Scientific investigation reveals supplementation with synephrine can boost weight loss by increasing the metabolism and encouraging the body to burn more fat.
  • Black Pepper (5% Piperin) (50mg): An alkaloid that improves the bioavailability of other ingredients.
How to Use Thermofem – New users begin by taking one pill per day, 30 minutes before breakfast. The dosage is increased, at the rate of one pill per week, until the maximum dose of six pills per day is reached (2 pills, 3 times per day).

The manufacturer also provides dieters with a detailed report that suggests nine different way the pills can be used for speeding up weight loss. The Bodyfem Program (PDF) offers dieters further advice.

Thermofem Testimonials

Thermofem Testimonials

A few customer reviews read:

“These pills are the best. You simply have to try them if you want to lose weight fast in a side effect free way.”

“Hunger was always a big problem for me. All that changed after I began with Thermofem. Eating less is easier now. The pills must be good at fat burning as well because I’m losing around 1kg per week.” 

“I lost 40 kilos last year and Thermofem helped me to do it.”

“I am very impressed with these diet pills. They have already helped me to lose 9 kilos and there is a visible difference around my waist.”

“Thermofem has allowed me lose 4kg in 3 weeks. The pills are easy to swallow, there have been no side effects at all, and I never run short of energy or feel hungry or depressed.”

Thermofem Testimonials

Thermofem Side Effects

No side effects have been reported, but the formulation is unlikely to be suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding a child.

People who have health problems, and anyone using medication, should always play it safe, by seeking a doctor’s advice, prior to using any brand of supplement.


“100% Satisfaction” is guaranteed.

Do We Recommend Thermofem

The ingredients used in Thermofem are good, so the pills should be more than capable of providing the kind of results the manufacturer promises.

Customer feedback also supports the manufacturer’s claims. A lot of people have already lost weight using Thermofem and it seems likely the number will continue to grow.

The price is very good and the pills come with a guarantee. We have no hesitation about recommending Thermofem.

Where to Buy Thermofem

Buy ThermofemThermofem is only available from the manufacturer’s website and the cost per bottle is generally €39-€50 (depending on promotion).

This is not expensive at all, and customers can obtain further value for money by taking advantage of the offered multi-buy incentives.

Customers from Spain, Mexico, United States, Chile, Argentina and Colombia can pay in the local currency.

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